Hands-on with Deep Down on PS4: Ambitious Dungeon Crawling

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Hands-on with Deep Down on PS4: Ambitious Dungeon Crawling

Tokyo Game Show was arguably a little light on big, never-before-seen new games this year. Sure, Killzone: Shadow Fall, Driveclub, Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag, Resogun, and the like were all present, correct, and looking very shiny. But if you were after something truly fresh out of the oven, pickings were slim.

There were a handful of exceptions, of course: Yakuza Ishin from Sega (as yet unconfirmed for a Western release), the very sexy looking Soul Sacrifice Delta on PS Vita, and Deep Down — Capcom’s ambitious PS4 exclusive.

Deep Down on PS4

Along with Yakuza, Deep Down was the game that scored the biggest queues at the show, and my very first port of call. On the face of it, it looks like something gamers will have played more than a few times before. You step into the sabatons of an armour-clad knight as he explores a dimly-lit dungeon, crawling with hideous creatures, and armed only with a lance. So far, so Dark Souls. However, there are three aspects to the Deep Down experience that set it apart as something entirely different.

Firstly, all its dungeons are procedurally generated. As with, say, Diablo III or Spelunky, you’ll never explore the same set of caverns twice. Secondly, while it might appear that this game plays out in some medieval dimension, it’s actually set in New York City in the year 2094. And thirdly, according to an announcement from Capcom’s Yoshinori Ono during this year’s show, it will be free to play on PS4. Interest piqued?

Deep Down on PS4 - 5

The TGS demo was brief, but offered just enough gameplay to get a glimpse at how a few of Deep Down’s systems will work. Your knight spawns in a claustrophobic corridor lit by flickering torches. Inching slowly forward, you must find your way to the exit — a glowing blue disc on the floor. Naturally, there are a few obstacles in your way — namely a series of turrets that periodically shoot out streams of fire, and an unknown number of burly ogres hunting for some lunch.

Clicking the Dualshock 4’s touch pad brings up a map. But doesn’t offer much hint at where your foes might be hiding, so you must carefully inch forward peering round corners to scope out the path ahead. When you do find yourself in a confrontation, which you inevitably will, the combat mechanics feel pleasingly weighty and straightforward. One shoulder button aims your spear while the other thrusts it forward. You also have a special move attack, and a dodge.

Deep Down on PS4

My first instinct when confronted by one of the creatures was to turn on my heel and retreat. Maybe that would have worked in another playthrough, but in this case it led me straight into the jaws of another enemy approaching from an adjoining chamber, resulting in a furious scuffle. Once finally vanquished, the enemies dump loot and power-ups in a traditional fashion, though what exactly it’s all for remains unclear at this stage. A couple of wrong turns and anxious encounters later, and I’m at the exit — and the demo’s conclusion.

There are, of course, plenty of unanswered questions. How does all this fit into Deep Down’s promised future-New York setting? How will the free-to-play setup work in practice? How much variety will be on offer? For the time being you’ll have to wait and wonder. However, what’s certain is that Deep Down is one of the most intriguing AAA PS4 prospects on the horizon, promising to venture into some very interesting places indeed.

Deep Down on PS4

And what’s more, it’s an absolute stunner. The reveal trailer way back at the PS4 announcement event in New York this February wasn’t selling you a dummy. It really does look that impressive in action.

One to watch, then. Stay tuned to PlayStation.Blog for more on Capcom’s adventure over the coming months — we’ll have more news on development as it comes in.

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  • Very interested in this title. Hopefully it feels good to play, and not slow paced.

  • I seriously cannot wait to try out this game!

    And the fact that it’s Free-to-Play means that there is literally NO barrier to entry, and that everyone will be able to get their hands on it without any consequences.

    Less than 2 months until the PS4!!!

  • umm…day 1 :)

  • why is my ps+ avi not showing??

  • I have never seen a good looking and fun free to play game in my life.This game could prove to be the exception to the rule.

