rain Arrives on PS3 Today

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rain Arrives on PS3 Today

rain will be available for purchase today on PS3 for $14.99! Also, starting today, the full soundtrack for rain will also be available for $9.99, featuring the enchanting music created by composer Yugo Kanno and the gifted singer Connie Talbot.

To celebrate the launch of rain, we played through the game LIVE here on PlayStation.Blog and on Twitch earlier today. We hope you enjoyed the stream, and got a better feel for rain!

It’s been an amazing journey to bring the story of rain to life. Director Yuuki Ikeda initially had the idea to write a story about a boy who was invisible and could only be seen in the rain. Inspired by an experience he had as a child where he found himself lost, the story of rain has flourished into an emotionally dynamic adventure, brought to life by the talented team at PlayStation C.A.M.P.

Thank you for supporting rain, and we hope you enjoy playing!

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  • Wow, I didn’t know about the preorder bonuses. Game looks great. May have to preorder it tonight.

  • I pre-ordered Rain a month and all I got was a static theme. I didn’t get any of the dynamic theme, avatars, montages just because I pre-ordered early? >:(

  • I feel like this game has kind of snuck up on me. Unfortunately I don’t have the money to purchase right now. I’m definitely going to get it at some point though. It looks amazing. :)

  • Got my copy pre ordered and ready to play tomorrow!

  • When is the review embargo up? It being so close to launch has me a bit nervous.

  • Hi, Dais, I pre-ordered the first day possible so I am really looking forward to tomorrow. I’ll try to watch your event tomorrow, too.

  • vita version!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @that-acmilan-guy

    You wont get them until it is released. In the eu we didnt even get the static theme until then.

  • Why does this game not have a platinum? :(

  • play for free? really how!

  • need an answer please! it says free? need to know thanks!

    • We haven’t decided on the quantity yet but we will be giving away free codes to those who are watching the livestream. The lucky winners will be able to download the game using the code so please make sure you check it out!

  • Its already pre-ordered…since it was said here in the blog that a pre-order was available…..can’t wait to delve into Rain….game is looking really good…and look like it has a lot of potential.Japanstudio you guys have my support forever.

  • looks great, hade my eyes on this for ah while. just hope its not anything as boring as Journey. the sand was great looking with the sun light on it but that was it for me. if its ah good 4 hours the least and has ah good amount of danger il def get it.

  • Soooooooo, what is this game about? all i saw is two ghost kids walking in the rain. THAT will make people want to buy this game.

  • crazysoulman… we’ll be giving away codes so you’ll be able to play Rain for free!. thats IF ur lucky to even get one. its ah code you type in the psn store and recieve it free of charge. IF ur lucky.

  • my first ever PSN purchase! can’t wait for the game to arrive. had my eyes on this since the first time I saw the video. reminds me of one of my favorite games (ICO).

    already have the static theme and the rest will be available on Oct. 1

  • Already pre-ordered when it was first announced, this is just a amazing psn title. PS4 day 1 I’ m out

  • i pre-orded like a month ago, awesome.

  • cant wait to try this game DAIS, it says free codes so we can get it for free? right but how do i get code?
    also will it be free for good when i use the code? or is it a one time thing? need to know thanks!

  • hey mark can u answer my ? above?

  • Is the soundtrack going to be available on iTunes? I have a ton of left over credits!

  • i bought this 2 weeks ago because I thought it was already out and PSN doesnt seperate pre-orders, Im not mad im just happy its finally time

    • Hi TriangleOffense,

      We apologize if there was a confusion.
      rain will be available to download to tomorrow and we can’t wait to get it in your hands!

  • So, your plan to celebrate the release of the game is to spoil it for everyone?

  • Rain,GTA V online coming, and beyound two souls looking good!

  • i have 2 questions. 1: will the musical montage pre order bonus be the same soundtrack that can be bought? 2: will the game be available at midnight tonight?

    • Please find the answers to your Qs below.
      1: The musical montage will be different from the soundtrack and it will not be available to purchase after today.
      2: rain will be available when the PSN Store updates tomorrow, it will not be available at midnight :((

  • pre ordered on day 1. really looking forward to this. should be a nice change of pace after 2 weeks of GTA haha. hope everybody enjoys it.

  • This would have been perfect on the Vita. Please consider a Vita version.

  • I’m really sad that I will not be able to purchase this due to the fact that I am currently jobless. But once I get a job I will buy Rain in a heartbeat.

  • Oh I forgot to say that this game looks stunning visually and it’s presentation and environments seem flawless. Nice job Dais!

  • Just pre-ordered mine! So excited to play this! Thanks PlayStation Blog for reminding me about this great game!

  • Cool game but I don’t like the price to me its over priced. I think I will wait it out until it hits $7.50 than snatch it up.

  • What’s up with the review embargo? I’ve been looking forward to this game but I’m getting nervous from the lack of reviews — in my experience, when a publisher restricts reviews pre-launch, that’s not a good sign ….

  • I wish the free codes were available through some other means than during a spoiler-cast. A game and soundtrack bundle would be sweet, too. It would be nice to buy a $20 PSN card and get both rather than buying $30 in cards and have $5 sitting there.

  • Why you doing a livestream? Wouldn’t that ruin the game?

  • Good morning, Dais. Ready for the livestream. I’ll look away if it becomes too spoiler-y.

  • looks interesting

  • lets get it started.

  • I preordered, but how do I download the game? I’m assuming it’s live now but when I try to download it, it just downloads the theme, which I already got when I preordered.

  • Wow, i really hope playstation does more livestreams like this, that was fun.

  • @39: I asked in the stream if they were going to, and they said yes. Which is nice.

    Along with streams, I hope Sony hand out codes to YouTubers popular for doing Let’s Plays. MS has been doing that lately.

  • man, near impossible to get those vouchers

  • was near impossible to get ah code. i swear fools be typing that ish in, in less then ah second.

  • cool livestream! just got done downloading rain and the bonuses, gonna play it tonight!

  • I didn’t even realize that game was coming out until I saw a Tweet about it today…Am I too late to get the preorder bonuses if I buy it like right NOW? :(

  • I really need to pick this up from the store, looks really good. Also, hopefully those rain avatars become available for purchase someday!

  • I made my pre-order and I get everything but the soundtrack! can you help plz? it show up in the store as 9.99 instead of a free download.

  • Will the soundtrack be available for purchase on iTunes?

  • Just renewed my PS plus getting ready for PS4 on the day 1 and downloaded rain, too.

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