Orc Attack: Flatulent Rebellion Out Today on PlayStation Store

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Orc Attack: Flatulent Rebellion Out Today on PlayStation Store

Orc Attack on PS3

Hi, my name is Nacho Sanchez, and I’m a designer on Orc Attack: Flatulent Rebellion. We’re a little development studio, and most of the guys on our team are Spanish, but we work out of England. We’re finally done with our first game and we’d love to share some of the finer points with you.

When we first sat down and got Orc Attack running about two years ago, our team realized we had created a silly, sophomoric game. I mean, it’s called Orc Attack: Flatulent Rebellion, so right there you know it’s going to be for the gamer that enjoys joking about farts and burps, and what happens when you combine them.

We know that before games got a little too serious, and the lead characters all started looking like bald, meaty marines with green goatees, that there was a long line of fun, silly games that were wildly successful that are similar in concept. We loved playing Earthworm Jim and Booger Man on our 16-bit systems and, while not so much about farting and burping, the seminal indie game Castle Crashers was definitely another influence on Orc Attack.

Orc Attack: Flatulent Rebellion follows the classic line of arcade-style action game games where players fight an unending horde of enemies through a fantasy setting and team up with their friends to defeat their enemies. And when thinking about Orc Attack, we also feel there’s a certain similarity to the long-running KOEI Dynasty Warriors series. The attraction in Orc Attack, as in Dynasty Warriors, is the massive waves of enemies you’ll confront in hand-to-hand combat. And, of course, there are farts. Lots of them.

Orc Attack on PS3Orc Attack on PS3

But the farts aren’t just there to be gross and scare off (or attract) your little sister. There is a deep-seated reason the orcs are so flatulent. Similar to Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax, the orcs in Orc Attack are victims of humans’ arrogance and cavalier expansionist behavior. In Orc Attack, a massive throng of humans come stomping into the happy land of the orcs and immediately build noisy cities, covering their fair rural landscapes with industrialist machinery that pollutes the lands, waters, and air.

The orcs are more than alarmed. As their people become sick and diseased, they band together to push the humans back. But they’re overpowered and outnumbered and, as you’ll see in the intro story, the humans already have giant robots! As the orcs’ numbers diminish, a small band escapes together into the deeper part of the forests until they’re discovered.

It’s in this dangerous moment that they come to realize their full power. The dirtied water has made them nauseous. The polluted air has made them sick. The destruction of their lands had made them angry. And because of all this, they’ve developed the unnatural abilities to fart and belch like 100 rhinoceroses. Pushed against the leafy walls of the jungle, they fight back with all their might, combining their powers in a way that makes them greater as a team than any band of humans they’ve fought.

Each of the four orcs — Sir Niff, Lord Poop, Doc Turd, and Friar Crap — have developed powers beyond their wildest imaginations. Through various team-up combinations — yes, like Marvel team up combinations — they can use farts and burps to turn their enemies into stone, frozen statues, light them on fire, and more. Without knowing it, the humans had turned the fun-loving orcs into farting gods of death and destruction (very, very smelly gods of death and destruction).

Orc Attack on PS3

And so with Orc Attack: Flatulent Rebellion, players get the chance to build up their powers, combine them, fight hundreds of enemies in a level, and use the elements to their advantage. The gameplay is simple and sweet with a light and heavy attack (Square and Triangle, respectively), a jump button (X), and an action button (Circle), plus special attacks with the triggers. Levels consist of standard enemies, sub-bosses, and bosses, and the game ramps up difficulty as players progress. But it ramps up based on how many players are fighting simultaneously. Fighting a boss with two characters is actually easier than fighting one with three or four, which compels players to fight as a team rather than alone as individuals.

The little things in between levels break up the action in Orc Attack. Players can build up their various powers — Strength, Agility, Defense, and Mana — to increase their abilities. During levels, they can pick up boss weapons — like clubs, axes, bats, and maces. And their gear, including masks, hoods, and hats, too. The gear doesn’t affect gameplay at all, but it’s very fun to pick up a giant sombrero and knock out a dozen humans knowing you look like a clown.

All in all, Orc Attack: Flatulent Rebellion is a fun, fart-filled romp that will have a group of friends spending an afternoon laughing and gaming together in a kind of old-school way. We really hope you enjoy it.

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