Call of Duty: Black Ops II Apocalypse DLC Arrives on PS3 Today

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Call of Duty: Black Ops II Apocalypse DLC Arrives on PS3 Today

Origins - German Robot

There are two ways to look at Apocalypse — the fourth and final DLC collection for Call of Duty: Black Ops II. You might see it as the end of new multiplayer maps after a long, fruitful year of content. Or, you might choose to see it as the beginning of the Zombies storyline. Either way, you’re right.

Let’s start with Origins, the Zombies adventure that answers one of the biggest questions in Call of Duty history: how did all this undead chaos really begin? The answer lies in World War I, and the original heroes of the Zombies saga — Dempsey, Nikolai, Takeo, and Richtofen — will be the ones who uncover that answer. With plenty of hidden surprises, a new song from Avenged Sevenfold, and giant robots that stomp across the battlefield, Origins is as satisfying as it is cryptic.

On the multiplayer front, Apocalypse delivers four maps worthy of the skill you’ve honed for months. Takeoff — a fresh take on the Black Ops fan-favorite Stadium — takes place on a remote launch platform in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, with statues and corridors that make you earn every sight line.


Pod takes place among the modern ruins of a 1970’s utopian village, its flying-saucer-like living quarters dilapidated and decayed as nature slowly reclaims its seaside locale. Dig, on the other hand, features nowhere to run and everywhere to hide – a maze of small walls around an archaeological site in Afghanistan, and a loving update to the classic World at War map, Courtyard.

And finally, Frost brings the snowy streets of Amsterdam to life, complete with majestic stone lion statues, a frozen river beneath a contested bridge and… a cheese shop? Why not? (Keep an eye out for the washer and dryer on this level, too.) Now that you have your weapons and loadouts dialed in, all four levels should provide ample challenge. This is your ultimate test.


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Apocalypse is available today for $14.99 on PlayStation Store, but if you have a Black Ops II Season Pass, you’ve already secured your copy — just download from the in-game Store menu. See you online!

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12 Author Replies

  • This DLC is the ideal final chapter in the zombie saga and fitting conclusion to my Call of Duty career. After this I’m afraid I’ll be “moving on.”

    This is not a remonstrative expostulation but an encomiastic valediction to a game that grew to become a huge part of my life. As an unabashed CoD player, I loved the series beyond the game itself. It gave me some of the best gaming years and through it I met some amazing people from around the world, many of whom grew to become some of my closest friends on PSN. I’ve had tons of fun while gaming via voice chat, too, from puerile trashtalk to friendly banter to profound and ruminative intellectual debates over assorted topics, from politics to religion.

    Since MW2, every Call of Duty announced always made me excited and I’d always say I’d buy it as soon as it would come out. And like clockwork, I did. November became my favourite month. So I’m sad to break this routine.

    (continued below)

  • The reason behind my decision has nothing to do with the series itself. The real reason is something I’ve brought up so often that I’m sick of hearing myself say it. However, I will say this: as an ardent supporter of free market, I understand certain marketing decision, even if I disagree with them. But I also know that as a consumer I’m also part of this ecosystem. A corporation has every right to sell and make profit as it sees fit, but as a consumer, if I disagree with a company’s policy, I have every right not to spend money on their products. I know that one person won’t make a dent (which is okay as it’s not my intention at all). I just figured instead of incessantly complaining, I can just avoid the issue altogether.

    The developers, however, worked really hard on their games. To those I owe my gratitude.

    And thank you, Dan, for communicating with PS3 gamers and suffering through endless whining and rude comments (which are different from legitimate concerns). I know we’ve had our differences, but I want to say thanks for the hard work and your continued dedication. In fact, it’s this kind of direct communication that made my bond with CoD more personal.

    • I’m glad to hear that, and thanks for saying it. I know people get upset, but I also really believe they get upset because they care. If this stuff didn’t matter to them — it if wasn’t a big part of their life or the way they choose to spend (if not invest!) their free time, they would not be so intense about it. I see it as a good thing, in that way; it’s just all in how it gets expressed. :)

  • I, for one, welcome the robot overlords.

  • Killzone Shadow Fall ALL multiplayers Map packs Free while CoD still ask 15 bucks for it XD

    haha trolling aside that picture of the robot looks kool

  • how do you download it to your ps3 when you have the season pass

    • Head to the Store menu in Black Ops II’s multiplayer menu. You’ll see it in Map Packs, and if you are a Season Pass owner, it should say that download (and the other three map packs) are priced as “free.”

      If for some reason that’s not what you see as a Season Pass holder, visit and see if they can help you more.

  • Only 7 more weeks of “Reconnecting to Party”. Glad to have a new map pack while we are waiting. Thank you!

  • @wildfire0420

    Boot the game, enter multiplayer, go to “play online” and follow the prompts from there.

  • Good reddens, bring on KZ Shadowfall. Seriously all jokes aside its okay. PS4 day 1 I’m out

  • Dan, you’re the man.

  • COD sucks, BF all the way….

