The Pinball Arcade Gets Terminator 2 Table on Tuesday

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The Pinball Arcade Gets Terminator 2 Table on Tuesday

The Pinball Arcade

Hey there, Playstation gamers! It’s been an exciting time for us in bringing pinball table recreations to everyone on PS3 and Vita! Over the month of September, we’ve released four classic pinball tables in two packs; Champion Pub, Whirlwind, Flight 2000, and Goin’ Nuts. Now, thanks to our amazing supporters and a successful Kickstarter campaign back in July, we’ll release Terminator 2: Judgment Day on PSN this Tuesday, as well!

PSN users, are you ready for Judgment Day? This table was released by Williams in 1991 and is unquestionably one of the greatest pinball tables of all time. It was designed by the legendary Steve Ritchie (who also designed Firepower, Black Knight, High Speed, and Star Trek: The Next Generation). T2 was the first game by Williams to use a dot-matrix display. The table was also the first game to feature a video mode and a swing out cannon that can be fired by the player. It’s one of our favorite tables ever!

The Pinball ArcadeThe Pinball Arcade

We hope everyone’s been enjoying the releases so far! Also, for those confident in their pinball skills and want to show it, we’ve begun introducing Tiered Tournaments to PSN players, so you can compete against everyone else and fight for the top Tier!

Now, our next source of excitement comes from our PS4 launch title release of Pinball Arcade! Before the launch of the PS4 and our game, you’ll have two opportunities to give it a test drive at some awesome conventions!

The Pinball Arcade

The Pinball ArcadeThe Pinball Arcade

First of all, we’re headed to the Pinball Expo in Chicago, IL from October 16th to October 20th, and coming with us is the PS4 version of Pinball Arcade! If you’re in the area, swing by to get some hands-on time and check it out! Spoilers: it looks gorgeous.

Before the big launch of the PS4, we have one more convention we’re going to be demonstrating the PS4 version at, and that’s at Comikaze! We’re going all out! Going on from November 1st to 3rd, we’ll be at the Elvira booth, and with us we’ll have both of the real Elvira tables from our studios! During that time, we’ll be showing off Pinball Arcade on the PS4 one last time before we get it into the hands of our soon-to-be PS4 fans!

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  • Any chance of a Simpsons pinball table? either the 1990 Data East one or the 2003 Stern one?

    • There is a chance, but not currently on our radar. :-) There are tables with many more requests like Addams Family, Fish Tales and many others. We have to balance polarity of the pin vs the cost and difficulty to attain the licenses.

  • Any update on the Trophy issue? I.E. You ran out of trophies. Any progress on this?

    Also, what’s the deal with Cross-Discount? How much are we talking, here?

    • Unfortunately we are not going to be able to add any more trophies into the current version of our game. We tried, but Sony’s rules for this are set in stone.

      The discount is going to be pretty good. We don’t have finalized prices or PSN store rules set up yet. Stay tuned to our Facebook page ( for updates.

  • Oh my god, the T2 table is one of my absolute faves, can’t wait!

  • SPACE JAM table! SPACE JAM table! SPACE JAM table! SPACE JAM table! SPACE JAM table! SPACE JAM table! SPACE JAM table! SPACE JAM table! SPACE JAM table! SPACE JAM table! SPACE JAM table! SPACE JAM table! SPACE JAM table! SPACE JAM table! SPACE JAM table! SPACE JAM table! SPACE JAM table! SPACE JAM table! SPACE JAM table! SPACE JAM table! SPACE JAM table! SPACE JAM table! SPACE JAM table! SPACE JAM table! SPACE JAM table! SPACE JAM table! SPACE JAM table! SPACE JAM table! SPACE JAM table! SPACE JAM table! SPACE JAM table! SPACE JAM table! SPACE JAM table! SPACE JAM table! SPACE JAM table! SPACE JAM table! SPACE JAM table! SPACE JAM table! SPACE JAM table! SPACE JAM table! SPACE JAM table! SPACE JAM table! SPACE JAM table! SPACE JAM table!

  • Wow, talk about abusing the kickstarter program. You have already made a million other tables, you should be able to fund this table yourself.

  • I don’t think I Kickstarted this one. Weird. Oh well, I’ll get it eventually. I’m broke at the moment. :p

  • Looking forward to it, as always. You guys at FarSight do awesome work.

  • Considering the fact that we are only a month and a half away from the release of the PS4, it would really be nice for you all to detail the “cross discount” details for those of us who have already purchased the main Pinball Arcade game as well as DLC tables. I have been holding off on purchasing the last few table packs because of the uncertainty surrounding this situation.

