The Amazing Spider-Man Swings to PS Vita

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The Amazing Spider-Man Swings to PS Vita

Look out!

With New York Comic Con just around the corner, I’m swinging by to let you know more about the upcoming PS Vita release of The Amazing Spider-Man from Activision, a hand-held version of the original PS3 title.

The Amazing Spider-Man on PS Vita

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For those of you new to the series, The Amazing Spider-Man takes place after the events of the movie and features a new, original story. It mixes all-out, freeform brawls and stealth-based, stalk-and-strike challenges with a fast-paced momentum that puts Spidey front and center in the action. If you caught the game when it first launched on PS3, you already know The Amazing Spider-Man gives you free roam and free reign over the isle of Manhattan, a bustling and beautiful open world teeming with sights to see, citizens to aid and colossal bosses to rip down.

The PS Vita release of The Amazing Spider-Man is a virtual playground in your pocket, maintaining that same spirit of the console edition while adding new energy through Vita’s special features. Tying it all together is the Web Rush system, slowing down time in a heartbeat and opening up a variety of superpowered combat and movement actions on-the-fly. That unparalleled sensation of soaring above New York, stringing up an unsuspecting thug with a Web Strike or somersaulting clear of an incoming attack feels even more natural now thanks to the responsive, touchscreen controls Vita brings to Web Rush, allowing for quick and precise decisions with the tap of a finger.

The Amazing Spider-Man on PS VitaThe Amazing Spider-Man on PS Vita

Peter Parker’s smartphone plays an integral part in how you interact with the city around you, and PS Vita’s unique form reinforces these elements. The pinch-and-zoom support afforded by Vita’s multi-touch capabilities makes navigation a breeze, allowing you to effortlessly drag around the mini-map, set waypoints and track your bearings, just like you would with a real smartphone’s map app. And Vita’s gyroscopic functionality lets you snap front-page photos by aiming the device like an actual camera, zooming in and out with a simple touch.

We’re thrilled to be able to deliver a modern Spidey experience to PS Vita owners. The Amazing Spider-Man comes out November 19th in North America for $39.99, and makes a great package for Spider-Fans on the move.

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  • This could be interesting. Any gameplay trailer of it running on the Vita?

  • Cool.

  • Excellent! First Vita title I’ve been excited about in ages.

  • I’ll pick it up. :) Possibly with the credit I’m earning through the 10 for 50 deal.

  • Never played the Ps3 version but might have to check this out for the vita, going to need to see some actual game play first before I decide on purchasing it.

  • Thank you, Sony! and Activison! I was hearing rumors of it coming to Vita, and they made me very excited. As a Spidey fan, I can’t wait to play this game on my Vita. It will be an instant buy for me :)

  • It seems like a perfect fit for Vita! A great open world to swing around in as the Webhead himself.

    I hope to see it running in action soon.

  • Awesome, totally in there day one!

  • looks good

  • Nice to see the rumors are true!

    I wonder if this means the rumored sequel will come to Vita alongside the other platforms too.

  • So, $40 for what is most likely going to be a terrible port? Um, I’ll pass; but thanks.

  • @AwRy108 you must be a bummer at parties.

  • I would love an open world game on my Vita. I just hope it doesn’t have frame rate issues like some other ports. Exciting news nonetheless! :0)

  • Cool, I guess. Seems about a year too late and double the price of what it should be, though.

  • Day one, not too late for me. I’d rather have this game than not at all.

    Free roam web swinging is so fun on PS3, and I’ve been wanting a Spider-Man game for Vita. This is perfect!

  • Nov. is looking pretty good for the Vita. Y’s, Injustice, Spidey, and Tearaway. Maybe FFX & X-2 in Dec.?

  • I enjoyed this game on console. I encourage those who havent played it to pick it up. However, $40 is much too expensive for a year old game without any new content. I might be willing to rebuy it in a sale or something, but thats about it

  • Heck Yea! Comes out on my Birthday. Love how they are bringing PS3 games to the Vita. Lets me try out new game genres.

  • I’ll wait to see if there are any frame raye issues before I decide to get it. If it pans out, then I’m sold. Been wanting an open world game on the vita for some time. Still waiting for a game like TLOU to come out. I need a good third person adventure game on my vita. This might hold me for a while.

  • Great…its always great news when we’re getting more Vita games…but we’re getting a lot of games from PS3 library…how about a new dedicated Spidey game for Vita and I ain’t talking about the “amazing” Spider-Man but about the good old Spider-Man….we need more exclusive Vita games but whatever…thanks for bringing this for the Vita…but past Spidey games including this one were kinda of a fail…I really hope you guys improve this Vita version.Would be a dream if you guys could make a Spidey game like the old PS1 games.Man those are the best Spider-Man games EVER.

