Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Opening Cutscene Revealed

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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Opening Cutscene Revealed

The story and world of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII has been shrouded in mystery. You already know you get to play as Lightning in order to save the world in only 13 days. You already know you get to battle through this world with and against some of your favorite characters from this universe. And until now, we’ve only teased about Snow’s inclusion.

So without further ado, we present to you the opening cinematic to Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, completely uncut in its full five minutes of glory.

While we can’t divulge every secret to the story of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, we hope you enjoy the opening and witness Lightning and Snow like you’ve never seen them before. We also hope this cinematic gets you hyped for how truly awesome the end of Lightning’s saga will be.

In case you didn’t already know, pre-ordering Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII equips you with Cloud Strife’s buster sword, Soldier first class outfit, and victory fanfare — all for the low price of… FREE!

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is coming to PS3 on February 11th, 2014.

Questions? Comments? Anything else you’d like to know about Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Thanks for putting it up. Though ill skip seeing it cause i wanna see it when the game is in my hands.

  • It’s not the opening cinematics I’m concerned aboot.

    FFxiii was turrible. Am I a linear action game? Am I an RPG? I’m neither! Now make with the stunning and paradigms.

  • That was strange and confusing. I think I’ll wait on this one. I bought XIII and XIII-2 when it came out, but I don’t know about this one. Serah or Lumina, was mischievous though.

  • This is so intense, I can’t take it! XD

  • Now that was awesome. The CG cutscenes throughout the FFXIII series have never disappointed.

    Please take this suggestion into consideration, at least for a DLC/add-on feature if it’s too late to add to the game…

    There should be some sort of “theater mode” in which you can watch the CG cutscene of your choice after your first play through.

  • Since you guys at square enix decided to turn the Final Fantasy franchise into a lame action series with cheesy characters, can you make a game for the fans who supported you for 20 years now. How about a new Chrono game? I would love to see a Chrono Trigger reboot. Sorry to be rude, but FF 13, was a slap in the face to your long time fans, and FF 15 looks even worse.

  • @rabidninjamonky FF7 & FF9 remakes would be music to my ears. Those games had so much charm! They deserve to be brought into the HD age.

    Can’t wait for FFX!

  • @teeborg Yeah I liked 9 a lot. It was really fun and didn’t take itself too serious. FF X and X 2 on vita are going to be amazing. Ioved them both, but never quite finished X because i smashed my disc in a fit of rage back in the day. I actually preferred X2 over 10 though. The dresspheres were interesting, and gave a lot of options. Unfortunately all the money SE makes off it will just go into funding FF 15-2 through 5

  • I think this is the first Final Fantasy game I have absolutely no interest in. Well, back to A Relm Reborn.

  • Wow. That’s how the game opens? They just throw you right in without explaining anything? I really hope the game itself explains things and the story is cohesive and plays out well. I’ve got this preordered. I thought Lighting was such a cool character, and I have high hopes for her. I know a lot of weird **** has happened to her, but I hope she hasn’t changed entirely.

  • That was rather awesome

  • Can’t wait for this. Played it a bit at comic-con. Combat seemed to have a lot of depth to it that I didn’t have enough time to dig into. Loved XIII and XIII-2 and I’m really looking forward to this one too. :)

    One thing though…

    Snow: “You here to kill me? Huh?”

    Me: “Yes, please”. >_>

    Also, any word yet on Vanille returning for this game?

  • Nice! any chance the Aerith costume will be released here?

  • WOW not bad at all, Lighting is just so wait their is no word i can use. She is beyond anything awesome and cool; I hope the ending is great and everyone is saved by Lighting plus everything goes back to normal free from all forms of evil beings.

  • @Mat Kishimoto

    That was a cool video, the camera moves a little too fast in some scenes, but I still like it. I just want to ask Square to work on a remake of FFVI :)

  • @6 No arguments here about FFXIII and it’s horrible sequels no one asked for. That being said I will not let you bad mouth a game that has yet to be released with FFXV. FFXV has a great team behind it and has the writers of FFVII and FFX back to pen the story and the guy who created Kingdom Hearts and made FFVII what it’s was, Tetsuya Nomura. I don’t believe in being able to say a game “looks” horrible without even playing it. I have played the XIII games and many LR demos (at E3/PAX/etc) and yes it’s still cringeworthy.

    But none of us have the right to call FFXV a horrible game at the moment. You can’t say it looks worse based on trailers because that is simply incorrect. The game will feature an open world and airships. It’s a true return to form for the FF franchise.

  • Could you guys at Square please cut a deal with Utada to let you release Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix digitally on psn? Even if you have to remove her generic pop song from the game, i’ll gladly take it.

  • Thats some phenomenal CGI….Square you guys should stop with Final Fantasy games and just focus on movies with CGI…I thought in that since Advent Children….you’re one of the best in the industry when it comes to CGI….so why not go that way?…whereas now every FF game will be multiplatform thus never having the same quality as when they were exclusive to PS.

  • Hmmmm just may have to check this out, always did like the final fantasy universe. PS4 day 1 I’m out

  • @PsychoNinja Well maybe FF 15 isn’t going to be a bad game, but it looks nothing like a FF game. It looks more like Devil May Cry than FF. I wish FF would go back to turn-based gameplay. With the next-gen systems the spells and summons would look amazing.

  • I saw the UK has some pre-order bonuses we in the US don’t have. Will we be able to buy them at a later date, or do we not get the samurai shogun gear?

  • What I want to know is why in every FFXIII game Square Enix decides not to put in a theater mode to re-watch cutscenes from the game after you beat the game.

    This was especially annoying in Final Fantasy XIII when it had great 1080p cg cutscenes. XIII-2 only had one or two actual cg cutscenes and the rest used in-game graphics.

    Just put a freaking theater mode in instead of forcing people to replay just to see a cutscene.

  • Will it have Rock music?
    Can we choose our own battle theme?

  • Squre Enix since u have denied us the FF7 remake so much even knowing everyone wants it just to give us these FF13 saga that nobody wanted… How about a remake of xenogears? would u be willing to do that? how about Legend of dragoon 2?? sigh… a man can dream of the deaf listening right?

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