Malicious Rebirth Hits PS Vita Today

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Malicious Rebirth Hits PS Vita Today

Heads up PS Vita owners: Malicious Rebirth will be available for download later today on PlayStation Store for $14.99!

Malicious Rebirth is a PS Vita action game in which the player inhabits a Spirit Vessel and controls the Mantle of Cinders in order to defeat the Malicious, the bringer of disaster to the world.

While Malicious Rebirth retains the short-burst gameplay and fantasy setting of the original PS3 game, it also boasts a new “Rebirth” chapter with new levels, new bosses and new moves. All the original game modes are also available, complete with the worldwide leaderboard.

Malicious Rebirth on PS Vita

We’re also releasing an exclusive Western Costume for $1.99 that will only be available in select SCEA territories. This costume will boost repair ability of the Spirit Vessel and improve sorcerous bullet power and repair speed.

We hope that you enjoy Malicious Rebirth, reborn for gaming on the go, out today on PlayStation Store!

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  • Tried to play this on PS3 originally and couldn’t figure out how to make any progress and why I was doing anything ;p

  • “We’re also releasing an exclusive Western Costume for $1.99 that will only be available in select SCEA territories. ”

    Wow, nice! Please don’t make of territorial DLCs a trend though Sony….

    Can’t wait to buy this! Is the actually game gonna be $10-15?

  • while another crappy update no games for ps vita for plus you think at lease they balnce it 1 week ps3 2nd week ps vita 3rd week ps3 4th week ps vita but no 2 weeks in a row on ps3 I sold my ps3 long time ago since e3 because its old ps4 is coming out why give stuff on ps3 when it was said ps3 in a few yrs after the ps4 release sony will not be saporting ps3 anymore like ps2

  • YESSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, Malicious Rebirth Hits PS Vita Today

  • and why we don’t have Destiny of Spirits beta for ps vita and uk dose

  • Can anyone interpret what #3 said? Looks like a bunch of gibberish without any punctuation.

    Will there be a demo of this? Its something I’d want to try before I buy since I heard very mixed things about it when it was offered on PS3’s PS+

  • eu has Destiny of Spirits beta and little big planent for ps vita free for plus its not fair they get better stuff

  • mando you clearly didn’t read the rules before coming in to chat Comments are the lifeblood of the PlayStation.Blog, and we encourage you to keep the conversation going in a relevant, constructive way. Remember: no swearing, fighting, or using the comments section of this blog to be “first!” Think about what you’re saying before you press “Submit.” If you’d like to talk about something off topic,

  • click here for our Forums, or here to submit a new idea

  • so please don’t be rude

  • @7

    EU gets FAR less retail releases than NA. That is why there PS Plus offerings are always superior

  • @11-TheExiled12894

    That… makes sense to an extent… But everytime we hear from the community managers, they state that the reason there’s far less Vita games on the IGC is because of the lack of them in general– Which would make your reasoning seem much more fishy.
    LBP Vita would be nice in our IGC.. I need more people to co-op with on that game. I’ve already purchased it for around 10-15$ on a sale… so I’m fine with what PLUS has offered me in that respect. But more Vita games would be appreciated, even if they’re ones I already own, and especially if they have a co-op mode, since that means more of my friendslist would be willing to play it with me.

  • That said, the art style of this game reminds me of Journey, SotC, and gravity rush… definitely wanting to pick this up. 15$ isn’t bad.. I wish there were a platinum trophy to go after… but either way, I’ve been wanting an actiony-RPG type game to the tune of DmC, GoW, and Kingdom hearts.. This has a hint of dynasty warriors, it seems.. but I’ll dive into it. :)

  • My guess is framerate will drop alot.

  • Go look up gameplay videos, Lloyd. –since it’s been out in Japan for months, there’s quite a few.
    It doesn’t seem to do any framerate drops whatsoever. I’m somewhat delightfully surprised.. Lots of ports end up being really crappy in the framerate department.

  • Wait, new levels AND dlc???

    Do you think you can add this all for people who own the original Malicious? If not, do you think you can bring this over to the PS3?

    I know this shows some great love for Vita users, the Vita does need more love But it feels as if the PS3 users are being left out from this game. On the PS3, people payed $10 – $15 for a 6 level game that can be done in a few hours. The Vita is getting more content for about the same price. But yes, it’s understandable as the Vita does need more love.

  • I’m almost certain we’ll get LBP Vita as IGC next month when the three AAA mainstays are cycled out.

    That being said, this is not the post to be discussing IGC or PS+.

    I never played Malicious, but for $15 I’m going to have to look into it – I thought it would be a AAA price.

  • @punkmusic2009,

    You’re talking about PS+ in a post that has nothing to do with that. You’re offtopic, and according to what you posted ” If you’d like to talk about something off topic, click here for our Forums”.

    I could read what you said, Mando was a bit rude, but at the same time so were you. There was a PS+ post yesterday, and the store post today when updated, that is the correct place to put your concern about PlayStation Plus content.

  • Gosh, the PS3 get’s tons of love. Heck, you should be pleased at this. We’ve been crying for more PS Vita love and now it’s finally happening. Let’s show some real appreciation! I know I use my PS Vita a lot more than the PS Vita and I’m really happy and excited about this. I’m going to go buy Melicious Rebirth ASAP on the Vita.

    I just hope that Ratchet and Clank Into The Nexus is released on the PS Vita without anymore framerate disappointments.

  • Ooooo I didn’t see this one coming…. I checked this out when it came to PS+ for ps3 some time back and enjoyed what I played, so I’ll definitely give this a go : )

  • So excited this is releasing today! I S-Ranked both the JP and English Version of this game on PSN, and have been super excited for this to hit Vita.

  • $14.99 has $9.23 left on card -__-

  • Will be picking this gem up as soon as it updates, as long as my wallet does not run away!

  • i think this game would be pefect on my vita. have it for ps33, but never got much into the game. $15 is an awesome, and cheap price, even for a game like with this.

    ps i dont hink mando was rude, punctuation is important, if you want to be coherent.. its rude to talk about PS+ instead this game.

  • AAAH! I’ve waited so long for this! \*0*/

  • ps vita ? so this will not be on ps3 ? wtf

  • Yes another game for the PS Vita, I have to play the 1st game on my PS3 too, but this is very interesting indeed. PS4 day 1 I’m out

  • @PainofSarrow this game is already available for ps3

  • IS there a Physical Copy of this game for the Vita, or is it just Digital Only?

    • Malicious Rebirth will only be available on the PS Store as a digital download.
      Please find the game under New Releases!

  • Finally. Not sure why both versions took so long to come out.

  • Still haven’t tried this game since I got it for free with Plus…but this is the 1st video I see from it and it looks very nice…I may get this on Vita as well.Thanks for bringing to it.

  • I purchased Malicious Rebirth and am loving it so far! Great, challenging game. Not sure if this is the right place, but I do have an issue when loading the game. I get a C2-13688-6 error and the EULA doesn’t come up for me so I am unable to access the online challenges.

  • Any news on if there will be a demo for this game?

  • Any chance for a God Of War on ps vita ?A devil may cry 3,or street fighter for the vita? :)

  • I’m looking forward to playing it ;)

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