The Music of Grand Theft Auto V on Music Unlimited

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The Music of Grand Theft Auto V on Music Unlimited

By now, you’ve probably spent countless hours cruising through Los Santos in Grand Theft Auto V, jumping in and out of the lives of Franklin, Michael & Trevor while browsing around on the radio dials. Music has always played a major part in the Grand Theft Auto series and the latest version brings it to a whole new level with awesome celebrity DJs and killer soundtracks.

Music Unlimited has joined in on the fun with several new features on the service celebrating Grand Theft Auto V. Here’s what you can find:

GTA ChannelGTA Playlists

Grand Theft Auto Channel

Re-live the other games by hearing tunes that were featured over the course of the series. Hear your favorites from the compilations (including GTAV) radio stations & even commercials. Find it under the Premium Channels section.

GTA V Soundtrack Vol 1
GTA V Soundtrack Vol 2

The Music of Grand Theft Auto V, Vol. 1: Original Music

Songs written for the game by artists across multiple genres, including A$AP Rocky, Tyler, the Creator, Wavves, Neon Indian, Yeasayer & The Chain Gang of 1974’s “Sleepwalking,” as featured in the official game trailer.

The Music of Grand Theft Auto V, Vol. 2: Score

The very first dynamic score written for the series, composed and engineered to be responsive during game play. This one-time collaboration between Tangerine Dream, Woody Jackson, The Alchemist and Oh No was then arranged & mixed into this album by DJ Shadow.

Grand Theft Auto V Radio Playlists

Listen to highlights for whatever mood you’re in from Los Santos and Blaine County radio, including Los Santos Rock Radio (curated by the legendary Kenny Loggins,) Non-Stop Pop FM & West Coast Classics (curated by DJ Pooh.) Find it in the Featured Playlists section*.

*Music Unlimited web player only

Not a Music Unlimited subscriber? Sign-up for a 30 Day Free Trial and give it try! Go to the MUSIC category on the XMB Menu and select Music Unlimited, or search for us by name in the PlayStation Store.

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