New in LittleBigPlanet This Week

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New in LittleBigPlanet This Week

LittleBigPlanet Update

Community Highlight

Chimpanzee and Rocket Cheetah

For this week’s Community Highlight we’re taking a look at the work of one of our most regular contributors to the LittleBigPlanet Update that is constantly producing a stream of great video content and hosting the ever-popular Contraption Challenges.

I’m talking of course about Chimpanzee and his Rocket Cheetah blog!

If you’re a regular reader of the LittleBigPlanet Update, then you will have probably seen some of his great LBP activities and we thought it was about time that we took a moment to thank Chimpanzee for all of his amazing contributions to the LittleBigPlanet community!

Chimpanzee is just one of the many video creators within the LittleBigPlanet community though and we want to hear from the rest of you!

So if you run your own LittleBigPlanet YouTube Channel or have a favorite video channel that you’re constantly visiting, be sure to get in touch in the comments below or tweet us at @LittleBigPlanet to tell us all about the great LittleBigPlanet videos that you want us to see and share with the community!

Speaking of videos! It’s time to take a look at the new LittleBigPlanet 2: Team Picks! This week you will have a blast with the appropriately named Blastworks that will see your Sackboy or Sackgirl guiding missiles throughout a factory with their trusty Grappling Hook. Only brave Sackfolk need apply!


by Holguin86

FreeStyle Snowboarding

by Smokey-_-Jones

You can find these levels and oh so much more in the latest LittleBigPlanet 2: Team Picks!

Vita Picks

We have a fantastic new adventure for you in the LittleBigPlanet PS Vita: Team Picks with Indigo, a simply breath-taking adventure that sees you travelling across this titular planet and discovering all of the amazing life and wonders that it beholds!


by ZedCOcoZza

LittleBigPlanet Update 10-7-2013LittleBigPlanet Update 10-7-2013

You can have this level ready to play by heading over to Vita and queuing up the new LittleBigPlanet PS Vita: Team Picks!

We always love to see exciting new LittleBigPlanet levels, so if you have any great levels to share with the community or some stunning videos that show off your favorite levels and creations, then be sure to tweet them to us @LittleBigPlanet.

Come And Visit Us

LittleBigPlanet Update 10-7-2013

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4 Author Replies

  • Any chance we could get an update that allows us to turn off gyroscope controls for Sackboy’s head in LBP Vita?

  • Not complaining, but I noticed A LOT of the Vita picks have that everything-except-the-background-is-black thing. Just something I noticed.

  • @2: goodSuM — I personally agree with their picks! They look so awesome on the Vita!! Haha. The colors pop out ridiculously well..

    • Oh yes, the screenshots for Indigo truly do not do the level any justice!

      It’s one of those levels that you simply have to experience for yourself to see just how awe-inspiring the visuals are! :)

  • The continued support for LBP2 is superb, I gotta get back into this game hopefully at some point. PS4 day 1 I’m out!!!!!!!!!!

  • A lot of great lvls this week…..that particular one on Vita looks really good…Indigo…will definitely be trying that one later tonight.Too much lvls to play….and just a lil time to do so.What a punishment.

    • Tell me about it!
      Over 8.3 million levels and continually growing… And we have barely scratched the surface of awesome content being published by the community! :)

  • It’s been a while since any LBP posts here have had anything of substance.

    Have you stopped announcing/making levels and good costumes/dlc?

    Is there somewhere else I should be going to get LBP news?

    This post has been getting very very small some weeks and rarely ever gives real info, just the usual “stuff is coming” PR response.

    • That’s just it though! Stuff *is* coming! :)

      We’re not ready to announce it just yet but I can tell you that we do have an exciting content line-up for Halloween!

      So get ready to hold on to your hat because you will just love what we have coming then!

      And if you don’t own a hat… Buy a hat… You’re going to need it… ;)

  • OMG is there any way I can get the Toy Story level pack? It says it’s no longer available and my daughter desperately wants it.

    I really hate it when they remove these things. This is the 2nd time. It’s not as if we’re all watching the releases with baited breath every day, week, month or whatever. And unless you come to the blog you don’t even see when they come out.


    Any help is appreciated.

  • @7
    Unfortunately I think it was permanently removed.

  • @7.

    The toy story level pack may no longer avilable, but there is one way to get it. That level pack is included in LBP2 special edition, so… if your daughter really wants it, you will have to expend 20.

    That edition includes a lot of goodies:

    -LittleBigPlanet 2 Move Pack (The best dlc i have played on lbp. It have many levels, move creation tools, very good music tracks, six costumes and sticker panels and more. Unfortunately, if you dont have a move, you wont be able to play this levels)

    -Disney/Pixar’s Toy Story Level Pack (well… this is the one you are lokking for)ç

    -Disney/Pixar’s Toy Story Costume Pack – Buzz Lightyear, Slinky Dog, Hamm, and Rex costumes.

    -Pets Costumes – The full line of costumes (12) from the Cats Costume Pack, Dogs Costume Pack, and Even More Animals Costume Pack.

    My opinion:
    Go for it if:
    -You already have a move and dont have the move pack, or
    -You dont have any of these DLC.

    Dont go for it if:
    -you already have one or all the dlc packs in this edition. The toy story pack levels arent great, they are ok only.

  • @ElionDeluxan Yeah, sorry. Darth’s right. There’s nothing you can do about that, but there is a way to get it without having to buy it on PSN. Assuming you have the standard version and in North America, why don’t you buy the “Special Edition” instead? The Toy Story level pack is on the disc so won’t have to worry about not being able to get it though PSN. Of course, you’ll have to get rid of the old copy as you won’t need it anymore. Hope that helps.

  • @ Steven Isbell

    I have been wating for at least one lbp vita level pack and i have seen nothing. I visit this blog every week , hoping for a new level pack.

    This game came out A YEAR AGO and this isnt the first time im writting to you.

    Please ,i’m begging you, answer me with the truth this time:
    -are you working in new conent for lbp vita? (no costumes)
    -are you planing to port all or some LBP and LBP2 content to LBP vita?
    -(if the answer is positive) when? (you have used “coming this year” answer since may, i wont accept that answer anymore)

    P.D.: The cross controller pack already have some good stuff in LBP vita engine (materials, music, etc). Unfortunately, is only available in the cross controller creation mode in vita.

    Can you bring these content to LBP vita for the owners of this DLC?

    • -are you working in new conent for lbp vita? (no costumes)
      Yes. :)

      -are you planing to port all or some LBP and LBP2 content to LBP vita?
      We’re already doing that with the Seasonal Creator Kits. :)
      Unlikely to be any of the old LBP2 Premium Level Kits because we’re focusing on developing brand new content, rather than re-developing existing content.

      -(if the answer is positive) when? (you have used “coming this year” answer since may, i wont accept that answer anymore)
      Stay tuned. It won’t be long now. :)
      I promise that isn’t just some way of saying it’s right at the end of the year, once we have the release dates locked down, you can be sure that I’ll announce them to everyone. ;)

  • Ok cool, so I won’t miss any news by checking here, there’s just not been anything ‘solid’ regarding new stuff to post.

    I’ll keep checking back then.

  • Wow! I’m extremely flattered. Thanks so much Steven :)

  • @ Steven

    Yes there are too much great lvls out there….I can’t even finish my backlog of Mm picks….so I can barely play another lvls other than Mm picks.LBP has the best community ever.

  • Puppeteer costumes please.

  • Thanks so much @Gamer_soldier & @Gamerzlimited! You guys are awesome & really helped me out. I will definitely get the special edition. My only question is will it change the status of her account? Like stuff she’s collected, levels completed, etc.?

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