  • This game as my interest now. I am looking forward to seeing how this story is all tied together. @ AtFatesFingers; you do not think Warframe, Warthunder, or Planetside 2 are good looking games? Also DC Universe online looks to be getting a bump in graphics. Check all of those games out if you have not done so already. PS4 is free to play heaven!

  • Ever since it was first teased on February… This one here is a must play! Can’t wait for the PS4 to arrive! In the mean time, back to TLOU, Tekken Revolution and GTA V!
    The PS Blog is so AWESOME!

  • this is game look awesome, I might have to get this

  • I’m skeptical about what F2P will entail. I was starting to get excited about the game until that announcement. Now I’m cautious.

  • Definitely one of my most anticipated games for ps4. That trailer back in Feb. was super impressive, so I’m glad to hear the game actually looks that good.

  • I’m pretty sure this isn’t a launch title, but is it launch window?

  • Sorry but i lost interest as soon as i found out this was an online only multiplayer game.

  • It looks really interesting and I am picking it up for sure the day it launches. It says it’s a launch day title for ps4 but I thought it was coming out in beta in February?

  • One thing that I really liked when I watched the gameplay was the sound of your character inside the armor. It really feels that you are INSIDE the armor, with muffled sounds and the character’s breathing. Different from Dark Souls, in which I believe we hear the sounds from a third-person perspective.

    The pop-medieval music, however, was really breaking the immersion IMHO; very annoying.

    I’m still concerned about the fact that Deep Down will be free-to-play, but anyways I’m eager to hear (and see) more about it.

  • I’m not too excited about it being a f2p game, but I’d still like to try it, so let’s get whomever it may concern to release a localized version. Same goes for Yakuza Fishing. That game is exactly what I’ve wanted since Tenchu.

  • Yakuza Ishin*

  • I really want to give this game a go. It looks like Dark Souls, but sounds like something so different that I just have to give it a try. One concern I have is, since it’s free to play, are they going to pack it with a bunch of micro transactions?

  • I was going to wait a while to pick up a PS4 but free to play? I’ll be picking one up as soon as I can!!

  • This game looks beautiful. I hope it’s not pay to win type game. Also, i would have paid $60 for a story.

  • Wait…Soul Sacrifice Delta?…..didn’t even know about that…damn…about Deep Down…game looks good….I watched a gameplay from TGS…I’m really curious about that New York 2094 thing….shame this game is online only…so all my interest for it was lost when I heard that is online only….Sony is working with capcom on this one right?…otherwise Deep Down wouldn’t have these beast graphics…so I get that Deep Down will be exclusive?…..free to play is fishy fishy fishy when we’re talking about capcom.

    @ 12 Ryumoau – Agree 100%.Same here.

  • I’m pretty sceptical of the free-to-play thing. Capcom doesn’t exactly have a reliable history when it comes to not trying to nickel-and-dime their customers.

    But it looks super pretty. Definitely worth at least trying out.

  • im curious to see how free to play is gonna work and the story of this game, i mean the presentation shows off a futuristic lab then armored characters venturing in a dungeon, perhaps a .hack, sao kinda story…

  • @Questions

    1. Any class system? (i hope there’s a cleric.. :3)

    2. is the game pretty fasted paced? (i saw a gameplay vid but the guy wasn’t a pro)

    3. Pay to win…? yah you know what i mean :/ if the game is any good then i might consider paying money but not for micro transactions but for actual stuff like bonus worlds, bundles on new items, and etc

  • I dislike f2p games because they nearly always end up being pay-to-win or have ridiculously slow progression if you don’t pay. That dragon looks nice though.

  • so is this for sure it is coming to the US also

  • So hyped for this. I’m actually digging the slower paced combat. Gives the character a more realistic feeling, being weighted with armor.

  • I want this game, I do hope the free-to-play aspect is done correctly not many games do it really well and i hope it doesn’t hinder it in anyway. The graphics look gorgeous, I am impressed with it.

