New to PlayStation Home: Diablo III Items, Boxing Gym, Laser Turrets

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New to PlayStation Home: Diablo III Items, Boxing Gym, Laser Turrets

nDreams’ Joe’s Boxing Gym and Cassie’s Dance Studio

This week nDreams is offering a couple of apartments at an affordable price! Joe’s Gym and Cassie’s Dance Studio are available individually and also as a bundle and are perfect for putting the new animation packs through their paces. Whether you are sweating it out, training for the next big fight or practicing those pirouettes for the next show these apartments are for you.

PS Home Update, 9-25-2013, 01

nDreams’ Laser Turret LMOs

Defend the skies of Home with the Laser Turret Pop Up Locomotion. As you run through Home all will seem calm and still but when you stop, be prepared to fire as the turret pops out of the ground and fires some warning shots at any would be invaders.

Blizzard Diablo III Monk and Demon Hunter Items

Show your Diablo III pride with even more authentic character costumes: Monk, Wizard, and Demon Hunter!

PS Home Update, 9-25-2013, 03PS Home Update, 9-25-2013, 02

JAM Games Family Business

With our latest collection you will show everyone that you mean business, The Family Business! Ladies can be super sassy and sexy while the gents can be dapper and dashing! Who will you choose to be ladies? Miss Demeanor or Miss Guided? And gents will you be a Dapper Don or a Pinstriped Papa? Complete the look with a jeweled cane or the family violin case; we also have a couple of furniture items for you too!

Lockwood Salopette Dungarees

Slowly but surely, Lockwood have been revisiting all their most popular classics and giving them a fresh new look. And Lockwood wouldn’t be Lockwood without Sodium, so it’s only fair that Sodium’s hugely popular salopette dungarees are the latest wardrobe staple to get a revamp.

Choose from zesty yellow, dramatic red, eye-popping blue or cool white. Pick up a brand new color (or four) today!

PS Home Update, 9-25-2013, 05

Lockwood Victoriana Gothic Furniture

Whether it’s gangsta rap squids, or fashion pirate bears, Delirious Squid likes to do things a little differently. They could have made the ‘Magick’ store variations of their popular Gift Machine Gothic Furniture range purple, or deep red. There is some purple in there, it’s true, but as an entire colour scheme? That would be too obvious for Delirious Squid. Instead, they’ve trailed their tentacles over the entire set, making key pieces white and silver, without losing any of the Victoriana Gothic appeal. That’s magick!

PS Home Update, 9-25-2013, 04

X7 VIP Update

Head by x7 this week and be sure to pick up the newest VIP items. Lockwood adds to the Drop Science line, VEEMEE reveals the Giant Insects line, the Hot Rods line, the hatchlings line, and the Swarms line of dragonflies, bees and butterflies. VEEMEE also updates their Elements and Morphsuits lines. Atom Republic adds Personal Transporters, and Game Mechanics delivers the SeaClyff Retreat. nDreams drops a batch of Pride items as well. There’s lots in x7 to check out, so hustle over there now!

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  • Not very much in this update.

  • Game Mechanics SeaClyff Retreat amd Clubhouse looks amazing and offers Home Users a plethora of options that many in the community have been asking for a while now. Honestly, after seeing this video, this has to be the closest thing to an actual House in PlayStation Home since it seems that no detail has been left undone. The space also incorperates 4 built in Murals, 3 of which that have been created by actual PlayStation Home users.

    At this moment, I would like to thank Game Mechanics for listening to the Home Users and giving them what they have been asking for. I also want to thank them for giving the artists in the PlayStaion Home Community a chance to shine. I am humbly honored that you have accepted pieces from 2 other users and from myself as well. Thanks for creating such an awesome space. It was definitely worth all of the hard work and effort.

  • Game Mechanics house looks amazing. I fear it will cost 10 bucks. But it looks worth it. I agree, not much in this update. :(

  • Is the Seaclyff retreat out yet? I can’t find it anywhere. Please help.

  • Ok seriously, what is going on with all of this double and triple maintenance stuff???????? I’ve spent too much money to have to wait all this time. I bought the Hot Rod pack earlier, went to the store, then to come back to more maintenance. Excuse my language, but WTF is going on, guys? -Unhappy Home User.

  • NO ONE TOLD US ABOUT MAINTENANCE UNDERGOING< WILL YOU PLEASE REMIIND US AND LET US KNOW BEFORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It make me upset and waste my time not check store :(

  • Nothing but a few items this week. Is there going to be new public spaces next week? (I’m bored lol) When will PS Home leave beta? (I wish PS Home leave beta)

  • this sucks, you guys bring home back up long enough for us to spend our money then shut down for maintenanc, i didnt even get a chance to check out my new stuff. very upset!! and another thing why can someone there confirm home being on ps4 or not. its just a simple yes or no.

  • Does anyone know or has Sony made it official if Home will be on the PS4?

  • @7 if they were to eventually leave beta they would probably start charging club fee’s. read the club EULA.

    As for the update theirs nothing for me this week. wish they would implement some Kingdom Hearts into home

  • More content for PS home this is amazing!!!!!!!

  • Game Mechanics Sea Clyff space is nowhere to be found.

    Any news?

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