PlayStation Blogcast 092: Happily Ever After

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PlayStation Blogcast 092: Happily Ever After
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We’re back! The Wolf Among Us, the next serial adventure from Telltale Games, stars on this week’s show. Co-director Nick Herman details this prequel series based on the hit graphic novel series Fables, Bungie environmental artist Coolie Callahan shares his inspirations for Destiny, next week’s PSN and retail lineup and more!

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    • Man, episode 100 is fast approaching!

      Can’t wait to give this a listen tonight. Wolf Among Us sounds interesting so I’m excited to hear what you guys have to say about it.

      And great to see the full cast in this week’s blogcast. I do miss Aram, though.

      Hope you guys are enjoying GTA V!!

    • mmmhhh miss it by a login lol 92 down, 8 more, and you guy should bring on Greg Miller and Kaz too on 100,

    • ^ I endorse the request for Greg and Kaz. That would be great for Ryan and Greg to reunite for the special blogcast, and Kaz is ideal to have as well.

    • DEAR Playstation,

      PLEASE fix Killzone Mercenaries Multiplayer… There are multiple threads with concerned vita owner for when they’ll be able to receive a patch to FIX the game… Constantly kicked 50% of the time!!!

      By the Way love the the Blogcast!!! 100 is almost here!!!

    • When are you guys going to start talking more about the PS4
      PSN or UI features etc. etc.

    • #4 is right! I have almost given up on that game. I have never had a problem playing my Vita online but Killzone Mercenary kicks me every time. I am beyond frustrated!!!

    • Hey PlayStation Blogcast can you confirm whether or not sony will be at NYC Comic Con? I would really like to see the Ps4 in action. Thanks and keep up the podcast.

    • I haven’t had 1 issue with the KZ Mercenary online… So everyone needs to get better wi-fi. xD
      :) Mine’s crappy low-cost wifi too.. so I don’t know man. Check your routers.

    • I’m glad you guys don’t curse too much, it’s one of the few podcasts my wife doesn’t yell at me about listening to.

      Sometimes that stuff just seems entirely unnecessary, and I’ve been tempted to drop podcasts that overuse swearing.

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