Killzone Shadow Fall Multiplayer Q&A

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Killzone Shadow Fall Multiplayer Q&A

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Yesterday, Killzone Shadow Fall Lead Designer Eric Boltjes held a presentation on the game’s multiplayer mode at the 2013 Eurogamer Expo in London. Afterwards he also fielded questions from the audience, going into greater detail about some of Killzone Shadow Fall’s features and design choices.

You can watch the whole presentation here:

Killzone Shadow Fall Multiplayer Q&A

In addition to the answers Mr. Boltjes provided, we’ve compiled a list of some of the more frequently asked questions that have appeared online following our announcement of the multiplayer mode. In particular, we received numerous questions about the multiplayer framerate so, let’s dive right in:

Will Killzone Shadow Fall multiplayer have a variable frame rate?

No, we’re running 60fps. However, the game may drop a few frames in extreme situations – when there are a lot of GPU-intensive things going on at once. Guaranteeing a constant 60fps under such circumstances would’ve required undesired concessions.

We wanted to make sure Killzone Shadow Fall multiplayer would present a visual spectacle, boasting a stunning level of detail in 1080p at 60fps, while still allowing 24 players and their drones (effectively 48 entities) to take part at once. We’re very proud of the results – when you move through the maps you’ll notice lots of intricate details, from beautiful reflective surfaces to individually moving leaves on the foliage.

We’ve also received several questions about the new Classes and their abilities:

What happened to [multiplayer class X] from previous Killzone games?

There are now three classes to choose from in Killzone Shadow Fall: Assault Class, Support Class and Scout Class. Classes from previous Killzone titles such as the Tactician, Engineer and Medic are now represented by the secondary abilities of the highly versatile Support Class. We’ll have more on the Support Class and the Scout Class in upcoming articles.

How are the Assault Class Nano Shields balanced?

As mentioned in our Assault Class article, Nano Shields can block enemy attacks while allowing your projectiles through. Activation isn’t instantaneous, though – there’s a slight delay as you set it up, and you won’t be able to wield your weapon during this period. After activation you have to wait until the shield is destroyed or dismantled before you can place a new one.

How are the Support Class Spawn Beacons balanced?

Killzone Shadow Fall sees the return of player-deployed spawn points, known as Spawn Beacons. The Support Class has the ability to place them almost anywhere in the map (like Killzone 2’s Spawn Grenades), but it takes a while to set them up (like Killzone 3’s Tactical Spawn Points). Spawn Beacons can be destroyed by any class, although some weapons will yield quicker results than others.

Killzone Shadow Fall Multi Screenshots, 04

Next, a couple of points about weapons in Killzone Shadow Fall multiplayer:

Will rocket launchers be secondary weapons, like in Killzone 3?

Rocket launchers aren’t secondary weapons like they were for certain classes in Killzone 3. Instead, grenade launchers and rocket launchers will be available as attachments for the heavier primary weapons. This means less weapon switching in the heat of battle.

I prefer hip-firing rather than aiming down sights – can I still do that?

If you’re one of those players endowed with dead aim, you’ll be happy to know that ‘hip-firing’ (firing a weapon without using the sights) is still an option in Killzone Shadow Fall multiplayer. Some weapons can only be fired by aiming down the sights, however – particularly the heavier/more dangerous ones.

Concerning the new Custom Warzones feature:

Will there be official Warzones?

For those who prefer their Warzones tried-and-tested, there will be default Warzones to play in. In addition, Guerrilla will frequently try out and highlight new and interesting custom Warzones created by the community. Both types of Warzones will be easily accessible from inside the game.

Can Challenges be completed in bots-only Warzones?

To emphasize true skill and prevent players from artificially boosting their stats, custom Warzone games featuring bots will not count towards completing challenges in the Progression System.

Can I play Custom Warzones against just my friends?

Custom Warzones can be private games that only you and friends can play. This is particularly useful if you want to train in a less competitive environment, or if your custom Warzone is a work in progress that you’re not ready to share with the community yet.

A word about Killzone Shadow Fall multiplayer network structure and colorblind support:

What is Killzone Shadow Fall’s multiplayer network structure like?

Killzone Shadow Fall has dedicated servers hosted in various regions around the world. These servers do not run the logic of the game – they only act as a hub between the clients, forwarding network traffic from one player in game to all other players in game. This allows people with a slower connection or strict firewall settings to play without issues. Almost all logic relating to you (e.g. moving, shooting and taking damage) runs on your local PS4, with only a very small portion of the game logic (i.e. mission/scoring logic) running on the ‘session master’, one PS4 in the game selected for its connection quality.

