Worms Revolution Extreme Out Today on PS Vita

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Worms Revolution Extreme Out Today on PS Vita

Hello again, PlayStation.Blog readers! Today’s the day you’ve all been waiting for. Worms Revolution Extreme is out today for PS Vita, meaning you can now keep your worms army mobile. Download Worms Revolution Extreme for $14.99.

Worms Revolution Extreme includes all the content of Worms Revolution, plus the three DLC packs (Mars, Funfair, and Medieval Tales) that were previously released. You’re getting the complete, handheld Worms package. That makes for one extensive single-player campaign, including a whopping total of 72 missions and puzzles!

Worms Revolution Extreme, 06

Unlock different worm classes to play as — pick from the Soldier, Scientist, Scout, and Heavy, and make a team of your choosing by taking into account each classes’ pros and cons. Get ready for hilarious chain reactions, which are enhanced by the addition of dynamic water, water weapons, and exploding physics objects!

Already made lots of progress in Worms Revolution? Then take advantage of the Cross Save functionality to carry on your save game progress on PS Vita.

There’s also a really fun multiplayer mode for up to four players which can either be played locally, pass-and-play on the same Vita, or you take your battle global as you fight against players from across the world.

Aside from the main game modes, we’ve added in some really cool features which utilize some of the awesome functionality that the Vita brings to the table. We’ve added in a new cross-gifting Treasure Mode, which enables you to link up with your friends who have a PS3 system (or vice versa). Beat 10 side objectives either online or offline to receive a key, and connect to a friend’s PS3 with the corresponding chest to unlock the treasure.

Worms Revolution Extreme, 03Worms Revolution Extreme, 05

Take advantage of PS Vita’s touch screen controls to quickly select your weapon from the panel. You can also pan and zoom the camera using the touch screen, or stick to classic button controls if you prefer. We’ve also added in the option to use the rear touch pad to control your aiming reticule when taking shots at enemy invertebrates.

We hope you’ll have fun with this ultimate handheld version of Worms, and we’ll hopefully see some of you out there on the online battlefield!

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