Destiny: Your Questions Answered

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Destiny: Your Questions Answered
Destiny: Your Questions Answered

The team at Bungie is hard at work on Destiny, a vast and dangerous adventure that pierces the depths of the galaxy, tasking players with the defense of humanity. Bungie just recently revealed the cover art for Destiny, showcasing the awe-inspiring Guardians in all their cloaked glory. And yesterday, the beta was formally announced. It’s been a busy week.

With so much talk of Destiny in the air, you might have a few questions about this sci-fi, multiplayer shooter. That’s why we submitted your inquiries to Bungie’s Community Manager DeeJ, so he could shine a light in the black of space.

Read on for tons of details from DeeJ himself, including how easy you can drop into public events with other players, and what sorts of ways you can customize your Guardian.


@Zarshark: What does Destiny do that’s unique? What’s revolutionary that sets it apart? (Source)

DeeJ: Destiny casts you in the role of the iconic hero, and sets you on an epic journey brimming with heart-pounding action within a living world filled with adventure. You’ll cross paths with other brave heroes on their own quests — story, cooperate, and competitive — and they’ll know exactly how powerful and awesome you are just by looking at the gear you’ve earned.

@Tra_Royal: How many players can team up in Destiny? (Source)

DeeJ: Our core cooperative nucleus is the Fireteam — a group of three Guardians bound together by blood (and netcode). But whether you’re going it alone, of linked up with a Fireteam, you can still encounter other Guardians as you tackle the larger challenges that you’ll find in public events.

There’s no telling how many people you might have to work with to defeat the most dangerous enemies. Of course, other modes like competitive multiplayer, or Raids, will feature player counts well above three — but we’re not talking about those quite yet. Stay tuned!

@bo_srwa_w_fnila: How does joining a public event work? (Source)

DeeJ: To join a public event, all you have to do is get within range, and open fire. No lobbies. No loading screens. The frontier is open, and filled with encounters you can join, or skip right past, on your way to something you’ve deemed momentarily more important.

Destiny, 05Destiny, 03

@LazySigh: Will there be PvP? (Source)

DeeJ: Yup! We’re already thumping each other’s skulls in studio-wide playtests, battling other Guardians for glory, bragging rights, and rewards. All the gear you earn in competitive multiplayer can be taken into other modes, too (and vice versa)!

@jaydawg6958: I like to play games solo often. How much can I do alone? (Source)

DeeJ: Ah, the proverbial Lone Wolf. You can experience Destiny’s story as a party of one, assuming you’re that much of a badass. Destiny will never require you to team up with other people in campaign missions. You’ll see other players along the way, but you can choose to ignore them. That said, we think you’ll find that playing with other Guardians is quick, painless, and a ton of fun. It’s always your choice, though.

‏@jaydawg6958: How deep does the customization go? (Source)

DeeJ: All the way down to your bones! Well, maybe not that far, but Destiny will be what you make of it.

All of the weapons and gear you can earn in Destiny can be customized — some more than others, but the goal is to let every player tell a story through the gear and abilities they’ve earned and wear. You create a character, pick a class, gender, and race, and then you customize the way you look and fight by completing missions, defeating enemies, or maybe just by exploring the world.

Destiny, 08

Destiny, 01Destiny, 02

@knox140: How big is the world map? I’m really excited! (Source)

DeeJ: Bigger than anything Bungie has ever built. We no longer have mission designers, but world designers, instead. They’re building places worth visiting, exploring, and reclaiming from your enemies.

We’re excited, too! We can’t wait to see what you’ll do when you get in there. We’ll be watching!

‏@hell_razorX: What kind of endgame things are you planning on implementing to keep this world alive after players have finished? (Source)

DeeJ: We’re creating a world you’ll want to visit again and again, and it will evolve and change right alongside you. We’re going to fill it up with activities that we think will satisfy a lot of different types of players, or even the different moods you have.