Will Killzone Shadow Fall offer colorblind support?

Killzone Shadow Fall will have colorblind support options that can be activated from the options menu.

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Finally, the recent Season Pass announcement generated some confusion, so we’d like to clear that up:

If multiplayer map packs are free, what is the Season Pass for?

The Killzone Shadow Fall Season Pass entitles you to:

  1. an online co-op expansion pack that introduces a brand-new horde mode for up to 4 players
  2. three arena map packs for use with the online co-op expansion pack, and
  3. two additional multiplayer expansion packs that will be detailed at a later date.

The expansion packs and map packs covered by the Season Pass do not include maps for Killzone Shadow Fall’s built-in multiplayer mode – as we’ve said before , such maps will be released for free so as not to fragment the online community.

Feel free to post your questions about Killzone Shadow Fall multiplayer in the comments below – we’ll try to answer what we can. Additional facts and details about the game are coming very soon, so keep an eye on and the PlayStation Blog!

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2 Author Replies

  • I watched the entire 39min video, and there is still no comments? Well, let me be the “first!”

  • My body is ready!! Day 1!

  • Question: Killzone Shadow Fall seems a lot “greener” than previous iterations of Killzone. Was there a conscious effort to make the game more colourful, and how do the environments impact the gameplay?

    • Yes, we wanted to do something fresh with the Killzone series, and one of the ways in which we sought to achieve that was through the visuals. We haven’t completely thrown the old aesthetic out the window, though, as you’ll notice when you enter the Helghast areas of Vekta.

  • So as soon as the nano shield is destroyed I can immediately deploy a new one? I can essentially run around with a nano shield ALL the time?

    Doesn’t that seem a little unbalanced? Or did I misunderstand something?

  • IGC October Lineup please!!!

  • Thank u for answering my question. That sounds much more reasonable.

  • 1. Will there be any vehicle or turret type mechanics in MP?

    2. What functionality will the touch pad have in MP.

    3. What are some of the most extreme “challenges” you guys have thought up for the daily challenges.

    Shadow Fall looks amazing and will be my day 1 purchase, I also am enjoying the KZ:Mercenary multiplayer.

  • I think it’s BS that so far, Japan get’s a game with the PS4 and EU get’s the awesome PS4 bundle, hopefully we get one. I’m getting Shadow Fall day one, can’t wait. Glad you guys aimed for Native 1080p. Also though this isn’t in your department exactly, it’s info you may know. The 2 things I disliked on PS3 was the lack of AA on the games, made some things look a little messy. But my biggest issue was, When a game was 720p is changed your TV to that, do you know if all games be force upscaled to 1080p by the console even if that isn’t the games resolution?

  • Very excited for this game, good luck with it! Few questions though:

    1) Will there be any vehicles in the game?
    2) In terms of map size, clearly they’re going to vary, but comparatively, are the large maps larger than in KZ3?
    3) How “heavy” is the movement? Killzone 3 felt great to me, while Killzone 2 just felt really sluggish and difficult to control

  • Oh and when can we pre-order the season pass?

  • @victor zulyen
    I’d like to add to that question with regards to the shield. Can you reduce the cool down of the shield by deactivating before it is destroyed with some sort interpolation of shield damage and time out that goes into calculating the cool down?

    Also with the sub abilities can I get close to the Engineer/sniper/tactician game play of Killzone 2?

  • I love KZ, but will it be availlible for Day 1 download on my PS4?

  • Will KZ Shadowfall have optional motion controls like KZ3?

  • Oh no….that was a bad choice…why did you guys removed the 5 classes?…man that was classic to KZ….now we can place spawn beacons where we want?…another terrible choice….spawns beacons on KZ3 were perfect….there is always a huge battle to acquire the spawn beacons…why remove that?

    The only good thing… that secondary fire is finally coming back…is that available in the SP as well?

    For real the game looks beautiful but too much colorful….and I regret my words saying that Shadow Fall was looking to be just as good as KZ3 online.

    Who are you guys trying to appeal to?

  • Explain how multiplayer progression will work without XP. Is everything just unlocked from the start?

  • Will the online co-op mode have a beta?