  • still sick of the xbox exclusivity, especially considering how anti consumer that company has become. I still can’t fathom why Activision needs to stay in bed with them, especially considering how much money the call of duty brand makes already.

    They missed their chance to back the real winner of the next generation, Sony with its ps4. instead Battlefield is regretably taking that spot. I don’t give a crap about that series, which is why its so annoying to see the CoD series so stuck to xbox. :(

    • I have tried to offer some explanation and historical perspective on the exclusivity deal here:

      The thing to remember is that many times in the past, the exclusivity has gone in PlayStation’s favor. This is just a reality of the business side of the gaming world, and it should not be interpreted as a personal slight or insult.

  • Saw the trailer for this….gigantic robots…damn that looks cool….looks like something fresh on CoD….but I don’t have B.O 2…and I dont see myself buying it until its really cheap and same goes for the DLCs…not buying for $15 thats for sure.Maybe when you guys have some respect for PS playas…..I may support you with your DLCs.

  • @ yazter i feel you,im just fed up of the lagging connections al probably get into something else after BO2

  • @Welmosca yea they don’t respect PS players for real the **** we deal with on BO2 i don’t here XBOX guys complaining about,i bought the season pass but im done with COD mehn

  • Aha tomorrow is my birthday I hope to play it!!! I have all maps on my Xbox I’d like the last one to be the first on my play station :D

  • I could be wrong but I believe they are still charging $15 for MW3 map packs. The game is almost two years old now so they should be cheaper.

  • I sold my Black Ops 2 after a month, game felt so broken…but I do admit I miss playing the zombie DLC.

    Oh well, only a short while until Ghosts is out, hope it draws me back into the series.

    At this point though, I’m looking forward to Battlefield 4 more than COD….never thought I would say that.

  • Really disappointed in this exclusivity. Activision makes so much money off CoD so they shouldn’t need the money M$ gives them for exclusivity. This will be the first year I skip CoD and it’s old engine. Activision is taking the money and running with it and not investing in the future of CoD. I am going to go with Killzone Shadow Fall which is the only true Next Gen FPS available. They truly understand gamers and offer more for your money. Once I have enough money for my next FPS I will then buy BF4! I am really excited for both FPS! I am not going to wish you good luck either as I know you won’t need it. PS4, Killzone Shadow Fall and BF4 here I come!!!

    • I mentioned this above, but this article offers some insight into why exclusivity exists, and why sometimes one platform gets content that another doesn’t get. Sometimes it’s a delayed release, sometimes it’s a true exclusive. has a quick overview on this topic.

  • @yazter, well said, I also decided to leave CoD behind after this gen as well. Will be focusing on BF4 and other games next gen.

  • Not to sound like a “fanboy” but I won’t be buying this mappack, greedy deals with microsoft killed it. If I could’ve bought this mappack BEFORE Grand Theft Auto 5, I’d have had time to enjoy before the purchase of my new game. But I see no point in buying it now, most of my gaming time goes towards GTA5 now, and will probably shift back towards FPS when the PS4 comes out.

  • Still upset there was really no bonus to ordering the hardened edition. The zombie bonus map became available for everyone before the first map pack and if you bought the season pass. Where was my prize? Couple of coins? Hard case? Camo for my gun? I spent $20 for $.50 worth of crap. Not happy and will not be buying “Ghosts”

    • The Zombies map that came with the Hardened, Nuketown Zombies, was made available for purchase later for $5 a few months after Hardened Edition came out. A physical collectible can only be enjoyed by one person, but a digital map is designed for everyone to share — and in a co-op game like Zombies, it gets better when they do. So I don’t really understand why people were upset or surprised that other people would be able to play that map with them later, considering co-op play is the point of the entire mode.

      The rest of the Hardened Edition stuff — the case, the coin, the camo — was all listed up-front for months before the Hardened Edition came out. If you knew those collectibles were what you were paying for, but you didn’t want them and you still paid for it, I’m afraid I cannot help you find peace with that decision. But whenever you’re buying any limited or collector’s edition of any game, you need to weigh your personal value of that content with the price they are asking. If you feel it didn’t live up to the value…I’m not sure why you bought it, and I don’t think I can help you on this one. It’s always your wallet; it’s always your choice.

  • From now on I’m gonna buy all cod games used, untill activision starts treating the playstation nation fair and release all dlc same as xbox and xbox one release dates we have to make a stand to make a difference…

    • The DLC arrangement is staying as is until further notice — sorry. You can find some insight on this at along with other historical examples of when these kind of deals have been in PlayStation’s favor. :)

  • BO2 is the worst COD to date !
    and paying $60 for a DLC ? u must be stupid to still do this in 2013 lmao
    do i buy next COD ? Maybe.
    do i buy overpriced DLC ? Hell NO.

    • To clarify, the DLC costs $60 if you buy it all individually; you are not required to buy all four packs — it is optional, add-on content, not required to play the game online — but the DLC packs are $15 each. The Apocalypse pack discussed above is $14.99. If you are committed to buying all the DLC, you can save $10 with the Season Pass, which many, many people chose to do.