    We need the details. Thanks!

  • I was one of the backers for the T2 table, and I’m looking forward to getting it on PS3 and PS4.

    Though the issue ThothBeyond brings up is also relevant to me and many others I’ve seen around the internet. It’d be better to address this now, rather than waiting until you release several more table packs with a continuing drop in sales as people start to notice the lack of new trophies.

  • Believe it or not, most gamers actually don’t give a crap about trophies.Trophy addicts are delusional people who think there are more people like them out in the world than there actually are. Perhaps it’s the existence of trophy websites where they gather and obtain a sense of community that’s causing this, but they don’t actually realize what a small segment of the “gamer” population they comprise. I doubt that sales of Pinball Arcade will drop by any noticeable margin simply due to the trophy limit being exceeded. Most people who play pinball especially are usually older gamers in the 30-50 age range, and that demographic typically shows less interest in superficial additions to games, such as, trophies.

    I personally like trophies, but I won’t avoid a game because it lacks them.That’s a dumb reason not to buy a game that you WANT (you really want it right?), and buying/renting games you wouldn’t normally play just to get the trophies is a really dumb thing to do too…

  • HOWEVER, all that said, I am curious to find out if FarSight will be adding trophies to this singular table pack, that is, if there are enough points left to apply trophies for only one table. (Perhaps there weren’t enough points for Pack 16 because it has 2 tables, but maybe there’s enough points for one?) Might as well use up the space if it’s there, right?

    Is there any information you can share about that, Bobby?

  • Way too pink. Still buying though.

  • I haven’t played any of these tables but hopefully get around to it at some point.

  • I’m hoping the lack of new trophies for DLC can be resolved as well. Hopefully I’m making my voice heard. Without trophies, buying future DLC probably won’t be a priority for me. I’ve been getting DLC as soon as it’s been released, I’d likely just wait for a sale or forget about it without additional trophies.

  • This is my all time favorite pinball table , I must have spent $500 in quarters playing this table so finally seeing as a pinball arcade table is a dream come true for me . Can’t wait to play it again on my ps3 and psvita .
    I just hope it’s not the a lot of the recent tables where the ball floats instead of sitting on the table , and it doesn’t have too much bounce off the bumpers like some of your tables do

  • @ Ecks

    Hmm… So, bascally, you’re buying trophies. Interesting.

    Back in my day, people bought video games because they actually liked to play video games. You’d think the game itself would be enough, but no. It’s gotta have sprinkles on it, otherwise the whole thing is a waste of time… somehow.

    You must be one of those people who didn’t start gaming until after July 2008, yes?

  • @PrimeroIncognito

    I’ve been gaming for 35 years. I’m just stating that I do like the incentive trophies add, and while I love pinball, I won’t be in a rush to buy even more DLC without them. I’m voting with my wallet. I’m not saying I won’t play games without them, as I still do. I just have such a huge backlog of games anyway, that I won’t prioritize buying even more pinball tables.

    It’s unfortunate that they are unable to add new trophies currently, and it will probably hurt the DLC sales to a small degree. I’m not sure why you felt insulting me would help your stance. I have a valid complaint, and I stated it. I do understand your point, that people shouldn’t care about whether there are trophies or not, but they do. If you have something then it stops being included, people notice.

  • @ Ecks

    Hey dude, I know you know by now, but my comment about “July 2008” was sarcastic. I really didn’t think that at all. Sometimes I give people a hard time over things that just seem petty to me. I don’t have any beef with you. Just some public confirmation.

    Thanks for the friend request. I’m looking forward to challenging some of your Pinball Arcade scores in the future… but beware, I’m better now than I’ve ever been! (And that’s saying something ’cause I always smoked everyone I know at pinball – both real and virtual – throughout the years.)

    35 years though! You’ve got me beat there. I’m on my 30th year of gaming! (33 years old, started gaming on the Apple II when I was 3!)

  • Oh, by the way, that “voting with your wallet” is only going to hurt FarSight, and they have nothing to do with Sony’s trophy limitations. I’d rethink that strategy if I were you…

    If you’d like, I’ll join you in putting in some requests to Sony to modify their rules on trophies, but I don’t care about it enough to do it alone. Maybe we can round up some of the players from the fan forum to pitch in as well. We can test just how much pull the consumer really has… which probably isn’t much at all, but hey, it’s worth a shot. Let me know.


  • I am sick of hearing from gaming “purists” that Trophy Hunters are doing it wrong. We all play games and enjoy them for different reasons. Trophies have added a level of challenge and subtle recognition to games that some us really enjoy.