  • Wow, I really didn’t see this one coming! I’ve been on the fence about the ps3 versions for a while now, so I may just end picking up this one instead. All these ps3 games —> vita games have reignited my hope for……..GTA Vita!!

  • Thank you very much Activision! I was extremely fearful that you had forsaken the Vita for Spider-Man games. I own all of the Spider-Man games for PSP, and am very excited for more Spider-Man on Vita. (I would especially love to have Shattered Dimensions on Vita).

    Please keep them coming, thank you very much!

  • Will the DLC be included in this version?

  • yay more ports for vita. that’s what it needs. awesome price too for a 1 year old ago.

  • This looks great. Day one buy for me.

  • I haven’t picked up the PS3 version because of Activisions horrendously prices all of their games on the PS Store (at least in Europe)

  • FINALLY, official confirmation. The retail listings have only been growing and growing.

    This makes no mention of all the DLC being included, but the retailers listing it prior to the announcement have been listing it as such. So does it include the DLC?

    It better for $40. This game really should be $30. (coming from someone who is actually excited to play it on PS Vita)

  • Thanks Activision!!!
    Just 1 question.
    Did you read my recommendation that said that I wanted The Amazing Spider-Man for Vita?

  • This news came out of nowhere, but I am thrilled about it! Thanks for the great surprise. And here I thought Tearaway and Arkham Origins: Blackgate was gonna round out my vita purchases this holiday….guess I was wrong.

  • 10/22: LEGO Marvel Super Heroes
    10/25: Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate
    11/12: Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition
    11/19: The Amazing Spider-Man

    Great time to be a Vita and superhero fan!

  • Why? I don’t think people enjoyed the console version so much they asked for it on Vita?

  • I agree that the DLC should be included, and/or a crossbuy/crossplay option. You give me a cross buy option, preferably with the DLC, for $59.99, and I’d be extremely happy.

    Looking forward to this, regardless, but the price point is a bit off-putting.

  • Hope The Amazing Spider-Man 2 will be handled by Mercenary Technology as well.

  • As a fan of Spider-Man, I support this. I have it for the PS3, but I wouldn’t mind buying it again for the Vita just like Injustice. I hope the Vita version will have more options for free roaming after beating the game. I did everything in the PS3 version and all I can do is wonder around Manhattan looking for comic books.

  • Too expensive.

    I made the mistake of paying full price for Call of Duty Declassified.

    Killzone was fifteen less, and by far better.

    Another game that will wait on you to lower the price.
    Maybe in a few more years, the Vita will actually be worth owning.

  • Once again, add a Cross-Buy, and it may be more tempting.


  • People really the first PS Vita title you’ve been excited about redzepp do you even have a PS Vita? There are to many excellent titles for PS Vita coming out. You might wanna try reading you’ll be surprised what you’ll learn. PS4 day 1 shipping i’m out

  • Yeah!!!

  • Waiting for this game to be offered as free for PS plus subscribers. hahaha

  • @Rezolution77 Your argument is so invalid. You should have known that Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified is a bad game. I had a hunch it will be bad even before the game was released because it’s COD after all. And I bet your going to say that every game that cost $59.99 on release day is too expensive. Grow up, stop being such a spoiled brat.

  • this is such a good game :) I’m glad Vita owners get to enjoy it soon, it is easily one of the best Superhero games I’ve played. (which includes both Arkham games, and Spiderman: Web of Shadows, which is also superb)

  • also 40 bucks isn’t bad, that’s the cost of any new Vita game, or DS game, and this one’s well worth it.

  • Hmmmm… I might give this a look! ^_^

  • I’m so excited! Finally, a free roam, action packed, adventure filled Spider-Man game wherever I go!!!

  • I loved the one on the ps3 and I’m now so excited for this

  • Woah My Childhood superhero is coming to the Vita! Great news!

  • I surprisingly really enjoyed the PS3 version, but I did just about all I felt like doing so I’m not sure I’ll pick up the Vita port.

  • Oh boy oh boy this is awesome news so injustice Spiderman DBZ battle of z and Arkham blackgate ?!?!? Dare I say the vita is now picking up steam ?!?!? Now all I need is a true port of batman Arkham city then and some PS2 ports then we are set

  • Pretty cool now there’s a game on ps vita for Spider-Man where you can free roam

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