Rocksmith 2014 Edition: The Fastest Way to Learn Guitar

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Rocksmith 2014 Edition: The Fastest Way to Learn Guitar

Let’s face it; it’s hard to make something that is truly the best in its respective field – especially so in a world as populated as guitar.

When the Ubisoft team at Studio San Francisco set out to completely revamp Rocksmith, that was our goal – to make Rocksmith the unquestionable fastest and best way to learn to play guitar or bass. It was, with no exaggeration, a massive undertaking that took years to complete despite the product’s core engine already existing from the original iteration.

Now, only a month out from the release of the all-new Rocksmith 2014 Edition, we confidently feel that goal was achieved. It would be easy for us to proudly boast about all the improvements, changes, and innovations that make Rocksmith truly remarkable, but we’d rather let some familiar faces do that for us. We let credible, established guitar players, teachers, and researchers try out Rocksmith 2014 Edition and give us their feedback.

Check out what Jerry Cantrell – Alice in Chains’ lead guitarist/vocalist, Marty Schwartz – the #1 Online Guitar Teacher, Brendon Small – creator of Metalocalypse and Dethklok, Jim Rosenberg – President of Epiphone Guitars, and more think of the all-new Rocksmith 2014 Edition:

The experts have weighed in and their reviews are unanimous – Rocksmith flat-out works. Whether your fingers have never touched strings, you’re an on-again-off-again journeyman, or a seasoned player, Rocksmith will help you quickly learn or hone your skills on both guitar and bass. We’re not bashful to say it, in fact we’re damn proud – Rocksmith 2014 Edition is THE fastest way to learn guitar.

Rocksmith 2014 Edition will be available for Playstation 3 on October 22nd.

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  • Can expected users see Rocksmith 2014 on the PS4 later on?

  • I bought the first Rocksmith, and was disappointed by the audio delay. Did this ever get fixed? I mean, the first edition tried to tell me that I should use analog audio connected directly to my TV: As if a real solution is to change up my connections for ONE GAME. No, I boxed it back up, and sold it off to someone else.

    Please tell me this game now supports HDMI through an AV Receiver, and supports it WELL. I will so be on it if this game works with AV Receivers now.

  • I have the original. It did teach me a lot but then at one point it advanced quicker than I could play comfortably. I got more frustrated than anything. I understood that it lowered eventually when you didnt go it correctly but it was a downer to see I failed or did worse when I was trying to perfect what I already had going.

  • PS4 version please!

  • You know what would be great? A piano version of Rocksmith. I’d love to learn to play piano.

  • You know what else would be great? The triangle! Who would not like to play the triangle?!?!

  • Learning guitar by playing these games is like saying you can learn how to be an expert hunter by playing Duckhunt

    This is for people who like these games, or posers who don’t have the guts to learn a real instrument.

    I hope this genre of game dies soon.

  • I’ve been playing guitar for a few years before Rocksmith came out. When it did, I didn’t really pay attention until a friend bought it. I didn’t really like the interface of it, it seemed so complicated, 3D objects flying at you that I didn’t recognize, instead of easy-to-learn static 2D simple tabs, I did poorly. It’s so much different than just learning from tablatures. Instead of learning notes and chords, you learn what color flying at you goes to what string.
    I’m not against changing my method to that of this video game, but I don’t want to pay $60 if I learn that learning from simple tabs is easier for me than learning a game. I wish I could kind of try it out, I guess. I’m not gonna buy it if I don’t know if it’s gonna help my personal guitar experiences. I think most seasoned guitar players would agree.

  • I’ve always wanted to learn to play, and this looks like my opt! hope we also see a ps4 version as well! =)

  • I was like “That’s Marty Schwartz from Guitar Jamz!” I’ve seen lots of his videos and I want to learn to play guitar and I’m definitely picking this up!

  • “Learning guitar by playing these games is like saying you can learn how to be an expert hunter by playing Duckhunt
    This is for people who like these games, or posers who don’t have the guts to learn a real instrument.
    I hope this genre of game dies soon”

    I own the first Rocksmith and my guitar skills have greatly improved after playing the game. I can now play real songs on a guitar even without the game. You plug a real guitar with 6 strings into the game and they teach you real world guitar techniques. I think you’re getting it confused with Guitarhero where you play a fake guitar with a few buttons.

  • Another music game, interesting lets see how long this will last. Compared to Rockband & Guitar hero franchises. PS4 day 1 i’m out

  • I have been playing guitar for some 15 years now. I got the first game as a gift (xbox). I liked it so much that I also bought the PC version from Steam (which also has a demo, but requires the proprietary cable to play). It is different than reading tab, but teaches in the same kind of respect. The song choices are pretty good, and there is quite a bit of dlc. But probably one of the best things about it is the guitarcade that teaches you every scale (really helpful in actually learning and understanding music). I think the jam mode from this new game will be my standout favorite. Goodbye Guitar Hero, Long Live Rocksmith. Thanks Ubisoft.

  • Rocksmith was pretty much the only Ubisoft game of this generation that I don’t regret buying, even though it’s far from perfect.
    Definitely looking forward to Rocksmith 2014, I just hope they don’t butcher the mac port.

  • hey boomstickbhg you must be the poser you do use a real instrument.
    maybe you should know what your talking about before speak or type anything so you don’t look like an @ss

  • Make the 22nd get here already, I don’t even want to play the first anymore since I know what improvements are coming. It seems. ..archaic in comparison.

  • I am really interested in this game, however, I would like to try it out before I buy it. Does anyone know if they will have demo stations at any retail stores?

  • no one I know is upgrading until there’s a concrete answer about audio quality. The fact that answering the question has been avoided for months would seem to indicate that it’s the same inferior audio quality as the original game :(

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