God of War: Ascension Goes Digital, Multiplayer Plans

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God of War: Ascension Goes Digital, Multiplayer Plans

We have a very important update to share with you on behalf of our God of War Development Team. Cue bullet points just ahead!

But wait! Let’s start with a gift. If you have yet to experience Composer Tyler Bates (whose credits include 300) official God of War: Ascension soundtrack, enjoy this free track on us:

Since the release of God of War: Ascension last March, we have supported Multiplayer with a vast amount of DLC — from new weapons and maps, to our brutal 1v1 mode, a fan-driven cape contest, new marks, and more. Even the Gods could not have predicted the level of popularity and impassioned connection to our Multiplayer mode driven by the PlayStation Nation.

As of today, we will not be producing any more DLC content (maps, weapons, armors, marks) for God of War: Ascension Multiplayer, as our primary team resources start to transition to other projects here at Sony Santa Monica. However — this is not the end of support for God of War: Ascension Multiplayer. Here’s what’s going down:

  • Upcoming Balance Update – our Designers have plowed through mountains of gameplay feedback and are currently working on balance improvements that will tune-up all the Allegiances. We are aiming for this balance update to release later this month. Rest assured, things like the Ares Olympus Armor -20 (PR) is being heavily diagnosed.
  • Dedicated Online Support – we will be monitoring online 24/7 and any new major balance exploits discovered in the weeks or months ahead, we will assess for fixing.
  • PSN Digital Release in October – This month, we’ll be releasing the digital download version of God of War: Ascension to the masses that have yet to experience the beginning of Kratos’ journey and our Ascension Multiplayer. The digital version will be released on October 15 for North America, with other regions to follow soon after. Make sure to check www.godofwar.com for updates on the digital release in your region.
    • All DLC items will receive special pricing options upon digital version release in their region (NA pricing options released on October 22, 2013).
    • The God of War: Ascension Soundtrack will be made available as a free download for all on PSN for a limited time only.
    • Double XP Weekend returns October 18 to October 21 worldwide.

Once the God of War: Ascension digital download version lands on PlayStation Store, the chain of balance will be pulled and will activate the above supporting points.

On behalf of the entire God of War development team: Thank you, Champions! Keep the Flames of Olympus burning on the Ascension Multiplayer battlefield!

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  • Do you guys know how large the file will be?

  • Hello! The file size is 8644 KB.

  • Hello Aaron, any news on a vita port….smh…any news for vita

  • So is this a sign that it’ll be in the IGC for PS Plus next month? Maybe later? =)

  • @4 LOL You are delusional man.

    Hey Sony Santa Monica, are you guys ever going to give PS VITA some love….We miss you…

    Maybe bring the Multiplayer section of GOW Ascension as a cross play digital download title for Vita? I’d LOVE THAT!

  • So when can we expect God of War psvita? how about Warhawk on the vita?

  • When will you be fixing Playstation All-Stars and releasing that DLC?

  • I hope Santa Monica has something big planned for their next release. One things for certain, escaping the Zeus Revenge Arc (God of War 1-3’s history lesson) is something SMS needs to take to heart if they plan on moving forward with GoW. I’m also hoping for a new over the top IP.

  • will the other God of War games be released on PSN in the future also?

  • Echo…echo…echo…

    I’d also really like to see a native (and original) God of War game on Vita. And of course, PS4 as well.

  • Hey Aaron,

    Will it be $39.99?

  • I wanted this digital but never thought itd be since 3 isnt so got it on disc last month for 20 so probably will save money if digital is 40.
    Please make gran turismo 6 day 1 digital

  • Well this means that the only GoW game that has not been digital is only the third game. Please port the God of War 3 into PSN too, we’ll have the whole GoW collection on PSN and I have been waiting for that!

  • I liked the idea of being able to play GT for PSP on PSP except that it just reminded me of Prologue too much and while it was able to hold me over until GT5 came out, I still couldnt wait for the proper release. Any new full launch or preexisting launch of GT series on PS Vita would be excellent. Perfect for long plane flights and that sort of thing.

  • Sorry, someone mentioned Gran Turismo and I forgot what we were talking about. Digital is a great idea cant wait. I didnt even think of asking for this as a digi download. You always have the best gifts Santa Monica!

  • Hope your next few games aren’t GoW. It needs a break.

  • Looking forward to the soundtrack! But I hope you guys let Kratos take a break for a little while.

  • You gonna patch some of the sound problems in the singleplayer

  • @ 18 BLEACH-Fan – This….we really need a fix for that…that was really disappointing coming from you St.Monica.

    So the Soundtrack will be available for free to ALL people?…did I get that right?…you wont need to buy Ascension digital to get the Soundtrack?….if this is true please gimme a date….I really dont want to miss this.