    Will the online co-op mode have at least 3 difficulty settings?

    Will there be any naval or underwater combat in the single-player campaign?

  • I’m getting sick of frame rate questions…people really knows how to be annoying.

    More importantly…will I be able to change the controls to aim and shoot on L1 and R1 buttons?

  • Day 1 with the PS4. I have done many official Topics about the game in France. And I know it will be a great success since vgchartz is showing that the pre-orders are 5:1 in favor of Killzone against any xbox’s exclusive. Just want to say that many of us can’t wait to see some “Story Trailer”. Killzone has wonderful universe and the background is great. We hope that Shadow Fall will have a great story. Hope we will have some Echo’s epic scenes. Multiplayer sells of course, but we can’t help to see the some great solo trailers.

  • Excuse my english.

  • PLEASE get rid of the input lag/intended weight, it really breaks the game!

    Also, like from previous Killzone games, your character ALWAYS seems shorter than everyone else which is annoying.

  • Why is there PS4 killzone bundle for Europe and not the US? can we expect the same?

  • SWEET! Thanks for this Q&A. This clears up the majority of concerns I have for this game.
    I am very satisfied and…..I need to start saving up for a PS4!

  • ^ Don’t listen to this clown above. If you want to play CoD, then go do that. Let KZ be KZ. Would not have it any other way.

  • I’d rather have more players instead of making room for drones. KZ2 was 32 Max. KZ3, among other things, was a disappointment when it dropped to 24 players. Moving to PS4 , I wouldn’t think it to be a technical reason why the player count stayed low. Is there a reason for that?

  • I must say this is very impressive, i really enjoy the KZ universe because it has a different vibe to it. And dlc isn’t 20 or 15 dollars like Cod plus i don’t have to wait a month to pklay the maps. PS4 day 1 i’m out

  • I find it odd that you guys chose 30 FPS for SP and 60FPS (most of the time) for MP. Why not go 30 FPS on both?

  • I’m buying this day 1 rain, sleet, or snow. When will the coop modes be available?

  • Will we be able to vary the player “abilities” in warzone? (Eg, having a support class using the “echo” feature) etc

  • Great presentation. It really shined some light on what to expect when the game launches in November. Lots and lots of great stuff to look forward to. Really the only area I am disappointed in is the lack of Operations Mode. Of course I understand the statement made regarding development resources and how using maps in both Warzone and Operations would impact and restrict design options. But I am curious about the decision to introduce Online Co-op as an expansion of the standard game.

    Obviously this took away resources and required significant sideline development to create. So I am wondering if their was ever discussion to make this expansion content Operations, which was a fairly popular mode, already established in the previous iteration and arguably became a missed opportunity because it was never supported with DLC.

  • (Con’t from above)

    I have nothing against online co-op, lots of players enjoy these PvE experiences in what is a essentially a different take on a Horde mode. But personally, I would have been more willing to spend an additional $19.99 for the chance to play on 3 distinct Operations maps (at launch), with the potential for 3 or 4 more released as DLC. I know it is a little late LOL…but I am hoping that the development leads will take this type of suggestion into consideration for future expansion.

    As a fan of the series, I am perfectly content with no new Killzone game until 2016, so long as GG can continue to provide a steady stream of quality DLC (both free and paid) for the next couple of years. Co-op, Operations, Competitive MP and whatever else your great team and this wonderful community can think of. Thanks :)

  • Can you please explain more on the multiplayer network infrastructure? Do the dedicated servers act as matchmaking only? If the session master only looks after the scoring, then where does all the in-game traffic go if not to the dedicated servers?

  • This article has me VERY excited about KZ4! I already had the game preordered since a month or two ago, but this article is further showing that this game is the true successor to KZ2. I personally hated KZ3, so much was done wrong in that game, and it seems like you guys are learning from those mistakes (along with mistakes from KZ2).

    The return of spawn nades! Custom matches! And best of all, there will be official matches with default rules!!! No more Radec Academy bodycout 24/7 as the only available rooms! I harped on GG quite a lot about this in KZ2 (anybody who remembers me from KZ2 will know what I am talking about).

    Oh and out of curiosity, will players who spawn at the spawn nades have a temporary invincibility? Cause when this got removed from KZ2, it was one of the best changes to the game IMO.

  • Oh and BTW, from the sounds of it lagswitching might be possible in KZ4 like it was in KZ2. Because if most of the logic is ran locally, then it can be manipulated locally.