    I can’t wait to get my hands on this game to try it out. Well, if you don’t know you’ll like it or not, try it out once it releases in your region. Always try it before you mock it, it’s free to play so it won’t hurt to at least give it a go.

  • Free to Play? Online only? Eh.. this all sounds so disappointing. Sure hope we get some good games on the PS4, so far all of the announced games haven’t been terribly exciting to be honest.

  • Capcom is dead to me since 2009. From all my favorite franchises, Capcom owns three of them, these being MegaMan X, Resident Evil and Breath of Fire. Franchises Capcom killed.

    I HATE you Capcom! You WON’T see one dollar from my wallet anymore! I swore to myself that I would not buy anything from you anymore, even if it’s the last and best game on the world!

    To me, you could be bought by Microsoft, because being bought by Microsoft is WORSE than going bankrupt!

  • This was a must buy for me, but now ………. Sorry Capcom and Sony I have to say i’m not interest in it anymore once I found out it was an only online game. It just destroy my hope for this game.

  • Im fine with online only… but FREE TO PLAY!? FREEEEEE TOOO PLAYYYYYY!!!? WHAT THE HELL ITS WRONG WITH U CAPCOM! I was so hyped over this! now im just skeptical about! Give me a full game for 60 bucks and end of story!

  • Must play game on PS4.

    Really want it! And its F2P. Amazing, nice one Capcom.

  • This is a game that i keep hearing about & it’s f2p this will be cool no doubt.

  • free to play wtf i was planning on buying this game lol is it free to play for plus only or will people who dont get plus have it too? im sure it will have way to pay money on it so if its good ill drop 60 on it easy

  • please Sony Bring Yakuza 5, HD Collection on PS3 and Yakuza Ishin on PS3/PS4.Vita!!!!!

    i prefer those games than any GTA any day!

    also are there any other weapons besides the spear?

    i really don’t like the spear. i prefer swords and shields ^^

  • Hello,

    In past years Sony has held a Playstation Holiday Preview Event in Toronto, Ontario, Canada in early October. Any word yet on if it’s happening again this year? I’ve gone the last 3 years & it’s been great every year!

  • Looking forward to the PS4 but with Valve announcing the Steambox with openGL and with many different console specs with upgradeable hardware compatible. I cant see Sony launching another Console after the PS4 and instead jumping on with Valve and producing games and releasing the Sony PS OS instead of losing money on designing and manufacturing hardware.

  • @37 Vale really OK I’ll take your beat PS5 will happen the gods have spoken :)

    back to the game looks great but I guess Capcom will some how mess it up again?

  • @#34
    Considering you need Plus to play online, and (i haven’t read the article yet) but people are saying it’s online only than no you couldn’t play it.

  • Free to Play games won’t require PS+ to play online.

  • PFFT… Valve its so overrated and so their games…

  • @ 41 DarkOne_PR – Man you’re so right…I agree 100%.

  • A very awesome looking game, the details are refined.

    Can’t wait to play this exclusively.

  • The only PS4 game I’m interested in. (Out of the stuff that is confirmed, that is.)

  • On the Gameinformer Pocast, they were saying that Deep Down is currently for Japan only. They said they figure it will eventually get announced for North America as well, but it isn’t currently. Is that correct, that Deep Down is not official for North America yet?

  • Loved Skyrim and this looks like it’s now going to disappoint at all. Little bit nervous at the F2P model though… But overall really looking forward to getting my PS4 and trying this out! :)

  • *not, not now (duh!) (Stupid fingers!)

  • My favourite genre are role playing games.

    This looks amazing. Although, how can it possibly be offered for free, what am I missing?

    Are there micro-transactions involved, or is it a showcase game this is relatively short?

  • the setting is probably something to do with a future game which lets you enter a world with dragons and such. or perhaps it is a world hidden beneath new york

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