    PS:Looking forward to your next projects St.Monica you guys know you’re the most talented devs out there alongside Naughty Dog…and also I know you guys have been helping all PS games…what a great job.I cant wait to see what you’ll make next…shame it’ll be on PS4.But I’m drolling to see some The Order gameplay…besides being Readyatdawn developing I know graphics and animations will be all you St.Monica which means the best on the market ha.

  • will God Of War Ascension Collector edition owners have the option to download for free the Digital Edition as they did with the DLCs?

  • Wow amazing, if this goes digitally i might buy it once again)) . Never went into MP, now I might give it a try ^_~.

    ps: Now Sony how about releasing BEYOND Digitally! I’ll buy it tight away.

  • Kratos is a Greek mythology fanfic Mary Sue and his popularity is a sad commentary on the intellectual void America’s public school systems are creating of the nation’s youth.

  • @1

    I think they were referring to the actual size of God of War: Ascension. Is that going to be in the 20GB range?

  • awesome looking forward to getting this digitally

  • @Hooligantuan

    You saving that line since 2012 and posting it in every GoW page is whats really sad. give it up buttercup.

  • When will the soundtrack be free?
    Will GOW 3 be digital?

  • Ah this is interesting just exactly what the next IP will be, haven’t played Gow Ascensions lately however this is a excellent game that I miss playing hopefully I can revisit this soon. PS4 day 1 shipping i’m out

  • NO!! Please make an offline coop trial of the Gods mode!

  • Any chance of having another double (or triple ;)) XP weekend during the Extra Life marathon on November 2nd? =)

  • Any chance of just a Multiplayer Client for Download?

  • Santa Monica also promised a major patch for Playstation All Stars in the Fall. It is the Fall now. I don’t mean to rush, but any update yet on the All Stars patch?

  • About time :) how much will the Digital version be? i brought the collectors edition and enjoyed it but i traded in the game in for… some other game i forgot… anyways


    1. Any news for Free to play multiplayer or Multiplayer only version?

    2.Will the game transfer to the PS4?

    3. PS+ discount

    Thank you

  • why isn’t God of War 3 getting Digital Release only 1GB Less then God of War: Ascension

  • God of war better be heading to the ps4 best online experience sonys ever let out.

  • Why God of War 3 is not available on PSN?

  • In the next game please focus on having a better story and combat. The narrative was not so good; and the combat was a bit frustrating.

  • aww I was hoping there would be a f2p version of the multiplayer so there can be more players. make the level cap 10 or something for f2p and then you can buy the multiplayer for $15-$20 if you like it.

  • is there going to be a god of war collection for the vita ansewer please

  • Now I am so over that game if it was a Day1 thing Maybe I buy but Not Now and if I do buy it will it come with free DLCs

  • Im a Fallout3 fan Fallout over all that’s a most buy for me on the psn

  • Cool Price?

  • Price?

    I’m yet to grab this one. 36GB file size is crazy!

    I will buy this if it’s $39.99 or less

  • Are there any plans to make God of War III available digitally? I’d really like that.

  • Good job with the game SSM; it looked awesome as all GOW’s do and had some really interesting new gameplay mechanics. Didn’t play the multiplayer mode (as I got the game through RedBox for a few days, so no online pass), but I’m glad you guys did a lot to support and expand it.

    I love the GOW series, notably GOW II and the Ready at Dawn PSP GOW’s (Ghost of Sparta is by far my favorite in the series), but it would be good if you guys take a brake from the series for a bit. There really isn’t much to be done with the series story-wise (the PSP games explained all the backstory that was needed and III was a very satisfying conclusion to the series), making this games story a bit weak, but I’m sure with the PS4 hardware you guys can make one hell of a game to spice up the series (Assentation could have passed as a PS4 launch game and III is one of the best looking PS3 games out there); maybe bring the series to a new mythology.

    Good luck for your future progress and thank you for some of my fondest moments with my PS2 and PS3 Santa Monica :).

  • Any updates on the God of War collection Vita port that was announced at E3?

  • DAMN! 36GB what about GOW3 i haven’t played that yet . How come its not on psn yet?

  • OMG 36 GB?! My 1 TB hdd won’t last long at this rate, haha :D
    Nor will the 500 GB PS4 hdd with all the next gen games o.O
    Hopefully it’ll be easy as the PS3 to swap out a new hdd! Does anyone know if the hdd in the PS4 is also a laptop sized hdd?

  • All we need is God of War 3 on PSN to have all 6 games available digitally. I have yet to buy Ascension but would rather have a physical copy as 36GB would take a long time to download.

  • Don’t think this would change my mind and make me buy God of War: Ascension after what you did. You still deserve the title “IP Graveyard”.

  • @ 46 Ax_Man17 – OMG man…you’re really missing out…GoW 3 is by far the best game ever created after TLoU.

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