Soul Sacrifice Updated Today with 16 New Quests

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Soul Sacrifice Updated Today with 16 New Quests

Hello PlayStation gamers! We’ve been releasing free updates for Soul Sacrifice for the past five months. It’s bittersweet for us to share that today’s big 1.30 update, which adds 16 challenging new quests, will be the final one. Make sure you update your game to version 1.30 today!

Unlike some of the previous updates, there’s no need to download unlock keys from PlayStation Store to start playing the 16 new quests.

Soul Sacrifice on PS Vita

After installing the update, simply go to Read Journal > Mad Chronicle > Inside Avalon > Avalon Pacts > Forgotten Pacts to play the new quests. You’ll see “Hour of Pure White” and “Hour of Blackness” added to the section. Game progress to a certain point may be required.

The final 16 quests are all difficulty level 10! You‘ll be tasked with facing challenging boss characters you may have come across before. Will you be up for the thrilling rematches, or will they get the best of you?

Soul Sacrifice on PS VitaSoul Sacrifice on PS Vita

Thank you all for your support on Soul Sacrifice over the past several months. We hope you’ll enjoy the final quests and continue to enjoy the world of Soul Sacrifice on PS Vita!

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3 Author Replies

  • What a great day to be a Vita owner. Free SS update, Malicious, Worms, Atomic Ninjas.

    I really need to get back to playing SS!

  • More SS Freebies, that’s awsm!

  • currently updating the file is 82mb thanks :))

  • Wow 16? Awesome!

    When you say this is the final update, does that mean we are not getting the Toukiden cross-over rainments and pacts? D:

    Also, what is the deal with Soul Sacrifice Delta? Is it being localized? Its never been mention on the PS Blog :(

  • i really need to get disgaea d2, worms, and atomic ninjas.
    already picking up beyond.
    maybe ill trade in a few games and get PSN cards.

  • Is the Soul Sacrifice X Toukiden Boss and Costume + Phantasy Star Costume coming to EU?

  • This is why SS is one of the greatest games for the Vita. Free DLC love is amazing.

  • Are we going get the costumes? and what about delta?

  • It has been an epic blast playing this game. I’m hundred of hours into it and love every second. Thanks so much for such a great game! Can’t wait for Delta to come out! This game was worth more than I paid for it so I will be picking up the next one day one! Again, thanks for making suck an epic game!

  • You guys ever going to consolidate all the DLC into ONE Convenient Package?

    Having to battle the wonky store (it still freezes up for a lot of people) to get all the updates was a bit of a pain

    Make it simpler next time eh?

    Love all the content and the game though!

  • I personally want to thank you guys for all the Soul Sacrifice Support, all of it being free is awesome. As long as you continue to make good games you guys will have my support. Thx again. Looking forward to Delta.

  • Thank you for the many updates! <3

  • so they are never going to activate the whispers in the north american version? bummer…

  • I have to say thank you for the updates. You guys could have easily chosen to sell this as dlc just like every single other developer but instead you chose to support your game through free updates. I respect that and will support SS and any other game you develop. Thanks!

  • Oh wow, thanks so much for all the continued support you guys showed this game, it’s one of vita’s best for sure. I, however, still need to go back and finish/platinum it..

  • I am in the middle of this game right now and I am totally addicted to it. It is a fabulous game and you guys did a wonderful job with it. Thank you for all the support for the past 5 months and for making an amazing game to begin with. I will be getting Delta DAY ONE.

  • More free extra content!? You now have my full attention. Time to put this game on my holiday wish list.

  • Thank you for all the updates for this awesome game, hope we can get the Toukiden colab dlc somehow, and please confirm Soul Sacrifice Delta release for america :D

  • What about the Toukiden crossover DLC?

  • Oh and yes, please bring Delta outside of Japan.

  • Its amazing to see a game get this much support on the vita. The developers have earned the fans, next game will be a day one buy, soul sacrifice delta is it? this guys improve gaming!!

  • Wow, more free stuff? This is just sweet. Thank you very much, this game is awesome and all the support you’ve given us with it is just amazing.

  • The amount of free support this game has received since its release is just astounding to me. Thank you all for the hard work! Game is awesome, and I’ve been spreading the word about it as much as possible!

