“Perfect Day” TV Spot Debuts, 30 Days Til PS4

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“Perfect Day” TV Spot Debuts, 30 Days Til PS4

Hello PlayStation Nation! The entire team has been hard at work preparing one of PlayStation’s biggest launches ever — PS4. We can certainly feel the excitement mounting as we get closer to November 15th. On behalf of the entire team, we are extremely excited to bring the most powerful gaming system right to your living room.

We listened to all of you and after six years of sweat and tears, we have designed a clear-cut, next-generation platform built for gamers by gamers. The result is PS4, a system we are all proud of. It’s a system that unapologetically provides you with an immersive gaming experience like never before, including powerful performance and graphics, integrated social capabilities, intelligent personalization, and innovative second-screen features.

With four weeks left until launch, we are revealing the second TV spot in our Greatness Awaits campaign: “Perfect Day.” Perfect Day symbolizes the approaching launch day of the long-awaited PS4 system and you can watch the full video, which premiered last night during Monday Night Football, here.

The PlayStation team would also like to introduce you to our interactive PS4 website, where you can learn more about PS4 and how Greatness Awaits you: www.greatnessawaits.com.

As the countdown until November 15th continues, we will bring more exciting news straight to all of you wonderful PlayStation fans so look for more to come soon. Greatness Awaits us all in only 30 days!

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  • I’m really hoping for another 3 free months with a full year purchase of PS Plus promotion to happen in the next 30 days (hint, hint, nudge, nudge). I missed the last one.

  • This is such a fantastic commercial, for some reason it fits the PlayStation brand so well, 1 more month!!

  • To the average consumer, this commercial makes no sense at all.

  • Will the PS4 come with 14 days of PS+ like it does in Europe?

  • 1 more month!!!! Woohoooo!!!!!!!!

  • *bouncing off the walls with anticipation*

  • It’s going to be a perfect day playing my PS4. =D

  • Will we be able to pre-order any downloadable PS4 games from the USA PS Store (or SEN website) before the “Get $10 For Every $50 Spent!” offer expires on Oct. 29?

  • 30 Days to go, still it’s going to be long wait for me

  • Hah! Loved that PS4 trailer, too awesome! :D

  • Sadly I can’t have a ps4 because I didn’t preorder one early enough. Apparently Sony does appreciate little old me who was born with the ps1 controller as a hand. Aww sony why me????

  • damn that was good, well done Sony marketing team

  • I took off November 14th-17th just to enjoy the awesome PlayStation 4. Got my PS4, Watch Dogs, PlayStation Camera and Battlefield 4.

    I have 1 important question. When can we start to Preorder out Digital Games on PSN. I prefer to Preorder BF4 and get all the Preorder offers that are being offered because I know I’ll be playing BF4 the most and I don’t want to insert the disc into the drive all the time and also get the best performance I can get in game regarding to loading time’s.

    “Greatness Awaits”

  • November 15, a truly perfect day!!!! Cannot wait, got my PS4 pre-ordered along with Watch Dogs!

  • 30 days and yet no pricing or Plus plans announced for Brazil :/

  • Awesome commercial. Could use more JRPG love in the commercials though lol.

    Would’ve been MINT if someone dressed up as Sora was also in the mix

  • Love Lou Reed

  • Plus should be the same price like before

  • Aww no crying baby doll? Haha jk

  • It would have been nice if you included female gamers in your commercials. Apparently your advertising agency thinks there’s no such market.

  • @ Lisatsunami. If that is the case then why is it in both of their other wildly popular Taco Bell Ads and Greatness Awaits ads have females in it ? They obviously think their is a market for female gamers even with the hardcore crowd but males are the majority gamers, and until that changes commercials will and should feature primarily male figures.

  • Wow @onemorevillian get ready for an onslaught.

  • @ 13

    Watch Dogs just got delayed until after April 2014, so you won’t be playing that next month.