That might mean something really challenging on the cooperative front, like a Raid. It might mean that amazing, exotic Sniper Rifle that you’ve been drooling over for the last few months. It might even mean the new twist we’ve put on the as-of-yet-unrevealed game type that makes it feel new and different.


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3 Author Replies


  • is there an PS3 to PS4 Upgrade ? same as Other Games ?

  • and PS3 will be able to Play with PS4 Online ?

  • Excellent info!

    How about this one question: How will people wanting the Digital Version for their PS4 get in on the beta?

  • Will Destiny feature split co-op? And if so, will we be able to play online with our split screen partners?

  • Please tell me there’s mouse and keyboard support. It’s the one thing holding me back from getting this game. I’ve been a PC FPS player WAY too long to have any sort of accuracy with a controller.

  • This is the game that i am most excited about for my PS4.

  • <3 Destiny!! <3

    That's all I have for ya. Words just cant explain how excited I am for this game as there are no words. Any questions that I have has gone out the window because I'm thinking about the game in my head

  • Is there a super major difference between the ps3 and ps4 version? I’m not planing on buying a ps4 anytime soon so I’m wondering is there a major downgrade from ps4 to ps3…

  • Ya know I’m actually glad the game isn’t out until next year but at the same time I’m sad about it. I’m sad because I want it so much. More than anything actually! I would cancel every single pre-order I have (and it is a lot) just for this one game cos it’s all I want to play right now. The glad part is because it will give me time to get all them pre-ordered games out of the way as-well as have this as a nicely finished game. Good things are worth waiting for and this is certainly one of them!

  • the usa government is shut down half the usa solders diead

  • This is THE game my friends and I are waiting for the most. We can’t wait to tackle the huge world of Destiny.

  • how do we get on the beta if we want to buy the digital ver of the game?

  • One of the first PS4 games I pre-ordered. So excited.

  • I really can’t wait to hear what you guys are going to offer for multiplayer. Seeing how fireteams can only hold three members, my group ( will probably have at least TEN fireteams and counting! (Of course, anyone is welcome to visit our site, why not fill out the recruitment form while you’re at it?) ;)

  • The solo question….was waiting for that…thanks.Now I must know if the campaign will be long and well made or just treated like an extra since they’re focusing so much with online stuff.

    • It will be a larger, longer, deeper, more explosive campaign than anything we’ve ever delivered. And, you’ll be able to experience it with your friends if you want.

  • Excited for this! I can’t wait, the game looks awesome.

  • The question that truly matters: how does the PS3 version fare, and is it developed by Bungie or an external studio?

    • All us. We’re fully in control of your destiny, and we’re using new tools that were built from the ground up with Sony platforms in mind.

  • Looks fantastic and I’m so glad to see Bungie expand with a new world and on a new platform too. This is going to make year one of the PS4 fantastic.

  • This is my number 1 game that I’m waiting for in 2014. I’m kinda curious just how many weapons are there in this game? It seems like there could be many.

  • How many players can be in the same game world at once?

  • 1 question. Split Screen?


  • I going to lose a year of my life playing this game on PS4!.

  • I’m sure hoping for a digial pre-order with the beta access! :)

  • i’ll try it if theres a demo. Wasn’t a big enough halo fan to just blindly buy this new game from bungie without trying it first.

  • is gear class specific?

  • Will the digital pre-order come with Beta acess?

  • The following questions still remain unanswered:

    1) Will one of the places that we’ll visit in Destiny have underwater or naval combat with vehicles?

    2) Will people who pre-order the digital downloadable version still be able to gain access into the beta?

    3) Will Destiny have dedicated servers or peer-to-peer network infrastructure?

    4) Will Destiny support remote play on the PS Vita?

    5) How large is the file size for the digital downloadable version of Destiny?

  • I’m pretty excited about this game. However, the fact that a PS3 version is going to exist makes me less excited for some reason. I’d like to imagine it would be impossible for it to work on PS3.

  • Will the audio assets on PS4 be 24-bit lossless (aka bluray-quality)?

    Will there be cross-play between PC and PS4? (Or Vita and PS4?)

