Shuttle Quest 2000: R-Type Meets Monster Hunter on PS Mobile

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Shuttle Quest 2000: R-Type Meets Monster Hunter on PS Mobile

Over the last year, I have been working hard to bring fun games to PlayStation Mobile. I have created many titles to fit the many tastes of mobile gamers. My most recent game, Shuttle Quest 2000, is sort of a cross between and R-Type and Monster Hunter.

Shuttle Quest 2000 on PS Mobile

Become humanity’s best shuttle pilot as you confront the evil alien forces of General Xarod. You’ll meet many characters on your adventure, including humans, aliens, a pirate robot shop keeper and a very grumpy door.

To make your shuttle more combat-effective, you’ll embark on quests, which will give you more resources and money to buy or craft new weapons, items, and drones. Defeating enemy megaships will alert your adversaries and make your job harder, but by conquering them, you will unlock more resources and weapons. There are tons of different combinations of weapons and drones that you can use to make your shuttle a unique fighting machine.

Shuttle Quest 2000 on PS Mobile

Shuttle Quest 2000 on PS MobileShuttle Quest 2000 on PS Mobile

I’m passionate about classic gaming, so I’ve done my best to make the game as authentic as possible with retro-accurate graphics, visual effects, chip tune music and sound effects. I wanted to make the space station feel like a classic top down RPG and the shooter sections resemble my favorite side-scrolling shooters of the past.

The first chapter of Shuttle Quest 2000 is free to download, and this week there is a price cut on the full game unlock to $2.29. Please let me know if you have any questions or feedback in the comments section and you can reach me on Twitter (@thos_thom).

PS Vita owners can download Thomas Hopper’s games from the PlayStation Mobile section of PlayStation Store; Owners of PlayStation-certified devices such as the Sony Xperia Z smartphone/tablet or Wikipad can obtain it through the PlayStation Mobile Store for the same price.

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2 Author Replies

  • You forgot to mention that the screen’s size can be changed. This one in the pictures may feel too small for Vita.
    Nice job, BTW. Replayability is VERY important for portable games.

  • Call me intrigued! As someone who grew up when this type of gaming was around it seems like it will be a fun nostalgia trip. Going to grab this and thanks for the week 1 discount!

  • Looks and sounds great! Will definitely try out the first chapter.

  • Can this be played in direct sunlight? Have you considered selling a snake lamp attachment I can play in my room under the covers?

    (game looks awesome by the way, will definitely check it out :)

  • @4 lol i remember those days
    These screenshots definitely make me feel nostalgic about the original gameboy.

  • Hm… I gotta be honest. I smell a lawsuit.

  • @2 It’s not a week one discount. This game has been on Playstation Mobile since August 6th, it’s just on sale this week. I played the trial for a half hour or so and it had potential, but I never got around to buying it. I think I’ll give it a shot now. For anyone interested you don’t have to wait until the store updates tuesday, it’s on sale now.
    @6 What lawsuit? This game feels pretty original to me?

  • downloading now.

  • @NeoMahi Why? Because the screen feels like a Game Boy and it’s looks like Pokemon?

  • If my PSN account would accept my credit card, then I’d buy the upgrade. It’s awesome.

  • i gotta be honest, i got a really nostalgic feeling when i first saw the second screenshot. it reminded me so much of when i first played Pokemon Red back on the original Gameboy. :)

  • That font you have on the title screen hit me right in the childhood.

  • Looks like a Game Boy game, but plays on the Vita?


  • Looks great, too bad PS Mobile is not available in Mexico

  • i check the mobile store all the time and whenever i see a game that is free i assume that after i download it it would take me to a different site to purchase full version so i was scared to try this because another game did that as well and i certainly dont want to pay for a game in that manner. so i was happy when i gave this game a shot and was able to purchase it in game from the store just wish that was an option from the store, i have a TON of mobile games and tend to love most of them.

  • already played the free version and it is awesome, instant buy for retro suckers like me.

  • Definitely gonna give this a try!

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