Gran Turismo 6 Adds Legendary Bathurst Circuit

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Gran Turismo 6 Adds Legendary Bathurst Circuit

Earlier this year, we officially announced the infamous training ground of GT Academy, Silverstone Circuit, will be available in GT6. Staying true to the global driving experience of GT, we are proud to announce the addition of the Bathurst Circuit (Australia).

Mount Panorama Motor Racing Circuit, Bathurst, to give it its full name, is the home of motorsport in Australia. Located in New South Wales, it has a rich motorsport history – the first race held there was the 1938 Australian Grand Prix and it now hosts the Bathurst 12 Hour and the Bathurst 1000 races amongst others. The challenging circuit is 6.213km (4 miles) long with surprisingly steep inclines, a twisty, narrow section across the top of the mountain which proves difficult to master even for the very best racing drivers, and very little run off area to allow for mistakes.

Gran Turismo 6 on PS3

For those unaware, anyone who pre-orders through GameStop gets automatically upgraded to the 15th Anniversary Edition of GT6. In addition to the exclusive cover art, the special treatment continues within the game itself, with a number of in-game bonuses including 25 unique cars, custom paint chips, avatars, race suit and helmet featuring the unique 15th Anniversary design. Remember, this won’t be available after December 6th.

For those looking to build and customize their own Garage, check out Amazon and the $1 Million in-game credit with the 5-Car Pack (Tesla S, SRT Viper, Corvette Stingray, NISMO GT-R).

Be sure to pre-order now — December 6th is right around the corner. For more info, head to and

Gran Turismo 6: Bathurst Circuit

Gran Turismo 6: Bathurst CircuitGran Turismo 6: Bathurst Circuit

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  • There will be digital release?

  • BATHURST! So pumped to have this circuit in the GT universe.

  • What I hated about GT5 was that the cost of good cars was astronomical vs. the rewards for winning races and challenges. It made the game a joyless grind of repeating races over and over just to generate credits. In addition, the inability to win prize cars more than once made it hard to generate funds.
    In GT4 it was much better, where you had that one hidden gem of a race where you’d win an expensive car pretty quickly, and be able to do some money farming.
    And the penalty system sucks.
    I don’t think I’ll be buying GT6, and that makes me sad. The game looks great, but you sucked the fun out of GT5, and I fear that 6 will be more of the same.

  • You know what? I’m excited for this game, but I can’t justify buying it till Gaikai offers it. I’ll have the PS4 at launch and DriveClub to suffice, but there’s no reason to buy this game until I can just stream it. My system will always be online, and I can benefit from playing it on my Vita, VTV if it comes to America, and PS4. So why limit myself to just the PS3? One of the best series on Playstation, but this is one of the worst times to release it, as it will be a last-gen title.

    That said, I’m most excited about the physics. They are SO MUCH BETTER than GT5. Seriously, groundbreaking in every way. Too bad the graphics engine won’t be able to use the power of the PS4 natively.

    $0.02 :/

  • I’ve been a Gran Turismo fan ever since the first one came out for the original PlayStation. However, GT5 have been disappointing mainly due to the fact that 2/3 of the cars were standard and they look very ugly. I’ve heard the standard cars will be prettied up a bit, but I rather have 500 premiums than 250 premiums and 650 standard cars. It’s all about the quantity and not the quality, I’m afraid this is were it’s going in GT6.

  • Will GT6 have a digital Day 1 release? I need to know this ASAP so that I can plan accordingly. Thanks.

  • I hated this circuit in Real Racing 3.

    Until I got it figured out.

    Now it’s my favorite.

    And yes, digital day one, please.

  • @NTufnel I agree, but OTOH, I got every car except for one prize car and some preorder bonuses. I exploited the gifting of expensive cars, saving my game on the another account, restoring it after the gift, etc. to gain funds. I only traded for the last few hard-to-find cars (maybe a dozen or so).

    It was a grind, but it would’ve been far worse if I couldn’t have exploited that “feature.” Which they then blocked by disallowing gifting of expensive cars. If it is just as hard in GT6 as it is now in GT5 … that will royally suck.

  • I’m glad that Bathurst is coming to GT6.

    Excellent news, indeed. :)

  • I will have to pre-order this for sure, GT6 looks amazing but i still have to finish the other 1 too. PS4 day 1 shipping i’m out.

  • The faults of GT5 are not enough to not make me buy GT6. I’ll tend to the Amazon preorder sometime tomorrow.

    Personally I’d never buy a large game like this digitally, but that’s me.

  • I hope Gran Turismo 6 doesn’t get bad sales because of the day one patch, not being on PS4, or some other lame excuse. I’ve been a fan of GT since the very beginning and I was never once disappointed in the series. Well, except maybe GT3 and GT on PSP due to that you can’t buy used cars on GT3 and there was no career mode on PSP GT. I already pre-ordered GT6 at Gamestop because I don’t want to miss out on those anniversary edition cars (Which is way better than Amazon’s pre-order bonus). Getting it there shows how much of a true GT fan you are.

  • Hey I dont see how anyone can complain about GT5 being too realistic. Its called a simulator for a reason so if you are having troubles check out something less like Burnout or Need for Speed. Or save your money and refrain from upgrades until you can get what you want in game. As you can imagine, there are many racing games although not as epansive as the GT series. Perhaps you should check out the others to see which is for you. Personally I have always been a fan of GT because of the simulation factor. Not many developers put the time and effort into detail like this due to cost and time constraint it seems.

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