Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness Out Today on PS3

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Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness Out Today on PS3

Dood. This is your friend David from NIS America, and let me tell you, as a friend, that you might need to sit down for this. Breathe deep. Focus. Process these words that are hitting your eyeballs and shooting through your synapses: the latest installment of the fan-favorite strategy RPG series, Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness, is out today. Only for PS3, both in stores and as a Day 1 Digital download on PSN! Still breathing? Okay, good. Let’s get into it, dood.

If you don’t already know, Disgaea D2 follows Laharl, Etna, and Flonne in a whole new adventure. And I’ll tell you what, they’re looking pretty good in their fancy new HD sprite duds! With the characters looking sleeker, the gameplay’s been updated to match as well.

Disgaea D2 A Brighter Darkness, 04Disgaea D2 A Brighter Darkness, 06

We’ve made tweaks to character customization and added a bunch of new systems so you can blast through battles and the Item World and show everyone who’s Overlord in your own customized style. Mount humanoids on monsters to perform massive attacks; engage the Master/Pupil system to get stat boosts, master weapons, and learn new skills; and tell the game what you really want out of battle with the new Cheat Shop.

On top of that, we have the free Legacy Pack costume DLC for Laharl, Etna, and Flonne available on PSN today for the first 30 days of the game’s launch, and Fuka and Desco characters for $2.99. You can also get free Raspberyl DLC if you get the official Prima strategy guide. Later on we’ll be rolling out some other series favorites, including Mao, Rozalin, and Adel — not to mention characters from other game titles like Marona (Phantom Brave), NISA (Hyperdimension Neptunia), and even Metallia from the upcoming The Witch and the Hundred Knight! Who knew everyone wanted to fight in the Netherworld?

Disgaea D2 A Brighter Darkness, 01

Disgaea D2 A Brighter Darkness, 02Disgaea D2 A Brighter Darkness, 05

Finally, let’s talk about the official Prima strategy guide for this game, because it’s a fine specimen of strategy guide — hardcover, 300-plus pages, and filled to the brim with all the info you need on the Netherworld. You’ll get beautiful artwork and insightful interviews with the people behind the game, in addition to the aforementioned free Raspberyl DLC. And each book will include one of three exclusive art lithographs for you to gaze upon.

I hope all this Disgaea D2 talk has got you riled up and itching to lay the million point beat-down on some baddies. And you can get a copy for $49.99. But wait! You won’t just get a game for that price, because that’s not how we do it at NIS America. No sir, you’ll be getting a 2-disc OST and awesome art print included with the game, because Prinny loves you, dood!

Thanks as always for your time and support. David out!

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  • Never liked these games 1st

  • AWESOME NISA! Do i need to play the first D2 to enjoy this?

    Also, can you share any info on Disgaea 4 Return and Neptunia Rebirth 1 for Vita? :D

  • Might get this on Vita, but not likely on PS3/4

  • Day 1

    WTF @ 1st post

  • i love disgaea so much. probably one of my favorite series. sadly ill have to wait till around christmas to pick this up (don’t have the money at the moment). usually buy them all on day one though! really hoping disgaea 4 for vita comes to the west, would buy that in a heartbeat!! thanks!

  • I first get mine earliest next week, since the guides got delayed and I don’t feel like paying double import fee

  • My LE arrived yesterday. The game is pretty good so far.

  • All new adventure? For some reason I thought this was a remake of the first one. I’m sure I’ve read it a couple of places.

    Oh well. That’s very good to know, then. I’ve only played 1 and 4, and I much prefer the characters from 1.

  • ps vita version plsss

  • Heck yeah I can’t wait for my LE box set to get here so I can play this!!! Thank you so much NISA!!! :)

  • I don’t know how feasible PSN makes it, but you guys should definitely look into adding digital versions of preorder bonuses to digital releases. I’ve been trending towards digital releases for most systems lately, but I ended up keeping my preorder of D2 through Amazon even after it was announced as a Day 1 Digital title because I couldn’t get the soundtrack (and to a lesser extent, the art print) otherwise.

  • I have never played a Disgaea game before and I want to start playing them, is this a good game for starters in the saga?

  • Just started digging into Disgaea 3 on the Vita. Really love the game but I got bogged down when I died in the second chapter and had to start over from the very beginning including tutorials because I started a “cycle” over and only had the 1 save file. The cycle concept is interesting and I’m sure it leads to some replayability later, but I would have left out having to redo tutorials.

    But I’m back on track now and I’ll keep a couple save files at once. Really addicting kind of game here. I’ll have to look into getting this one too.

  • Just got home with my copy.

    Thanks for all the game you bring us.

  • games* lol

  • Got my LE copy yesterday. Only had time to play through part of the first chapter. Unlocked the Demon Dojo which seems like a pretty cool addition. Seems like it’ll help round out my party’s stats quite a bit.

    I do like that there’s a lot of in-game tutorials for this one to help explain new systems to people new to the series as they unlock, which seems to make it more accessible than previous entries. However, the tutorial for the Apprentice system seems a bit rushed in comparison to the others. I know the system has been around since the first game, but I can’t help but think you didn’t give enough info for people new to the series. Just an observation, not a complaint really.

    re: the Prima Strategy Guide – does it have lots and lots of charts full of numbers like the Doublejump guides used to have? Those were the best guides IMO. Those guys knew Disgaea in and out and really dug into the minutiae of the game systems. Those are the kinds of things I want in a strategy guide for Disgaea. Keep this in mind for future games in the series. Thanks.

  • And one more thing, I spent about an hour staring at the Geo Panel tutorial map before I gave up trying to clear the whole map of geo panels in one attack. I was very disappointed at either me being out of practice or the map design simply not allowing that to happen. Thanks for making my brain hurt. That is what I enjoy most about Disgaea. Completely not sarcasm at all. :p

  • I’ve been waiting to play this game for months, I’m glad it’s finally here. As soon as the PS store gets updated I’m downloading it for sure :)

  • Another Disgaea game I’m looking forward to but would prefer and love for it to be on my portable than on the PS3.
    I will pick it up eventually but a release on the PS4 (for Remote Play) or the PSVita is an instant buy from me.

  • Sheesh these games are very popular aye, I haven’t even finished the 1 on my PS Vita. PS4 day 1 I’m out

  • Dear NIS America:

    Thank you for the proper game manual with the case and disc.

    ~Signed: Everyone but the trees.

  • Waiting for my Limited Edition to come.

    Hope we hear about Disgaea 4 localization on PS Vita soon. Its always nice to know early, lets us be at ease.

  • Picked up my copy that I preordered months ago. Time to say goodbye to all my free time. Thanks NISA.

  • Yeah, aside from the game breaking crashes that a large percentage of players are experiencing, great game.

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