    Sony is there anyway to get a refund on my Watch Dogs pre order since it’s no longer going to be a PS4 day 1 launch title? I feel like I just threw $60 away at something that was delayed at least 6 months from now.

    Also if you can’t refund me, will this game still be offered in the buy it on PS3 trade it up for $10 on PS4? If not I think we deserve our money back.

    As far as the PS4 goes, I’ve got 2 pre ordered, but I don’t have the one game I wanted to play on it, so I’m a little disappointed.

  • Great commercial!

    Disappointed that I have to cancel my Watch Dogs pre-order to get a different launch game though :/

  • @21 It’s just one commercial so far. I could see if it was just a bunch of different guys playing games but it’s the same two friends throughout. Wait and see what they do next, then complain if you want.

  • While I understood the song I thought the commercial was cheesy, overall I didn’t like it. The special effects were cool though.

  • It’s awesome to see people excited for the PS4 and say it’s time to leave the PS3 because it’s too old despite the great library of games available for it. I would rather stick with the old and ugly with great games than going with the latest with mediocre games right now. Six months later these same people who say the PS3 sucks will complain that there aren’t any games for it because the games will be slow to trickle in. Just like the original PS3 did in the beginning and history shows that it’s good for people like me to wait. No thanks, I’ll stick with my PS3 for a while until there is enough games worth spending good money for.

  • Seeing as how 11/15 is my birthday, that day…. no…no…. that WEEK will be PS PERFECTion.

  • While I do love the new ad, It makes me sick that the advertising for the PS4 has been so lack luster. I flip through the Sunday papers each week for Best Buy, Walmart, Target, Sears, etc., and ALL I see XBOX ONE ads, images & specs. 1 Sunday they had a PS4 picture and that was it.

    What the heck are you doing? Who’s in charge of marketing? Either get someone who knows wtf they’re doing or call a Mortician cause they could do a better job.

    For Print Media? There PRINT MEDIA is boring, drab, and NON EXISTENT. Where are the ads touting it’s release, bundles, Features, etc…hell, throw a page dedicated too the PS4 tech specs, it’s others uses and benefits. In a major market like NY, there should be building size PS4 ADS ALL OVER!

    For TV ads? There should be more ads on TV, than just the 2 you now have. There should be AT LEAST 1 AD showing the other features of the PS4! Tout the Apps, the Blu Ray player that is one of the best around, ALL the audio formats like Dolby, DTS and other formats, 3D capable, and more.

  • CONT’D

    You call the TV ads, GREATNESS AWAITS. That is a great line. But WHY IS IT GREAT? LOL

    No where in the Ad does it say, let alone explain WHAT GREATNESS AWAITS THOSE WHO GET A PS4?
    Yeah the graphics look really good and….what? Games and….??


  • Ah the commercial was neat, & I hope there will be more variations. I hope around the holidays we get that bonus 3 months when getting PS Plus like Europe got at Gamescon. PS4 day 1 shipping I’m out

  • Screw the PS4.

  • I think I’ll wait on the PS4. I’m not going to get shot and robbed on launch day for a console with a couple of games that’s even remotely interesting like the PS3 did back in 2006.

  • Amazing Sony :D !!!! Loved it , i really can’t wait for my PS4 arrrrggg hehe

  • @24 just called GameStop to verify this, now wth am i to play on release day?!!?!?

    Current Release Titles:
    * Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag (Yarrrrrrr)
    * Call of Duty: Ghosts (IMO Overrated)
    * Battlefield 4 (Be playing on PS3 first)
    * Madden NFL 25 (Dislike Sport Games)
    * NBA 2K14 (Dislike Sport Games)
    * Killzone: Shadow Fall (IMO replay-ability of previous title was lacking)
    * FIFA 14 (Dislike Sport Games)
    * LEGO Marvel Super Heroes (Lego? and bring WATCH DOGS BACK to release title)
    * Knack ( not interested in that type of game)
    * Just Dance 2014 (already out for current generation of systems, gaming = relaxing, not gyrating)
    * DRIVECLUB (Already getting free version……)

    So it looks like from this i’m going to be playing BF4 some more, a free racer, or trying out AC4…..

