Theatrical Throwdown: Rent Winning Movies for 99¢

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Theatrical Throwdown: Rent Winning Movies for 99¢

We’re excited to announce the return of our popular series, Theatrical Throwdown. If you don’t remember this program from before, here’s how it works.

For the next six weeks, starting today through November 17th, you’ll have the opportunity to vote for two competing new release movies in weekly match ups. Whichever movie receives the most votes will be on sale the following weekend to rent for only 99¢ in SD and $1.99 in HD from PlayStation Store.

Theatrical Throwdown

Here’s the schedule for each week’s Throwdown:

Monday (9:00am Pacific Time) until Wednesday (2:00pm Pacific Time) you can cast your vote here.

Wednesday (2:00pm Pacific Time) voting will close and the winning movie will be announced. Friday (2:00pm PT) until Sunday (11:00pm PT) the winning title will be on sale for 99¢ SD and $1.99 HD from PlayStation Store. You can find the winning title in our web store here, or if you’re navigating on your PS3 you can locate in the video section of PS Store.

Here are the weekly matchups* we have in store for you:

10/7 – Week 1 – Horror – The Last Exorcism Part II vs. Evil Dead
10/14 – Week 2 – Adventure – Oblivion vs. Django Unchained
10/21 – Week 3 – Comedy – Identity Thief vs. The Incredible Burt Wonderstone
10/28 – Week 4 – Thriller – Olympus Has Fallen vs. Dead Man Down
11/4 – Week 5 – Fantasy – Jack the Giant Slayer vs. G.I. Joe: Retaliation
11/11 – Week 6 – Action – Pain & Gain vs. Snitch

Theatrical Throwdown program will be available for US and CA (English only) consumers. Voting takes place through the Theatrical Throwdown application on the PlayStation FB Page.
*Weekly match ups subject to change

Movie Marathon Challenge

In addition to Theatrical Throwdown, we’re offering you another collection of 99¢ rentals as part of our Movie Marathon Challenge.

For the next six weeks, we will have a collection of weekly 99¢ rentals (available all week long), for you to rent from PlayStation Store. Each week will have a theme/genre that corresponds with the list above. For example, week one is Horror movies, week 2 is Adventure movies etc.

Take the challenge now and get watching as many movies as you can for only 99¢. Get started here, or navigate on your PS3 console to the video section of PS Store.

Improved Streaming Now

These promotions are just in time to help launch our new HLS adaptive bitrate streaming technology that improves the viewing experience on PlayStation 3. The technology offers better streaming video quality by measuring your internet connection speed and serving up the best possible picture quickly, without unwanted skips or pauses during playback.

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  • Will I be able to rent and watch these on the PS Vita too? If so I will be very excited for this!

  • How about adding movies to playstation plus?

  • I’ll be all over this next week. I’m not mush of a horror fan, and I really really need to see Django. And I look forward to seeing what else is offered in the sales!

  • That image makes me unhappy. It’s so bad and I feel bad for that guy for being in it.

    Anyhoo, would be nice if this also discounted the movies for purchase. With the movies now being in our download list, I feel more open to buying movies on PSN. Then again, I don’t want any of these movies. Well, just one but I already own it and a digital copy of it.

  • This is a great deal I must say so myself. PS4 day 1 shipping I’m out!!!!!!!!!!

  • I agrre with @2. Add movies to PS+. Also bundle 3D movies with SD format. I can a number of different formats when I buy a blu ray for the same price.

  • I agree with some of the other comments–I think it’d be a great business model for you guys to add a couple movies to PS Plus every other weekend or so to get people in the habit of actually getting movies from the PS Store. It’d also be cool to have occasional periods where you open up Music Unlimited to PS Plus users for maybe a week or two at a time.

    Just interesting ways to experiment through the lens of PS Plus with all the services you guys offer.

  • Yessss, this promo should happen way more often. I never buy videos on Ps Store because prices are ridiculous, but I will buy Oblivion and Pain abd Gain if they win (please win)

    Please do this promo more often

  • Ouch, I was hoping your horror movies would be a little more robust. Not much of a choice between the two movies. Even if you are not making a profit would love to the original Evil Dead up there as a choice or even a massive sale of the top 100 horror cult films. It takes a long time to cultivate a decent horror fan, you have to feed them food that they want to eat.

    I’m starting to compile my 100 films now, here is the first five:

  • I couldn’t agree more that putting an occasional movie rental into PS+ would be a good business plan. Getting people used to renting movies on the service in that way should be a no-brainer. I also applaud the idea of this promotion. I would love to see more like it. I will probably rent Evil Dead if it wins, and I never rent movies from PS, because the prices are of course ridiculous.

  • Really like what I’m hearing on the streaming tech update. I always like when the quality goes up :)

    Also, any chance we can start seeing PS+ include movies or tv shows? There was a sweet discount on Music Unlimited for Plus members, so it’d be neat to see it expand into video as well.

  • This shouldn’t have to be a contest. $0.99 should be the rental price for all standard defintion movie rentals period. Especially considering i can rent a new release blu ray from redbox for $1.50.

  • @ 12 – You can’t compare Redbox to renting from PSN. Redbox = gas, lines and if you forget to take it back next day, late fees. Though I do agree the pricing could be a little friendlier, or that the service could use a sale here and there. Maybe toss a bone or two out via PS+ program.

  • rent today, watch later (what, I think rentals are good for 30 days, until you first play it of course)? I think I will, thanks!

  • I can’t find it on the store !

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