    We all play games, and we all buy exactly what we want to buy. The whole point of commenting on the blog is to have your voice heard by someone who can really influence something. Trophy hunters, even if we are a minority, are just as deserving of that opportunity.

    I can say that without trophy support, future tables will not be a purchasing priority for me, especially with next-gen coming. There are far too many games I still want to Plat this gen! lol

  • I also meant to add that I would be buying T2 trophies or not. There are a few tables that I would buy without trophies, but I’m not likely to buy the stuff I am less familiar/interested in.

  • @ Killerewok

    Don’t get mad at the truth, dude.

    Did you miss the part where I said I like trophies? But realistically, flat-out truthfully, the real deal is that trophies are absolutely meaningless in the big picture. We game for fun, right?

    I go after trophies too, but no way in hell are they more fun to get than the fun you experience from simply playing the game. I think trophy hunters are caught up in trying to impress other people too much… that’s what it comes down to. We shouldn’t care about what the other guy thinks about our platinum count.

    Yes, I do believe that people are “doing it wrong” when they refuse to buy a game just because it doesn’t have trophies. Let’s be honest here… it clearly shows that they care more about trophies than the game itself. It does make me wonder why they call themselves gamers. Are they really? Or is it something else? Because the gamers I know are called gamers because of their love for gaming. The inclusion (or exclusion, in this case) of superficial rewards never swayed them in the past, so it sure as hell shouldn’t sway them now. It makes me wonder what kind of black magick is in those damn trophies… some people are truly addicted.

  • Trophies are stupid. I’ve been wanting an option to delete them since they were first introduced. I don’t like them plaguing my PSN account when I have a game listing 0%. Trophies don’t make you a winner, playing the game does. This is my opinion so don’t judge me.

  • This table looks great. As a backer of the KS and owner of every table and a Season 3 pass I’d like to know a couple things.

    1. Is there a chance you guys could Kickstart a Simpson’s pack with both Simpson’s pins?
    I think it would be great to have a nice fun animated theme for a change of lace on TPA.

    2. There has been mentions of a “Massive TPA patch” to address the various bugs and art issues on the DLC tables. Is this still planned?

    3. Any news on trophies? Someone at Farsight said they were going to ask Sony. I think trophies are very much wanted.

    4. Can you please patch TPA to include an option to play background music via the XMB?

    • There is a chance, but we have some higher priority tables on the horizon currently. We do get a fair amount of requests for The Simpsons tables.

      We do plan on submitting a large patch.

      Unfortunately it looks like we will not be able to include any additional trophies into the current version of our game.

      We will communicate your suggestion to the team at the next meeting.

  • 1) More premium tables like this please! LOTR being my next favorite. Forget the simple 70s classics.
    2) Would it be possible to do something for the Goin’ Nuts table’s music. Like turn it (only the annoying background music) off?
    3) There are some bugs that need to be fixed. For example, when I first time played (haven’t played again) the White Water table on PS3 and the game ended, the game freezed completely. I think it said I earned some extra credit to play again after saving the scores.

  • I have the season pass, so I’ll be ready for this one. I bet I blew about $50 on this table back in the day, can’t wait to play it on the PS3! Thanks a lot!

  • @PrimeroIncognito

    Do you comprehend the hypocrisy of what you are saying? You are telling me my opinion is wrong, judging me by saying that I am doing my life-long hobby wrong, and asking me not to judge you for it?

    Yes, I play games for fun. I am not judging you for buying games without trophies, and all I am asking is for you to show that same courtesy to others.

    I do not care more about trophies then I do about games, but in THIS instance I care more about trophies then I do pinball tables I have never heard of. Trophies are a standard feature to games now (whether you like it or not) and I personally do not support a game that does not include them. I don’t play Minis either, am I not a gamer? Sure, there may be some exceptions; If GTA 5 didn’t have trophies I would still play it.

    And for your information, a gamer is anyone who plays games. We are all gamers, stop trying to exclude people from your private little club. People who only play Candy Crush are gamers. I’m sorry our club is not as exclusive as it was 30 years ago, but the industry grew up. Did you?

  • @ Killerewok

    I didn’t say your opinion is wrong as a matter of fact. I gave you MY OPINION that trophy hunters are “doing it wrong” (using your words). Hypocrisy?

    And what’s going on here –

    A. “I do not care more about trophies then I do about games”


    B. “Trophies are a standard feature to games now … and I personally do not support a game that does not include them.”

    = Huh?

    Proof is in the pudding, son.

