October Means War for DUST 514

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October Means War for DUST 514

This October, PlayStation Store DUST 514 offerings and intense organized play events are hitting harder than a perfectly placed Orbital Bombardment. Below is a timeline of what is coming, when it is coming and how it can shape your war. It all kicks off October 8, the day of the DUST 514 Uprising 1.5 update deployment.

DUST 514 Tactical Edition – 10.8.13 ($19.99)
The DUST 514 war machine fires the first shot of the skirmish with the release of the DUST 514 Tactical Edition. This custom version will include the DUST 514 client, Active Skill Boosters, Aurum, and a host of Packaged Fits for both dropsuits and vehicles to sharpen your edge in battle.

DUST 514

DUST 514 Tactical Edition contains:

  • DUST 514 Client
  • 7-Day Active Skill Booster
  • 50 x CreoDron Breach Heavy Assault Vehicle Featured Fit
  • 50 x Kaalakiota Recon Dropship Featured Fit
  • 100 x Hunter Scout Dropsuit Featured Fit
  • 100 x Mauler Heavy Dropsuit Featured Fit
  • 100 x Shock Assault Dropsuit Featured Fit
  • 50 x ‘LC-217’ Saga Light Assault Vehicles
  • 2,500 Aurum

Factional Warfare Challenge – 10.8.13 through 10.15.13
The empires of New Eden are battling each other in Factional Warfare and pushing harder than ever for galactic dominance. For a full week in October the four factions of the EVE Universe are calling all mercenaries to prove their loyalty by fighting in their name. Your allegiance will not go unacknowledged and you will be rewarded handsomely for your efforts. Whether you are in a DUST 514 corporation or a lone gun for hire, the Factional Warfare Challenge will put you in the front lines of the larger conflicts of New Eden and in line for the bounties of war.

During the event players will be asked to meeting the following criteria:

  • Play and complete 20 Factional Warfare matches and win 55% of those matches for a specific faction to win Tier I rewards– 100 prototype equipment items of your chosen faction
  • Play and complete 30 matches and win 50% of those matches for a specific faction to win Tier II rewards– 75 prototype weapons of your chosen faction
  • Play and complete 40 matches or more and win 45% of those matches for a specific faction to Tier III rewards– 50 prototype dropsuits of your faction

DUST 514 'Praetorian VII' Madrugar HAV WAR KitDUST 514 'Hellmar' Sentinel ak.0 -WAR Kit AmarrDUST 514 'FoxFour' Assault G-I WAR Kit

DUST 514 Reactivation Event 10.9-10.23
Have you been inactive in DUST 514 since August 8? DUST 514 is offering a strong incentive to bring that immortal clone mercenary out of stasis and back into the action. Log into DUST 514 and compete in 5 matches or more October 9-23 to receive 100 Black Eagle Packaged Fits and 100 Quafe dropsuits for revisiting the game.

Note: Only DUST 514 accounts that have been inactive since August 8 are eligible.

Weaponized and Ready (W.A.R.) Kits – 10.22
The playing field has just been leveled and the battlefield has been forever altered with the arrival of the DUST 514 W.A.R. (Weaponized and Ready) Kits. From the minds of the DUST 514 development team come a series of lethal, customized Packaged Fits designed to inspire fear in your opponents and victory over them.

Three levels of W.A.R. Kits are available to deploy, each containing Packaged Fits inspired by key members of the DUST 514 Dev Team.

W.A.R. Kit ‘Hoplon’ $19.99
Over 400 fully-equipped, battle-ready dropsuits and vehicles are contained in the W.A.R. Kit ‘Hoplon’. Each suit ensures you’re prepared for anything the battle throws your way. Included in this kit is the PlayStation Network exclusive ‘Flying Scotsman’ Assault ck.0 dropsuit; a shield-fortified, prototype-grade beast of the battlefield.