  • The amount of free content for this game is just plain amazing and says a lot about the type of people behind it.
    I will surely miss the updates but will be there to support whatever game you come out next for the platform.

    In the end, we got Delta to look forward to, if coming to the US.

  • Definatelly one of my favorite games ever. Amazing content and the game pours passion in every bit of it’s programming. This is why I love Playstation! Can’t wait for Delta!

  • Will I be able to get all these extra quests when I buy Soul Sacrifice Delta?

  • I wish more middling to high quests would be released. I can’t seem to get past the higher level quests after going through the story and most of the side quests :/

  • I must say that this is 1 of the best pieces of news today, haven’t played this in awhile but I’ll have to get back into this very soon!!!!!! PS4 day 1 I’m out

  • More free DLC?…no way…I cant believe…you guys are too much awesome…so many content for free…its really unbelievable.I still dont have Soul Sacrifice though…but I wanna buy and I really appreciate the support you give to the game and to your fans/playas.I’ll be buying the game soon….I’m really late and yep I know its a shame.

  • Thanks for the excellent support of SS it really is a great foundation for a successful franchise future. I really appreciate that we have recieved so much FREE DLC with our purchase. I was begging to think that free DLC was ghost of gamings past.

  • Thank you so much, Comcept, Inafune and everyone involved. Soul Sacrifice was fantastic. I had a delightful ~150 hours with it and can’t wait to power through these last few missions. You all are saints for giving us so much free content when you, like other companies, could charge a lot for it. You’ve created a stronger fanbase through this, I believe. We trust you!

    Can’t wait for Delta and SS2!

    Sortiara would be proud.

  • Soul Sacrifice team, you are..


    Count with me in Soul Sacrifice Delta!

  • I already sold this game after I got Platinum Trophy :|

  • The last of the free DLC!! Yippee!!! This game has been killing me for many months. I can’t get past some bosses/missions because I haven’t figured out the right combo of offerings to use.

    Don’t think I’m not appreciative. I donated to Mighty 9’s kickstarter just to show my appreciation to Inafune-san.

  • Staggering amount of free stuff for this game. Totally worth the money. Can’t wait for Delta!


  • Muito obrigado por todos os dlc. Nunca vi um jogo com tantos dlc gratuitos. Parabéns pelo seu trabalho. Assim que eu terminar Soul Sacrifice. Vou comprar Soul Sacrifice Delta.

  • This is awesome! I get to play SS again! Updating my game now! More power to ya’ll!

  • i love it! all those bosses are hard to defeat lol! i hope we get toukiden costumes and boss collaboration same with Phantasy star online 2 i really wish an hope we can get those! thank you! this game is one of the BEST game RPG of all time! THANK YOUUUU!!!

  • This is so cool, but at the same time I`m a bit sad, because it`s the last one =(

  • Soul Sacrifice how I love you for making a great co-op for the Ps Vita. Sony how I love you for putting out such a great game and many more things. Now all the North America Ps Vita users needs are God Eater 2 and Phantasy star online 2. O and last but not lest thank you @Kumi Yuasa for posting such great news.

  • I just tried “The Gods’ Gathering Grounds” by myself… didn’t survive a minute… I love this Update xD

  • You guys are awesome! Thank you for all the free dlc! Hopefully more developers adopt this business model!

  • This game was exactly what the Vita needed. Back in the early days i saw an interview by Kenji and the premise he had conceptualized behind the game, safe to say I was sold. A good concept and a well written script which was executed through fluid animation on the Vita. This fulfilled my craving for a hunter game and more! Mobile App developers can learn a thing or two from you guys. This is in app enhancement done right. Your constant updates brought me back time and time again. Thank you for making it free, supporting the game passionately and delivering a quality product.
    Hope to see some epic stuff happening in Soul Sacrifice Delta. Cheers from India!

  • Thank you for giving us a good game. it has been a good time playing SOul Sacrifice. but everything must come to an end. and that opens a new door for another adventure. hoping to have good games like this in the coming months

  • Really could use another sale on this one again.

    I will be waiting.

  • thank u guys for a great game…..i have plat trophy this game and enjoyed every bit of it….i will be purchasing soul sac delta ……day 1….yall keep up the support

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