  • @36

    Yeah, I’m in the boat. Watch Dogs was really the only game I was interested for the launch line up. I find it kind of ironic that the only launch title I wanted was set back at least 6 months right after Sony posts “Perfect Day” commercial. Not a perfect day in my opinion.

  • @26, RobbieGIrish: But it really isn’t just one commercial, it’s an entire mindset. What about the “To Michael” campaign? I don’t watch commercial TV much, so i don’t see all Playstation commercials, but it is a mindset. Why are there no regular female hosts on the weekly blogcast? Do they not know any? There have been about 3 in the entire year that have participated at all. It’s a pattern that you can’t discern when you’re in the majority.

    And really, my wording was so mild that it couldn’t fairly be termed a complaint. That is just your bias showing.

  • Greatness Awaits! One more MONTH!

  • @38 I meant one commercial in relation to the PS4. I completely agree that PlayStation (and the video game industry in general really) doesn’t have much of a female presence. I wasn’t attacking you for saying so, and you’re idea that I couldn’t possibly understand that because I’m a man is ill placed.

    “Apparently your advertising agency thinks there’s no such market.” You made a complaint. You insinuated that they’re morons. It has nothing to do with my “bias”. This is a newly hired ad agency and I just thought that maybe you could give them more than one commercial before coming to your conclusion. But having said all that, I can understand your frustration.

  • Sh…Watchdogs has been delayed… that’s friggan wonderful…i have the Pre order for the Watchdog Bundle….so now what happens? i get my PS4 and no game?

  • Should have labeled what games you were showcasing, the average consumer won’t know what any of those are. Especially DriveClub.

  • make a killzone movie ill pay 11.25 to see it at the movies

  • Is there a chance we’ll see the PS4 pre orders open up again before the launch, especially now that Watchdogs has been pushed back?

  • I CAN’T WAIT…. TOO EXCITED…. CAN’T SLEEP… lol but i am wondering will we be able to chage ur screen names with the new system like they do with xbox

  • oh,yea taking my vacation nov/15.old guy still playen!!!!

  • Is there anything out on being able to change your PSN name like xbox does now? Id like to have a new name for my PS4 I would just make a new account for PS4 but Id like to keep my trophy progress on current and next gen together on one account

  • @lisatsunami

    I’ve never heard anyone expressing a problem with this. These commercials are fun, and not just because they feature male actors. It’s like you’re saying they’re sexist because it was “To Michael” and not “To Lisa”. Yet, if there were female leads in these past commercials, nobody would have complained. Would you have said that they don’t target males enough? I highly doubt it.

    Sony has no problem appealing to female gamers. Veronica Belmont, Christina Lee and Meredith Molinari were/are highly popular among the PlayStation community. In fact, the one time a guy was brought in to host one of these shows (Qore), interest dropped off the map and the show was cancelled shortly after.
    And let’s not forget that there is no shortage of strong female leads/characters in video games.

    It looks like you just want something to complain about.

    Personally, I thought this “Perfect Day” commercial was boring and borderline trolly. The “Greatness Awaits” commercial was amazing.

  • ………..Soon……………………………

  • @lisatsunami,

    Uh, please don’t be THAT person.


    Wow, someone always has to find an issue with a lighthearted commercial. You want to see a market aimed at guys? Look at Xbox.

    Get a grip, you are seriously looking at a problem that does not exist, so quit making it seem as if the PS4/advertising team is somehow sexist.

    Holy ****, I play games to escape from that type of BS drama and lo and behold you bring such a ridiculous issue. Now I’m not discounting that women are misrepresented, but holy crap, pick your battles, especially when it actually makes sense to complain about it.

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