PlayStation Home: Game Mechanic’s SeaClyff Retreat

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PlayStation Home: Game Mechanic’s SeaClyff Retreat

Game Mechanic’s SeaClyff Retreat
The SeaClyff Retreat and Clubhouse reflect their attention to detail and commitment to quality. All the doors are automatic. The stereo lets you control where the music is playing. There are 4 murals you can hang in the entryway; 3 of which are from Home users themselves. There is a 12 person hot tub and balconies for multi-level party possibilities. There are control panels on each floor that let you change the settings. There are 3 room that let you choose the wallpaper. The kitchen and bathrooms are fully furnished. Every room has a something extra. And how you get to the top floor is… well you have to give it a try.

PlayStation Home Update 10-9-2013PlayStation Home Update 10-9-2013

nDreams Horror
Perfect for all of your personal spaces at this time of the year. BoxBeats: Horror comes with a variety of different spooky sounds to creep your visitors out!

Lockwood Nightmare Yacht, Cabaret Cuties and Drop Science
Board the Nightmare Yacht for a one-way trip across stormy seas. Overlooked by sinister jagged rocks and a baleful sky, skeletal soulmates Vinny and Ginny can say their vows alongside zombie lovebirds Cezar and Catrina. You’ll have all the time in the world to scour the yacht for diabolical decorative reward items, because once you board the Nightmare Yacht, you can never leave.

PlayStation Home Update 10-9-2013PlayStation Home Update 10-9-2013

WAIT! STOP! Drop Science Time! (That didn’t work as well as we thought..) anyway, YES, that’s right we have just one more Boom-Boom-Shake-the-room bit of excitement to unleash on you! Huge price drop on the Drop Science Subway Pack!

Virtual Life is a cabaret, old chum, or so the saying (sort of) goes. Lockwood’s latest outfits recall a time when young women dreamed of high-kicking their way to fame in the chorus line, or belting out hits on Broadway. The ruffled dress and matching shoes are available in red, violet or blue, and there’s a suitably short and sassy hairstyle too.

PlayStation Home Update 10-9-2013PlayStation Home Update 10-9-2013

Granzella Mononoke Race, Lancers and Autumn Costume
Can you escape from the Ushi-oni? Great Edo of Nippon’s Underground Mononoke Race is here! Deep beneath the streets of Great Edo lies a mysterious cavern. Those who carelessly enter, beware! The Ushi-oni appears! Will you make it back to the surface and live to see the light of day once more?!

Wielding a massive sword and shield, Granzella’s all new Lancer class is ready to overwhelm the opposition! Clad in plate armor, the Lancer holds steady, guarding against his enemy’s attacks until he finds a gap…and strikes! The Lancer’s strength is a perfect match for the Great Blue Centipede now marching through Edo. When the centipede opens his mouth to breath fire, attack the red core inside! The Armor 3-piece Set comes with plate armor, gauntlets, and solleret, the armored shoes of a knight. The women’s Armor Set includes bikini style plate armor, an interesting choice for battle, but with an irresistible allure.

PlayStation Home Update 10-9-2013PlayStation Home Update 10-9-2013

This stylish outfit has arrived just in time for autumn. For women, this set features sunglasses, a jacket with scarf, a pencil skirt with or without stockings, and high heels. For men, the set includes sunglasses, a jacket with scarf, chino pants, and arabesque-pattern shoes. Also available are the Center Parted Long Hairstyle for women and the Swept-back Hairstyle for men.

VEEMEE’s Acorn Meadows Park Update, Snapback Bundles, Morphsuits & Billabong

This week Gifting is introduced to Acorn Meadows Park. Gifting can be accessed from any of the food or drink concession stands. If you are the lucky recipient of a gifted snack, look out for the green food icon appearing over the concession stands. You can rent pedal boats as normal or you can now use Acorns to purchase a locomotion version of the boat which will grant you unlimited access in the same way as the bikes! Finally, a 3D Printer has been added to the path opposite the Picnic Stall.

PlayStation Home Update 10-9-2013PlayStation Home Update 10-9-2013

Worn atop one’s head, these Snapback caps offer a number of angles at which they might sit. The bundles themselves contain eight different variations, each with its own position allowing you to wear them in whatever fashion you desire.

This week VEEMEE releases the third selection of MorphMasks. Another collection of colored and patterned masks for both men and women. With Halloween a little under a month away, masks such as Alien and Killer Clown would go great with any costume ideas you might have!

PlayStation Home Update 10-9-2013PlayStation Home Update 10-9-2013

Check out the latest Billabong releases this week. Look cool in the Ice Boss Shorts and White Austin Shirt for men. Try on the exquisite Off Black Sweet Amor Mini Skirt and the Off Black Breakdown Hoodie for women.

Codeglue Fall Inspiration
Designed for fall, these new hot dresses are perfect for the Home user that loves to combine clothing from their wardrobe. The dresses are split into a top and skirt and can be combined with glasses, boots, a purse, bracelets and a ring.

PlayStation Home Update 10-9-2013

Virtual Item Showcase

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  • Loving the nightmare yacht. Perfect for Halloween!!!

  • Don’t forget Free Test Drive Week in Home Tycoon during Week 2 of the Home Tycoon anniversary celebration! Everyone drives free in any city until October 16! The City Showcase Contest continues this week as well — check for details!

  • Wait, in SeaClyff you can actually choose wallpaper like with Harbour Studio? It also looks like that Closed Beta space.

  • Can Home PLEASE get rid of the Inspect feature? It defeats the purpose of being an x7 member as anyone who doesn`t have access to x7 can come up and steal any preview items I bought, making preview items and membership completely worthless. It`s a slap in the face. And ppl keep coming up trying to steal my creative ideas, I have to keep running away and avoid everyone like some paranoid freak, and you can`t enjoy Home that way. At least give us the option to turn it off!

  • It will be so cool this Halloween is to have a animated werewolf costume, that will be awesome (arrrrooooOOOOOOOO……lol).

  • Still no word on whether PS Home is coming to PS4.

  • Hoping if it does come on PS4 that clothes and most stuff will just be free.
    Execpt for appartments and limited* in-game purchase would make it worth paying for, but that’s it.
    In some games, like Tycoon, you pay per building. I say pay ONCE for that building type and that’s it.

    Don’t have unlimited spending on games and make the clothes/items free on PS4, if it comes to PS4.
    Make it so that you can acheive clothes and special items in-game by First/Third Party developers.
    (Those that makes Non-PS Home Only Games)

    All optional. It’d just be cool to be able to get items to wear from the game you were playing at no extra cost.

  • please fix the damn m-10 errors

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