Valhalla Knights 3 Out Tomorrow on PS Vita

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Valhalla Knights 3 Out Tomorrow on PS Vita

We’re so thrilled that Valhalla Knights 3, our massive JRPG set in a sprawling prison, launches tomorrow for PS Vita. It’s been a long, challenging, and rewarding process for the team.

The first thing you learn in this industry is how hard everyone works. Whether the project is a hundred-million-dollar blockbuster, or a smaller, niche title, dozens of people across many different teams spend months — if not years — of their lives carrying out a thousand different tasks. Some of those tasks are wildly creative, others bureaucratic and mundane, but it takes all of them together to deliver a game into players’ hands.

On Valhalla Knights 3, I was a latecomer. I joined up in early September, when most of the hardest work had already been done. Most of my contributions have been on the bureaucratic side this time around, working with other XSEED members, the game’s developers, and our friends at PlayStation to get everything ready for launch. (To put my work on this project in RPG terms, think of the design phase as exploration, the programming phase as combat, and my work as the part where you open up the menu and juggle stats and equipment for an hour and a half.)

Valhalla Knights 3 Launch Screens, 03Valhalla Knights 3, 02

For me, the highlight of the project — besides writing these articles, which has been a blast — was the day Valhalla Knights 3 was officially certified for release. I’m the guy who got to tell the developers the game was done, that we were clear to launch in North America on October 15th, and, that all their work had finally come together. I could almost hear them cheer from across the ocean.

So what exactly have they been working on all this time? We’ve gotten a few questions about what’s in Valhalla Knights 3, and I wanted to go over them in detail here.

Question: What’s the multiplayer like?

Answer: In the competitive online mode, your seven-character party faces off against an opposing player’s seven-character party. Each of the two players begins the match in their own “locker room,” so to speak, equipping and preparing their respective parties. Once both players enter the arena, their parties rumble until one wipes the other out.

As with the main game, each of the two players directly controls one party member at a time, shouting out orders to the rest and switching between them at will. The winning player receives arena points, which can buy new gear and goodies from the arena prize shop. Those prizes, in turn, carry over into both single player and multiplayer.

The original Japanese version of the game only featured an ad-hoc version of this mode, but the North American and European versions both include full online versions. We’ve also added leaderboards, as well as a specialized matching system that keeps track of your greatest rivals.

North American players will even be able to play people in Europe, and vice versa. No co-op, unfortunately, but the competitive mode fits better with the game’s design.

Question: How hard of a game are we talking about?

Answer: Tough, but fair. Valhalla Knights 3 expects you to outfit your team with the best available equipment, keep stock of your items, and pay attention to a quest’s difficulty rating. It’ll warn you when things are about to get tough, and it won’t often try to trap you or trick you. All the same, save often, and resist the temptation to take “just one more fight” before you go back and heal up. (You can teleport back to base with a consumable Return Card, and can dash everywhere you go with a well-timed button press.)

Valhalla Knights 3, 04

Valhalla Knights 3 Launch Screens, 01Valhalla Knights 3, 03

To help keep things fair, we’ve slightly increased the XP rewards for early encounters and lowered the prices of basic healing potions. That’s to keep new players from falling into a death spiral, where they lose all but their last guy, can’t afford resurrections, and can’t survive enough fights with just the one guy to grind for the resurrection money. In the North American version, if worst comes to worst, you can always beat up a few weak enemies to get back on your feet, and you’ll soon get to a point where you won’t have to.

Question: I’ve heard there are… certain features in the Japanese version. Are they in the North American version, too?

Answer: Yes, fully intact, and unaltered.

Question: What else is coming over from the Japanese version?

Answer: Most of the free additional content from the Japanese game has been packed into the main North American game. There were a couple of licensed crossover cameos in the Japanese version, such as a costume from Fate/Stay Night, that didn’t make it across the Pacific, but the rest of the free content (including the Tight Bikini Armor, various… outfits for the hostesses, several bonus quests, and extra options for player character customization) is there.

Question: I want more Vita games!

Answer: Coming up next for us are Ys: Memories of Celceta and Ragnarok Odyssey ACE. Beyond that, we’ll have to talk… later. Until then, thanks for reading, thank you for all your questions, and all of us here at XSEED hope to see you in the arena when the game ships tomorrow in North America!

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  • Looks like a really cool JRPG. The difficulty curve makes me a bit weary but I love the story idea – infiltrating a society within a prison! Definitely excited to check it out.

