Sportsfriends Vaults to PS4

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Sportsfriends Vaults to PS4

Hello PlayStation peoples,

By now you’ve seen our upcoming game Sportsfriends, right?

Local multiplaaaaaayer represent!

Last time I posted here was during E3, to tell you all about some of the new features. This time, I just want to share a simple announcement…

We’re bringing Sportsfriends to PlayStation 4!

Better yet, those who backed our PS3 version on Kickstarter will be entitled to download the PS4 version for free. (For everyone else, we’re still determining whether we’ll be doing cross-buy.)

We don’t have an exact release date for the PS4 version, and it will likely come after the PS3 debut. But a PS4 version will come in the not-so-distant future.

Sportsfriends: Johann Sebastian Joust

Photo by Brent Knepper

Personally, I’m especially excited to get my game J.S. Joust running on DualShock 4. That thing even has a light bar on it!

Meanwhile, we’re still working on an exact release date for our PS3 debut. We’re not quite there yet, but we’re getting close; our current plan is January. All four Sportsfriends games are ported and working on PS3 hardware. Now we just need to finish all the surrounding details (menu polish, bug fixing, and so forth).

Stay tuned for news (follow us on Twitter at @gutefabrik). You’ll hear more from us soon!

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  • Game of the Forever!

  • This is the best news!

  • though no avaiable at ps4 launch, his is still good news. cross buy would be hella cool if it means i can have on my ps3 (family room) and ps4 (nerd cave)

  • Can we get this out before the holiday’s? This is a good set of party games, especially joust.

  • Can we mix and match Move and DS4 in Joust?

    • @vonhammer

      You can mix and match DS3 and Move. We haven’t played around with the DS4 yet, but I’m hoping it’ll be the same for that controller too! Stay tuned…

  • I just want to know whether I’m still going to be charged like $40 per controller. Joust looks awesome, but I’m just not going to pay $40 per controller when it’s literally the only game I’ll use with it, not to mention buying more DualShock 4 controllers for what, $60 a pop so I can play the rest of the Sportsfriends games?


    These are all really cool looking games, but unless there are some serious deals on the hardware end of things, it’s all for nothing. No amount of previews where you journalists talk about how incredible and fun the games are because they have like seven Move controllers provided (which would cost us $280) for Joust or four DualShock 4 controllers (which would costs us $240) can do anything to convince me.

    Can you guys focus on addressing that aspect next time? Games that support fun local play are great until you start thinking about how much it’ll all cost.

    • @whatisdelicious

      I want to clear up some mistaken assumptions here.

      Three of the four games (Super Pole Riders, Hokra, BaraBariBall) are played with a DualShock, not the Move. Plus, you’ll actually be able to play JS Joust with DualShocks.

      So, you do not in fact need any Moves to play the Sportsfriends games! (though I do think JS Joust works especially well with the Move controller)

      And, even JS Joust can be played with (and is quite fun, IMO!) with only two people. And, Super Pole Riders can be played with just *one* (shared) controller.

      So, yup, we’re doing our best to support people who don’t own so many controllers!

      – Doug –

  • Looks like fun! :D

  • Will JS Joust on PS4 support 7 Move controllers like on the PS3, or will it be less? I thought I heard that PS4 only supports up to 4 controllers at a time, and that’s not as fun as having 3 more people moving around.

    Still: Having DualShock 4 support would help get more to play the game since I can see most people owning 4 DS4s already instead of multiple PSMove controllers…

    • @ItsNymo

      We’re not sure yet, but we’ll keep people posted once we start playing around with the PS4 hardware and figure it out.

  • barabari ball :) seen it at evo looks fun

  • @whatisdelicious

    Check Walmart and Best Buy for cheap Move controllers. Most of those stores are putting them on clearance at between $10 to $30 each.

  • @Doug “Plus, you’ll actually be able to play JS Joust with DualShocks.”

    I wasn’t sure if that’s what you meant in the post. That was the first I’ve heard of that feature. I’m glad you can because it alleviates the need to buy so many Move controllers. But yeah, I understand that Joust is the only Move game. It’s just annoying when Sportsfriends comes up so often but nobody seems to ever address what it’s like for the end consumer where the hardware isn’t just provided for us. That’ll be pretty costly unless I want Joust to be a two-player game. Seems like all these games are meant to be played with groups of four (or in Joust’s case, as many as you can wrangle). So yeah, I didn’t want to come off as hostile in my post; I just get bothered when the hidden cost of a game like this isn’t addressed at all.

  • Meh. I hated these games on Wii and Kinect. Hope it sells well but its definitely not for me

  • I’m not sure I understand how to play the game(s). A little bit more informative video would’ve gone a long way.

  • I enjoy most types of games, but I think I’ll pass here.
    This reminds me of something that would be a Kinnect only release.

  • Also, how are people saying this looks fun. The videos just shows a group of people who are acting like they should be hauled away and thrown in a loony bin!

    This doesn’t explain anything about how these games are played or why anyone would want to buy them. If anything kills the sales on this it will surely be the marketing…. you need to show what these games are about.

  • uh oh 6. if you can’t afford another controller for a small 60 bucks, better not buy a 400 dollar gaming console!

  • Looks like a cool game but doesn’t look like my kinda game but that could change. PS4 day 1 shipping I’m out

  • Any idea of a PS3 release date?

  • Dude playing Johann Sebastian Joust at 0:27 with a cigarette in his mouth – prolly’ not the best idea.

  • Interested on PS3 not on PS4.So will there be a demo?

  • Super Pole Riders was my favorite game at PAX Prime this year – I thought it was more fun than anything else at the show. I’m absolutely thrilled that it’s coming to the PS4 (could this be my GOTY 2014?) but I’m curious if pre-ordering now on the official site will get us the PS4 version when it’s finally available.

    Keep up the great work, gentlemen!

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