    I do like the aspect of less lag and superior hit-detection, but in KZ2 it was very easy to lag-switch, just flip the switch, score a few hits on the enemy before getting timed-out, then flip it back and all the data stored on the PS3 during that lag session gets dumped into the network all at once and players instantly drop-dead.

  • We know that close character models are rendered at 40,000 polys. Polygons are pretty vague. How many triangles are close up models made of?

  • Will it have 2 player split screen? and will it have 4 player split screen?

  • Why have a Q&A if you not even going to answer the only question that matters If their is split screen co-op or online co-op why is that not the first thing answered. who cares how many fps the game runs. The game is on the PS4 it going to look good. Their is no excuse not to have co-op you have the hardware and technology to make the game co-op. I don’t want here that you did not have enough time to make it because that’s a weak excuse you put in Killzone3 and now you have more ram and video memory on the PS4 than you ever did with the PS3. You made co-op work with far less power with Killzone3 don’t tell me it cant be done.

  • Whats the point of this next gen if 1080p/60fps is so hard to achieve :/

  • Will there be any kind of clans?

  • Will the co-op mode have public matchmaking or will you need to find friends to play it with you?

    Are there any plans for 3D support?

    I’m really excited for this game! Thanks for answering our questions.

  • Are you running dedicated servers for MP, or is this more like per to per, because i don’t understand why the ps4 with the strongest connection is needed.

  • For those curious, I believe they have previously confirmed that the game will not support split-screen multiplayer of any sort.

  • Fallout 3

  • Will the weapons loadout be constrained only to primary and secondary firearms during the heat of a match? For example, would I be able to swap my pistol out for another assault rifle, dropped by a player that I’ve killed? Or will it be similar to Killzone 2, where the player retains only one long gun, and one sidearm?

  • Day 1… Graphics looking really good!!!

  • Most of these questions are answered if you just watch the video LOL.

    No Split Screen on the Co-op. Server set up is explained in the article. No 3D. The game will run at 60 FPS most of the time, meaning unique circumstances, like say all 24 players in the game tossing grenades simultaneously, would drop the frame rate momentarily. Killzone has always had clan support the last two games, I doubt drop it. They are not Spawn Grenades, they are spawn devices you deploy (ie: takes more time to activate them) and they can be destroyed, so you are encouraged to defend them or they will be lost quickly. All weapons, equipment and skills are unlocked right from the start. No grinding through gear. Instead of XP, there are in-game challenges you can do to unlock enhancements and attachments. The more challenges you complete the higher your rank. You receive medals and such too that you can use to customize your player card. Each of the 3 classes has unique skills that can be applied to the character based on your playstyle.

    The campaign runs on 30 FPS because visually is it more detailed and the set pieces are more elaborate. There are no vehicles or jetpacks in the launch MP maps.

  • me and my brother loves this game and we would be sooooo happy if you awesome guys add split screen thank u guys

  • The game looks amazing in all aspects, but I must confess I am really disappointed at how the new coop survival mode is unlocked by purchasing it…

    If it is a new mode to the series and is claimed to be fun (and I believe it is fun because online coop horde modes are always my favorites no matter what online shooter we are talking about).

    It seems to me that if I want to get the game, and have all the new features that I want to use, I must shell out 80 dollars for it.

    PLEASE, why not at least include the coop online survival mode into the game, and make us pay for additional online coop maps and items?


  • Question: 1 Shady Thing I Always Wondered About The Killzone Series Was Player Ability And i Noticed (The Big Issue With KillZone as a FPS) Was that You Couldn’t Lay Down or Prone – in KZSF and Especially In Multiplayer – Please Tell Me We Can Laydown Now?

  • Honestly … HONESTLY … I FREAKING LOVE KILLZONE … ALL I ASK … is PLEASE Bring back the Fully self operating tournament valor system with self created clans, and organized Clan Battles, this was the Greatest gift this Game developer gave to us was freedom in their game to Create a Community inside it and to have its own beating heart… Thank you though if that can’t happen i just want to say thank you can’t :D

  • Ugh…SO MAD this game won’t have split screen!

    Seriously, WHO THE HELL MADE THAT DECISION??? I want them fired immediately. You guys are shooting yourselves in the foot by not including it. Split Screen Co-op is part of what sells Call of Duty.

    PLEASE include 2 player split somewhere down the line. You won’t regret it.

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