Sportsfriends Vaults to PS4

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Sportsfriends Vaults to PS4

Hello PlayStation peoples,

By now you’ve seen our upcoming game Sportsfriends, right?

Local multiplaaaaaayer represent!

Last time I posted here was during E3, to tell you all about some of the new features. This time, I just want to share a simple announcement…

We’re bringing Sportsfriends to PlayStation 4!

Better yet, those who backed our PS3 version on Kickstarter will be entitled to download the PS4 version for free. (For everyone else, we’re still determining whether we’ll be doing cross-buy.)

We don’t have an exact release date for the PS4 version, and it will likely come after the PS3 debut. But a PS4 version will come in the not-so-distant future.

Sportsfriends: Johann Sebastian Joust

Photo by Brent Knepper

Personally, I’m especially excited to get my game J.S. Joust running on DualShock 4. That thing even has a light bar on it!

Meanwhile, we’re still working on an exact release date for our PS3 debut. We’re not quite there yet, but we’re getting close; our current plan is January. All four Sportsfriends games are ported and working on PS3 hardware. Now we just need to finish all the surrounding details (menu polish, bug fixing, and so forth).

Stay tuned for news (follow us on Twitter at @gutefabrik). You’ll hear more from us soon!

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