    And no, not everyone who plays games is a gamer. Not everyone who watches a movie is a movie buff. Casuals (like yo’ momma when she plays Pac-Man on her phone) are not “gamers”. The fact that you don’t even know that the term “gamer” represents something more than just “someone who plays games” leads me to believe you never developed a personal, intimate connection with the hobby. No exclusive club here, just a fact that there’s pretenders of all things everywhere, and I call them out when I see them. I just don’t like phonies, that’s all. Nothing to do with games.

  • Perhaps one should read why they kickstarter these specific tables before ones opnion about the amount they gain from doing this process all I have to say is that obviously you haven’t read the kickstarter since they claim the balance from this project is suppose to go to Uncle Fester next, so on and so forth, according to them a few months ago. The point. If you have voice and trinkets in the table from copyright properties and holders, they want there boody royalties son……..and there not cheap.

  • @PrimeroIncognito and @Killerewok
    Nice conversation you guys have going up there. PrimeroIncognito, you are so right and Killerewok you so need to get your thoughts right. By Killerewok’s resoning, no one should buy the recent rereleases of PS1 and PS2 classics on PSN. So one would miss out on Fatal Frame, Silent Hill and earlier Resident Evil just because of lack of trophies. Killerewok: Time to get your priorities right :)

  • The sooner you guys get The Getaway: High Speed II in this, the better. :-)

  • @Killerewok

    You are not a gamer, or maybe your to young to remember the 80’s. You said you don’t play Mini’s, if that’s true then you didn’t grow up in the early 80’s ( I’m not saying you have to play all mini’s), I just want to say their are some great 80’s arcade machines on the Mini’s. Like Vanguard, Ikari Warriors, P.O.W., Gaurilla war, Victory Road, Ikari Warriors 3, Time Soldier, and a few other Awesome Arcade games mostly from SNK but I saw a couple others that weren’t like Bump ‘N’ Jump, and Lock and Chase. So if you were an Arcade gamer in the 80’s then you have to look through that list of Mini’s and find those games, also they don’t cost much. I’m a huge gamer wether it’s Arcade Games, Console Games, or Pinball Games, I love Video Games period. Sorry about the spelling I’m doing this on an IPad 3, and for some reason it’s not helping me out, we’ll talk to you later, also did you notice my icon is the Hornet from Daytona U.S.A, just showing you my love for Arcade Machines.

  • I meant to say (you don’t have to play all the Mini’s).

  • ALL RIGHT!!!!! I have been wanting a digital reproduction of this table in the Pinball Arcade FOREVER. “Terminator 2: Judgment Day” is my absolute favorite pinball game OF ALL TIME. I used to play this game all the time back at the campus arcade back when I was in college (Christ…just over 20 years ago!), and if I had all the quarters back that I pumped into this game? Well, I could have probably used it to pay off that college tuition in full! And maybe the tuition for a few others as well. The day that T2 pinball game fatally broke down & got pulled from the campus arcade was a dark, dark, DARK day for us Pinball Geeks…we mourned for weeks. CANNOT. WAIT. FOR. THIS!!! :)

  • @Killerewok Obviously, I can tell you were both in the 2000s. You never lived in the age where this type of stuff doesn’t exist yet. Do trophies really mean something to you? Your the one who hasn’t grown up yet. I bet you’re just a fat kid who only cares about winning a gold trophy from a hog dog eating contest. It’s true that people play games are gamers, but you’re just the type gamer I hate. You make me sick. I agree completely with PrimeroIncognito and this the reason why I don’t like trophies.

  • Looks good…I’ll give it a try…but no table can beat Elvira’s table.

  • @ 10 PrimeroIncognito – I have to agree 100% with you….I’m an avid trophy hunter…and trophies are a good extra because it lets me take the max out of a game…but even without trophies I would do that anyway….the problem with trophies like you quoted but in another words are the trophy who***….they really spoil the gaming community….people who only play games for trophies cant even be considered true gamers.Like I said I’m an avid trophy hunter but I have a lot of games that dont have trophies bought in blu-ray disc.And I would never miss a good game just because it does not have trophies.

    This gen brought so many bad things – Trophy who***,Graphics who***,Multiplayer who***…I wonder whats next.

  • @ Killerewok – You call yourself a trophy hunter but there is a huge difference between trophy hunters and trophy who***…and I see you’re a trophy whore since you said you dont play minis…you was practically saying you dont play games without trophies..if not then why would you quote minis?…….there are a lot of good minis.Also trophy who*** can be considered gamers but not true gamers…that hardcore gamer who dont give a damn about trophies as long as the game is good.

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