Beyond: Two Souls European TV Spot

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Beyond: Two Souls European TV Spot

With today’s release in the UK and Ireland, Beyond: Two Souls is available now all across Europe.

To celebrate the launch globally, today we’ve got the European TV ad to show you.

Beyond: Two Souls European TV Spot

If you’ve already bought the game, we hope that you’re enjoying it — be sure to tell us what you think in the comments! Beyond: Two Souls is an undeniably unique experience, as was Heavy Rain before it, and we’ve seen that the game resonates differently with each person that plays it. So far, more than 16 critics have awarded Beyond: Two Souls a 90 or higher, including an Editor’s Choice award from GameSpot. Most reviewers lauded the game’s immersive story, performances, and presentation, but of course, not everyone agrees. The polarizing reviews highlight game’s ambitious goals, courtesy of the team at Quantic Dream.

If you’re still on the fence, download the demo from PlayStation Store now and decide for yourself!

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