Pro Foosball on PS3 Out Tomorrow

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Pro Foosball on PS3 Out Tomorrow

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A foosball table is one of those things that we’ve always wanted to own at home, but it’s almost never practical enough to do so. Which is why we thought we’d bring the same level of fun and excitement right to your TV screen with Pro Foosball on PlayStation Network. Pro Foosball was released in Europe earlier this year, and we’re now ready to bring the same level of fun to U.S. gamers!

With a Platinum Trophy up for grabs, Pro Foosball has been built to completely and realistically bring the foosball experience to your home — from accurate table physics to a competitive atmosphere with friends, we’ve included it all, along with great locations to play in!

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Pro Foosball allows you to compete across 3 modes of play; you can have a quick match with your friends in Kick About with up to 4 players locally, challenge yourself to beat our skilled AI with 3 difficulty levels in Foos Championship, or have fun with crazy table features (such as no edges and bumpy surface) in Foos Madness.

Pro Foosball is primarily designed to be played using the PlayStation Move controllers to mimic the real foosball table’s rods; it features many of the well-loved aspects of the game, such as uniquely designed tables, realistic game mechanics, and super cool trick shots. If motion controls aren’t your thing, Pro Foosball also supports DualShock 3 through two unique control schemes, depending on your preference.

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Break free of a physical table’s restrictions by tactically customizing your game. Choose from an array of different foosman formations; you can be all about offense, or line up your defenses. You can also choose your game ball from one of several different ball materials, each with its unique advantages and disadvantages. Enjoy the friendly competitive spirit Pro Foosball creates, and have endless fun with your friends without leaving the comfort of your living room!

And wait till you see what we have in store for you with our Fireball Tournament DLC! Play to win it all by using fun and crazy advantages such as a tilted table, locked rods, or foosmen that go the wrong way. Score one of these great power ups for a 30 second advantage as you battle against your opponents in this exciting tournament, coming in the next few weeks.

Don’t miss out on Pro Foosball! Let us know if you have any questions, and we’re more than happy to dish out a few cool play tips to you in the comments section below.

Whether a Move die-hard or a DualShock 3 devotee, you can pick up Pro Foosball on

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3 Author Replies

  • How hard is the platinum trophy to get?
    Also, is there background music while you’re playing?

    • Platinum will take some effort – you will have to play through all game modes to get it! You definitely get background music and with 15 different locations to play in you’ll get a real feel for each setting through the unique audio as well as the visuals! Hope you enjoy the game!

  • Do we really need a second foosball game for PS3? Not trying to be a jerk, it just seems like this isn’t a very big space …

  • @#1 – depends if your game glitches or not with the trophy unlocks. See ps3trophies for more details.

    • Thanks for the comment – you’ll also be happy to know the Europe release was recently patched so all is good on unlocking the trophies now there too…

  • The first thing I thought of when I saw the headline, I hope this game has Move Support, checked, and I’m glad it does. Then I thought, how intuitive will it be to switch between the various rods. I hope there is a demo!

    • Great question! We actually give you a choice within the game – you can either auto switch where the rods activate nearest to the ball on the table, or if you have your own personal style you can choose to manually switch the rods – some of our team members like holding the goalie with their left hand and only move the right across the other three. It is entirely your choice! Also great call on the move we feel the game plays best with two move controllers per player!

  • How about a table top hockey game?

  • This could be fun, but I’ll need a demo asap. PS4 day 1 I’m out

  • Looks nice….I’m hoping for a demo as well….

    @ Death_to_Xbox_ – What a fantastic ID you have there.

  • @ pudgenet

    You act like it’s getting in the way, or something…


    @ Candide Kirk

    Looks fun to me. I’m always down for some Foosball action. I’ve been waiting for this game to come to our region and now it finally has.

    What’s the price?

  • Way to Go @Quirkat_Team

    Good to have a PS3 title from arabic team

    Special mention @Ghina Al-Sharif as she’s from the same university i studied in.

  • Price? Discount for Plus? thanks

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