Proteus Coming to PS3, Vita Soon, New Features Detailed

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Proteus Coming to PS3, Vita Soon, New Features Detailed

Proteus on PS3 and PS Vita

You drift towards a pastel island where everything sings as you pass.
The sky begins to darken and something in the distance catches your eye…

I’m Ed Key, one of the developers of Proteus along with composer David Kanaga. Proteus came out for the PC and Mac in January 2013 and had a fantastic reception from Edge, Eurogamer, IGN and many more. For something that started out as a weird experimental project between me and David, this was pretty mind-blowing, and it’s even crazier to now have the chance to bring it to PS3 and PS Vita with some brand new features that take advantage of Sony’s hardware.

Proteus is something like a constantly-remixing ambient album in the form of an immersive island world. It’s all about a particular feeling of wandering through nature alone, taking it in and getting pleasantly lost. Maybe it’s a little bit about magic and mortality too. Don’t expect tasks and scores and checklists – perhaps Proteus lurks somewhere on the shady fringes of what it means to be a game.

With the PS Vita and PS3 versions, we’ve been adding new ways to engage with – and remix – the world. Previously, all Proteus islands were purely random, but on Vita, you can now choose to generate an island based on your current geographical location and on both platforms you can generate an island for the current date.

Proteus on PS3 and PS VitaProteus on PS3 and PS Vita

Both features have a chance of generating an especially “wild” island with various tweaks and twists. The island at my house, for example, has weird purple sea, green sky in the evening and some pleasant (but still very purple) inland lakes.

We’ve also added a way for users to interact with the environment using the back touch screen — we’ll be talking more about this closer to release.

Curve are doing a fantastic job on the port, adding a lot of love and polish along the way. Playing it on PS Vita’s bright OLED screen is so nice, as is the experience of playing it a on big television through PS3. We’ve had a very positive response to the PlayStation version from people I’ve shown it to, and I’m happy to quote a friend here and say that it’s the best version of Proteus there’s ever been.

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  • kool, never heard of this

  • This looks.. interesting. I’ll def check it out, always looking for those smaller, independent type games like this. Hope it’s good!

  • One of my favorite games I’ve played this year. It’s not for everyone, but, for those that can get into this kind of thing, it’s wonderful.

    Seriously can’t wait for this.

  • Ed, I was already interested in Proteus but you sealed the deal at “It’s all about a particular feeling of wandering through nature alone, taking it in and getting pleasantly lost.” That’s a feeling I’ve only had a few times with games, but a feeling I always enjoy! I hope this comes out in the next month or so!!

  • I’d only buy this for $0,99, it’s too simple

  • it doesnt sound like there is much content to be had here. its $9.99 on Steam I see, but I doubt I’d be willing to pay more than $5. Though it does sound like a cool concept

  • Hmmmm…. Seems like we’ve reached the point now where games that could be created for an old Apple IIe are now being developed for PS4 and being hailed as ‘Visionary’, ‘Revolutionary’ and ‘Genious!’.

    Good thing next gen machines have all that power!

  • Thanks for porting this over, looks cool.

  • I love when people post what they think a game is worth in these posts.
    While I can’t tell you not to speak your mind, please put yourself in the shoes of the creators of these games and think;
    If it was so easy to put together, why am I not doing it as well.
    And while you are at it, read your own posts while in the shoes of the creator about how they don’t agree with the prices or the contents of your hard work (game) and see how you hold up to that sort of criticism.

    it should not matter that the game has ground breaking stellar cinema-like graphics or not. A game is a game, a vision can be a game as well.

    Let developers have their visions become a reality as a form of a game, or we won’t get anything different than the batch of grey military shooters and COD clones.

  • When is this coming out?!

    I has me terribly intrigued, and I’m always up for more Vita games!

  • ill be getting this for vita for sure. looks great and well worth a measley $15! thanks

  • I remember this game but I’ll need to checkout a demo at least. PS4 day 1 I’m out

  • Whoa…this looks interesting…never heard of it before…I’ll definitely keep my eyes on it….PS3 and VIta?…yeah count me in.This game looks good to be played on Vita.

  • Bring it on.

  • @9, avluis, well-said. The game price is not controlled by the indie developer and to come here and to trash them to their face when they’ve poured their hearts and souls into creating something is just really sad.

    I’m going to research this on YT.

  • Can’t wait. I’ll be picking this up for my Vita day one when it releases.

    Any word on Cross-Buy?

  • @Mr.Beens — I disagree, graphics and processing power do NOT determine whether a game is great, though i admit they can be a part of the calculus. Still, just because many indies seem simple at first does not mean they are unworthy of rightful praise.

    Proteus looks very creative and interesting, that’s what makes indies great — thinking outside the box and pushing the limits of creativity.

  • Cross Buy?
    Week 1 PS+ Discount?
    How accurate or tuned is the location based map making? Are we talking meters or kilometers?
    I saw this on Steam before and it’s on the wishlist but, I could never get myself to dig down and buy it on a platform I can only play in one place. I’d love to own it for both consoles without delving too much into it. Curve studios does good port work. Looking forward to the game.

  • Happy to see Curve is doing the port. They did a great job on Lone Survivor and Thomas Was Alone.

    Looking forward to playing it!

  • No disc, no sale.

  • Looks interesting. Is the scene with the thatched-roof cabin a ‘homage’ to King’s Quest? I seem to recall an almost exact scene like that in King’s Quest III or IV :)

    I think there’s a lot to get out of that basic vector/2.5D look. In the game we’re working on, we are even using an only slightly expanded EGA palette to give those same constraints that produced extremely creative games.

    Will the audio on Vita be at least 320kbps? Will it be 24-bit/lossless on PS3? Really tired of these indie games with great music sounding like crap due to Unity constraints/defaults.

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