W.A.R. Kit ‘Hoplon’ contents:

  • 45 x ‘FoxFour’ Assault G-I
  • 45 x ‘Logicloop’ Scout M-I
  • 45 x ‘Tigris’ Sentinel A-I
  • 45 x ‘Rattati’ Assault G/1
  • 45 x ‘Wolfman’ Assault A/1
  • 45 x ‘Nullarbor’ Myron Dropship
  • 45 x ‘Grayscale’ Saga Light Assault Vehicle
  • 45 x ‘Remnant IX’ Logistics mk.0
  • 45 x ‘Flying Scotsman’ Assault ck.0 (PSN Exclusive!)
  • 1x 3-Day Active Skill Point Booster

W.A.R. Kit ‘Hetairos’ $49.99
900 fully-equipped, battle-ready dropsuits and vehicles for the perfect offensive or most impenetrable defense! W.A.R. Kit ‘Hetairos’ includes the PlayStation Network exclusive ‘Praetorian VII’ Madrugar, a triple-blaster heavily assault vehicle for team-based domination.

W.A.R. Kit ‘Hetairos’ contents:

  • 100 x ‘FoxFour’ Assault G-I
  • 100 x ‘Logicloop’ Scout M-I
  • 100 x ‘Tigris’ Sentinel A-I
  • 100 x ‘Rattati’ Assault G/1
  • 100 x ‘Wolfman’ Assault A/1
  • 100 x ‘Nullarbor’ Myron Dropship
  • 100 x ‘Grayscale’ Saga Light Assault Vehicle
  • 100 x ‘Remnant IX’ Logistics mk.0
  • 100 x ‘Praetorian VII’ Madrugar HAV (PSN Exclusive!)
  • 1x 3-Day Active Skill Point Booster

W.A.R. Kit ‘Sparta’ $99.99
The ultimate W.A.R. Kit!
Offered are 2,700 fully-equipped, battle-ready dropsuits and vehicles for ultimate assault and counterstrike! Weaponized and Ready (W.A.R.) Kit ‘Sparta’ will dominate all who oppose you and includes the PlayStation Network exclusive ‘Hellmar’ Sentinel ak.0, the ultimate crowd control fit, built to serve the glory of the Empire.

W.A.R. Kit ‘Sparta’ contents:

  • 300 x ‘FoxFour’ Assault G-I
  • 300 x ‘Logicloop’ Scout M-I
  • 300 x ‘Tigris’ Sentinel A-I
  • 300 x ‘Rattati’ Assault G/1
  • 300 x ‘Wolfman’ Assault A/1
  • 300 x ‘Nullarbor’ Myron Dropship
  • 300 x ‘Grayscale’ Saga Light Assault Vehicle
  • 300 x ‘Remnant IX’ Logistics mk.0
  • 300 x ‘Hellmar’ Sentinel ak.0 (PSN Exclusive!)
  • 1x 3-Day Active Skill Point Booster

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  • Sheesh the content for this game has come a long way, haven’t played this in awhile. Gotta make time for this somehow. PS4 day 1 I’m out

  • Any update on Trophy support or the PS Vita app? Two things that would keep me way more engaged with this game

  • need to get back into this but been to busy. don’t even know half the stuff this article is talking about :)
    @2 you get no Tropheys no Vita support and no PS4 support and you get NO CHANGE for your 19.99 They take $50 only. :)-

  • What exactly does PSN exclusive mean? Does that mean that the only way to get this item is directly from the PSN store, or is there another version of this game in the work for other systems?

  • When will the bug that keeps crashing original PS3’s be addressed?

  • Sure, I’ll come back.

    I don’t expect I’ll stay long, but I’ll take another look. These W.A.R. Kits aren’t exactly what the game needs in terms of “leveling” the battlefield.

    TIP: We shouldn’t have to pay for a more even experience in Dust 514. Pay-to-Win is Lose.

  • CCP logic: “Let’s make a barely functional, mediocre game, ignore all criticism and legitimate complaints prior to and post beta and release tonnes of DLC for it it anyway. We don’t need to make a good game, just a game good enough to get some people to pay for DLC.”

  • Loving the continual support for the game… I also have a couple of questions about future support.

    1. Is there any plan for PSN trophies to be added to the game in a future patch?

    2. In an interview for some big site (don’t remember), CCP talked about the long term support of DUST and talked about a 10 year life cycle. With such a long life cycle for the game, does that mean it is coming to PS4 too?

  • More DLC…. Pointless… CCP needs more $ by the looks of it….

    Player base count last night was at 20,000 (rounding off, THis included EVE players)

    CCP, you need to give us more game modes! Skrimish ,domination, and ambush… so plain an dull man..