  • Sounds like a good game, I’ve noticed the first VK games is FREE on PSN, by any chance of a demo?

  • Looks interesting

  • question: Will this by any chance of custom soundtrack feature (where we can use our own music from our music app)?

    • Sorry to say the game doesn’t support custom soundtracks, and that there aren’t any plans for a demo at this time. We’re hoping to at least put together a gameplay video or two once we’re not in such a crunch over here. :)

  • Oh and super excited for ys

  • Nooooooo please bring the Fate/Stay Night costume to america

  • Any word on the Ys: MoC Release date? Super excited of TitS: SC! Will definitely check out this game too, love what you guys do keep up the good work!

    • Thanks! We’ll have the Ys: MoC release date confirmed soon, so we’ll send out an announcement as soon as we get the date locked down.

  • >Question: I’ve heard there are… certain features in the Japanese version. Are they in the North American version, too?

    I knew you guys would listen me on twitter, Thanks!

  • Any word on how big this is? Gonna have to clear some space on my memory card to make room for it.

  • Demo?

    +Snigs– I’m pretty sure it’s been announced.. So, remember remember, the fifth of November.

    • Ah, not quite that soon, unfortunately, but we are aiming for a November release. We’ll have a definite date for you as soon as possible.

  • I love you XSEED. Thank you for bringing life to our PSVITA. May God bless you in all of your future endeavor. Day 1 for me. :)

  • I´m a big fan of Xseed Games, in i spect much for this tittle, and i see they mention the ACE versión of Ragnarok Oddysey, i have a question, this versión can be a DLC or Patch for the original version, i have the Merceneary edition in my PS Vita, and i spect this ACE versión can be purcheased like a DLC

  • i wasn’t the biggest fan of the second game on psp but i’m eager for some new jrpgs to play on Vita. I’ll have to wait for a price drop. Would have been nice if this had a ps plus discount day one.

    Hopefully you will get a ps plus discount together for Ys: Memories of Celceta, since thats a game i’m more interested in.

  • Would love to try this one day, but I don’t know if time will let me know.

  • Is there any official word on the reports that the street date for the boxed copy was officially broken by certain retailers?

  • What’s the PSN digital release install size?

  • ‘Question: I’ve heard there are… certain features in the Japanese version. Are they in the North American version, too?’

    This kind of stuff isnt necessary to have in games and it is a giant issue when trying to make games accessible and welcoming to more than the 16 year old boy demographic. I hope you guys reconsider in the future how problematic and immature such inclusions are

  • Kool beans the PS Vita gets another excellent game, but what I don’t understand is why game journalist keep saying the PS Vita is doomed there are a lot of excellent games coming to the platform. PS4 day 1 shipping I’m out

  • NO CO-OP are you serious?

  • Don’t be surprised with low sales please.

  • really interested to know the filesize, trying to determine if I can make room or if I should just get retail… that 64gb card needs to come faster!

  • @17 Mando44646 – While I agree that it is exclusionary (where are the scanty hosts, hm?) and unassumed (when I think “battle system” and “prison”, I don’t imagine much beyond hands-on violence), but if it’s unobtrusive, then it may pass, as I’d prefer everything possible stay intact over outright cutting content. There’s undoubtedly times when a game’s been made stronger by exclusion or replacement, especially if the content was simply pandering, but I’d caution just to let a work stand as it has been. (Still, this ain’t no Yakuza.)

    All that said, I’m really very unfamiliar with Valhalla Knights overall, so I don’t know what’s been warranted in the past or how this content is handled in the particular entry.

  • Hi all! I work with Ryan and just wanted to let you know he is out today but will be back tomorrow so excuse any delayed replies.

  • Hopefully the team learned to fix all of their mistakes and actually planned it better in this one =.= JRPGs are always hit or miss -.-

  • #17 Hi Anita :^)

  • Looks interesting. It’s too bad the Fate/Stay Night costume didn’t make it. It’s be awesome to make a Saber character.

    I’m looking forward to Ys, but even more to Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky Chapter 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (eventually)

  • Thanks for bringing us these games.

    Hope the sales are high.

  • Wow……… that Video was…… (well, we all know).
    Just thought to come by, and browse this title ( I liked the first one’s potential)

    The design could have been similar to gameplay of Dark Age of Camelot, with its ” lock ” function, and styles.
    ( Now that would be a game worth paying full price for).