      So either way, you don’t have to pay $60 for DLC. :)

  • and do i buy overpriced DLC ONE MONTH LATER ? go F* yourself you greedy Microsoft buttlickers !

  • Black Ops 1 was my 1st FPS. I didn’t like it.
    Modern Warfare 3, I got a little better, but felt kinda bleh.
    So I went back and tried Modern Warfare 2, it was decent. But hardly anyone online.
    Got Black Ops 2, got prestige master within 4 months from release, got a lot of achievements, so I can say I gave it a pretty good go at it.
    After 3 years of Call of Duty, I believe I’m done with the series, even Battlefield. Took me 3 years to get burnt out.

    • Sounds like you’ve given it a fair try, and the series is just not for you. Nothing wrong with that — play what makes you happy. :)

  • Origins is freezing constantly and I want to get it working will there be a patch?

  • Dear Dan, if you compare this to the Original Black Ops hardened edition, we didn’t get anything. In the original Black Ops we got all of the old World at War zombie maps. Then when those became available in the last pack, we also got the moon map for free. That was a good deal. There was no deal in Black Ops 2 hardened edition.

    I expected more fan fair and was hoping you would follow the same kind of format you did in Black Ops. Surprise us with something more. Almost everyone buys the season pass, like I did. If I had known the bonus map would have been part of that, I would have saved my $20 and used it as part of my season pass payment. Anyone can see the difference between the two hardened editions. Not sure why you can’t

    • The Hardened Edition of Black Ops II made its offerings very clear at the get-go, and there were several items that have not been issued to the public at large within that edition. Here’s the article that outlines exactly what would be in the package, dated August 2012:

      After going in with your eyes wide open and seeing a detailed list of exactly what you would be getting for your money — then choosing to buy it, confirming that, to you personally, what was in that package was worth the price asked — I don’t think it’s fair to hold anyone else accountable for you “expecting a surprise.” When I go to an action movie, I expect to be told a high-energy story; I don’t assume I will be surprised with free popcorn when I arrive at the theater, or wonder why there wasn’t a musical number. Did anybody say there would be free popcorn? Did anybody suggest a musical number was part of that story?

      I’m sorry — I just don’t feel that’s fair or rational to expect things you are not promised, then be disappointed when they don’t appear.

  • Bad business, no more call of duty franchise for me!

  • I’m boycotting the apocalypse dlc, the one month wait after the xbox is too much and makes me feel second class.. I have seen the entire map on youtube and I’m no longer interested now. Also, while I like the PS4 much better Im probably gonna go with XBOX One next gen so I wont have to deal with this BS anymore!

    • The explanation for the wait in DLC is explained in detail here:

      Don’t take it the wrong way; it’s not nearly as personal or dramatic as one company trying to treat its customers as “second class citizens.” It’s simply a reality of the videogame business as it has always existed, and in that article you’ll see several instances of Sony creating similar partnerships to its advantage (including Destiny, which will feature exclusive PS4 content!). But in no case is it any sort of personal slight or judgment, and that link tries to explain that.

      I would also suggest that watching a game on YouTube is not the same as playing that game for yourself — games are interactive, and they really only become personal experiences when you pick up the controller for yourself. But of course, if you don’t like what you see on YouTube, then this content is probably not going to be something you would enjoy playing.

  • Is there a way to download the apocalypse DLC from a PC, save it to a jump drive then install it unto your PS3 from a jump drive?

  • Dear Dan, Excellent work on ignoring the differences between the hardened editions of Black Ops and Black Ops 2. You’re in the right job.

    However, you are correct about my expectations. I should not have expected you guys to provide the same value as you did in the first Black Ops. I will not make that same mistake again.

    Just remember that customer satisfaction is everything in the world of business and I can’t be the only one not satisfied. A few more unsatisfied people and it won’t be long before your reign will be over. But that’s ok. You keep arguing your point.

  • Hey Dan,

    Exclusive dlc for Destiny does not interest me, its a marginal game with a limited fan base. COD is the biggest console game of the last decade, and sony is really pissing off their customers by allowing this one month delay to continue. Again and again PS3 owners get shafted, and the anger just cumulates. I suspect the COD exclusive along with TitanFall will decimate PS4 sales, regardless of wether its a better console or not.

    Regarding your comment about seeing the map on youtube. I have played zombies since WAW and I know exactly how the game feels, but the newness and excitement of the map is gone now after a month of seeing bits and pieces on youtube. I would have enjoyed origins immensely but out of principle I refuse to pay the same price as XBOX owners a month later having seen all the content. For gamers this is the only way we can get our message across to Sony and Activision!

  • Two map remakes? Come on! New and Original maps please….

  • i am new at the Call of Duty – BLACK OPS II and i had just made the download of one of the maps of the apocalipse and then i went to the main map of the zombies mode and doesnt let me got to the nuketwon mode can someone help me please?

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