    My husband and I loved playing Portal 2 co-op between PC and PS3, and dislike permanent split screen co-op. Will co-op in Destiny be same-screen, or merging (like The Warriors)?

  • Anyone else find it odd/funny that the answer to what makes Destiny unique, is a description that would apply to most MMO type games?

    Especially the gear part, that’s how people have been (wrong or right) judging others in MMOs/online games for at least a decade.

  • way to dodge the first two questions…

  • Thanks for all the answered questions! Thanks Ryan and DeeJ for the read. I can’t wait to sink my teeth in this game. Is there an ETA on when you have the game rating out? I would like the rating because of kids in the house and all that. Thanks Guys, keep up the great work!

  • My biggest question is how does the game handle when my friends and I play different amounts at different times and are wildly different levels?

    I never got that far in Borderlands because it wasn’t fun alone and it wasn’t fun with friends because they played a lot more than me, so either they came into my game and nothing was a challenge, or I came into their game and the enemies were impossible to kill.

  • I would like to play this, but first person view gives me motion sickness.

  • @Aries Me too! it is a vertigo problem. this may sound ridiculous but try a pair of blue lensed sun glasses (they have to look blue when you look through it” I have pair I got from a dollar store and instead of 5 minutes of play I can play for almost 2 hours!). really you gotta try it out….what’s the worst that could happen if you find a dollar store pair of sunglasses…you are out $1.00

    as for Destiny OMG I cannot wait for this either!

  • there are still no games yet that give me a reason to buy a ps4 all the good hyped games are for both

    I have not played any fps since Resistance 3 not a fan of generic cod or battlefield games i hope the developers make it more than a game of killing the ones that are killing you and have great scifi story like mass effect or Resistance or halo have had in the past.

    otherwise its just a scifi cod which does not interest me.

  • I know that last generation(yeah I’m counting the current one as last gen now) features like remote play and cross-controller were barely implemented if at all. Will there be any form of remote access(things like inventory management, off-screen map, auction house, and quite literally the full game available through streaming either local or internet) available for the PSVITA? Another slightly awkward question , will there be multiple servers or just one streamlined server per region?

  • is this a 1st person shooter or 3rd person shooter ?

  • oh its a 1st person shooter lol my bad but count me in

  • This is one of many games for the PS4 that i can’t wait to get my hands one. Add one additional Guardian count to the overall number of players!!!
    Bungie, very happy to see you making games for the Playstation family of systems. I love playstation products, there is so much variety and fun to be had here, and am thankful that another talented developer will be making games for my console(s) of choice. Thanks!!!

  • I think one or two other people sort of asked this question here, but I think one of them got one of their labels wrong, so let me ask it straight up.

    Will the PS3 and PS4 versions of the game be able to play together? I have several friends on PSN who are looking forward to this game, but aren’t planning to get a PS4 for a while, so it’d be nice to know whether we’ll still be able to play together or not, as I’ve already got the PS4 version paid off.

  • Can’t wait to play, got my beta ticket ready for

  • Can’t wait to play, got my beta ticket ready for

  • “All the gear you earn in competitive multiplayer can be taken into other modes, too (and vice versa)!”

    Have to say, I’m very concerned about this. How will there be balance if all the stuff you got away from competitive is with you while you’re in competitive? It seems there will be some major balancing issues.

    Help alleviate my concerns.

  • When will we see current gen gameplay? I have this pre-ordered for PS3 and would really like to know what it’s going to look like.

  • @ DeeJ

    Thanks for the response….nice looks really good…I love big campaigns….cool if this support split-screen….shall be great to play with my brother.

  • Ps 3 and PS4 games collide?

  • This game will possibly be my favorite game ever!!!!!!! (Seven !’s lol) Halo was my favorite game ever, and I can’t wait to see how great this will be!

  • You know what would make this really unique? If they bucked the trend and allowed you to play in EITHER first or third person.

    Ridiculous… offering you tons of character customization and never letting you see any of it.

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