    Definitely will be waiting.

    Made it look more interesting.

    And Y’s looked pretty nice, but why so fast paced??

  • Its a good video.

    Definitely made me think again about buying it, and without any ……embellishment.

    Sorry, if I did something ;) , but thought it was a much better advertisement than the one you have posted.

    You should offer a free copy of the game. Ahahaha.

    Anyway, worth trying….. Enh??

    • Thanks very much, for checking out the game and for posting the video! I wish we could send you a freebie, but please accept a “thank you” from all of us. :)

  • Is a demo coming out? I downloaded the first one, when you gave it for free. And I couldn’t get into it, it just wasn’t my thing. This one seems really interesting but I want to try it before jumping in.

    Also I’m glad nothing was removed, I know sometimes some content has to be removed because of it’s… contents. It always makes me a little mad since I like to play games with all the content it was meant to have, nothing removed since as I don’t mind it and anime has gotten me used to it. I kinda like it (yes I admitted it).

    I need a JRPG on my Vita, the only one I have is Disgaea 3, need MORE!

  • Very excited for this release. I bought the Japanese version a while back.
    Will be getting this as well since my reading is 2nd grade level.

    Also, my friends and family in Europe said to ask if there are any plans at all for their region.

    Looking forward to Ys!! Thank you as always.

  • Thanks for giving the first game out for free.

  • Will you guys bring the new The Legend of Heroes title over? I would love a new traditional RPG.

  • Have it on my hands for about 3 or 4 days now. Really enjoying it.
    Will be getting ALL of your upcoming games as well.
    Can we get into talks of exclusive deals with Type-Moon for a possible release of their awesome Rèalta Nua upon us lowly human, would love to have that in my hands.

  • Provided GameStop gets this in, I’ll be picking up my pre-order tomorrow! The last couple times, I’ve pre-ordered XSeed Vita games at GS they’re always late. Ragnarok Odyssey comes to mind … But thanks anyways XSeed, I love your work and I think the spread of culture through games is truly wonderful.

  • I’m playing this game for the plot and not because of the redlight district or the mini games played in order to get the girls to like you and join your team.

  • I Love you XSEED! Please! Make love with me!

  • Oh so that’s what the 7v7 is all about. Not understanding Japanese, I thought they changed the formula of the game to be a collabo-hunting game and have actual 7 players fighting 7 players. Either way, I’m still interested. Probably will wait a couple of weeks but I’m gonna buy this.

  • Thank you, XSeed for giving us Valhalla Knights 1 free to keep us busy until 3 came out! You guys are up there with Atlus for Localizing niche games that the rest of the world wants!

    Can’t wait to get my hands on the Ys Vita game soon! You guys keep up the great work!

  • Xseed delivers, gamers should buy every single release.

    VK was cool, but had poor reviews…VK2 was excellent but had poor reviews…. Obviously testers are sissies and could not go deep into the adventure…because since the first one it is rewarding.

    Can’t wait to buy VK3 tomorrow… I am patiently waiting, now i will enjoy.

    Thx for the first one BTW. I thought i would not touch it, but after just a couple of minutes all found memories cameback and i could not stop playing.

    Keep the releases up. Vita gamers are waiting for every single ones

  • great, I will def be checking it out when more gameplay videos come out, I really want to see more of the game prior to buying it.

  • Hm.. Odd.. I’ve been hearing that date set for Ys from lots of sources. That’s… sad to hear. :/ Hopefully it won’t be late November.

    I preordered the Collector’s Edition.. :)

  • Great game, do you know if Sakatsuku: Let’s Make a Pro Soccer Club is caming to ps store us? thank you

  • I need a 64 or 128GB card now Sony please! I hate deleting games off my 32GB. I only buy digital. :(

  • I just bought the digital version of the game and I have one doubt, the bikini armor only comes with the retail version? because I cant see the quest to obtain it.

    • The bikini armor is in both versions, as a reward for completing the quest called “The Priest’s Agony.” You can find that quest in the Lower Slums.

  • Nvr played Valhalla series before but Really enjoying the game so far. THanks !!!

    Wanted to ask can we expect more DLC?
    no Saber dlc is just a real shame. Pls change your mind >.< I;m sure plenty of ppl would pay for that.

    • We’d like to bring over the Saber DLC, but it’s unfortunately out of our hands right now. Stay tuned for other announcements, though…

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