    Give us the option to respec at a cost of something .

    It so sad and disappointing to see where DUST is now… Player base count keeps dropping.. and will Continue to drop at this rate..

  • Dust 514 just not a compelling game yet and it has too much of EVE’s inventory micromanagement crap in it.

    People play EVE for that sort of thing; ships, strategic combat, inventories, logistics, etc.

    People play FPS games primarily to shoot folks. There is a menu-laden, inventory-heavy metagame in the way of the real game that happens on the battlefield.

  • Love this game. Can’t stay away from it. FW is going to be fun this week for me. Keep up the hard work CCP! Caldari all the way!

    For the State!!!!

  • Hey guys, this is CCP Eterne, one of the Community Representatives for the game. We hope you’re going to enjoy our events and if you haven’t tried it for a while, the gifts for coming back and trying it out again! We think there’s been a lot of positive improvements over the past few months and there will be many more in the months to come. We’re working on our 1.6 patch now and are releasing information about it!

  • “Dust 514 just not a compelling game yet and it has too much of EVE’s inventory micromanagement crap in it.
    People play EVE for that sort of thing; ships, strategic combat, inventories, logistics, etc.
    People play FPS games primarily to shoot folks. There is a menu-laden, inventory-heavy metagame in the way of the real game that happens on the battlefield.”

    You hit the nail on the head. Having unlocks in a shooter is fun but the convoluted mess that is Dust 514’s system just turned me off. Then add in what I thought was generic FPS gameplay/shooting and I just don’t see why its worth the time. Add in the PS4 with Shadowfall and BF4 coming out soon this game just gets tossed aside IMO.

  • Stupids, this is not any DLC, only microtransaction items packs.

  • Any more BPOs on the way?

  • Meow Meow Meow!!!!!

  • I love this game, and I’ve been playing it for around a year and 5 months now. If you have not played for awhile come back and check it out. It has improved greatly over the last few months. I will see you on the battlefield!

  • CCP are you …. serious, i been supporting your game since april and your telling me i could have deleted this game off my hard drive to come back to 100 black eagle and quafe drop suit. so what drop suit are the player that have been active getting?

  • All these are terrible!! you want people to blow more money on this game, with facebook flash game tactics, and you never release anything you promise!! CCp you have not fixed any glitches, bugs, or just general bad gameplay.

  • Without Blueprints these kits are worthless to me.

  • I mean, 300 suits/weapons or whatever. That’s 300 deaths worth of gear.

  • None of this has any value to many of us, CCP.

    Why would I blow THAT much money on 45 of “this”, 100 of “that”, and 300 of “whatever”? For $20.00, $50.00, or $100.00 respectively?

    Unless those items turn into PERMANENT ITEMS (BPOs)… you need to move that decimal point one place to the LEFT on each price; because that’s how much that “crap” we CAN’T trade is really worth.

    CCP, you have to do one or both of two things… either let us TRADE this gear and equipment with each other, or turn these things into limited edition, limited quantity, first come first served BPOs.

    Otherwise, I’m not going to buy it, and I petty the people that do.

  • pity*

  • I don’t think these packs are ‘worthless’. They provide really good inherent value to new players by allowing them to try a little bit of variety before they make a firm decision on skill progression. It even gives them a look at advanced & proto fitting.

    That early (albeit temporary) access will show new players that “it isn’t all about the suit”, since even in the higher level gear they will still probably get owned on a regular basis. Instead it will show that FPS skill is still the true ingredient for success and teamwork is vital to victory.

    Of course the W.A.R. packs are not really very appealing to veteran players but then again, veteran players shouldn’t really need such packs or AURUM gear to play besides the occasional skill booster. Blue Print Original (BPO) items are not even being sold anymore going forward. So don’t hold out for them. Player controlled secondary market is probably going to be released early next year.

    My only point of criticism would to have included tier levels of Active Boosters. 3-day, 7-day and 30-day offerings would have been more appropriate based on the price points available.

  • I also meant to add that because the items are not ‘permanent’ the price could be reduced by 50%. They would probably be able to sell more of them and increase overall profit. These are not the kind of packs that most players are going to repurchase again. Better to provide a better value and get more folks in the door.

  • So when are these getting added to the EU store? Since apperently there still not there!!!!!!

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