The PlayStation Recap – What We’re Reading

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The PlayStation Recap – What We’re Reading

Whew, how about that GTA V? The sheer scope of Rockstar’s latest has had my head spinning since Tuesday.

Between outings in Los Santos, I’ve been playing through Diablo III — I just finished the game for the first time! Now it’s on to Nightmare mode (with Sid’s Barbarian helping my Demon Hunter cleave through the demonic crowds) to snag increasingly impressive loot.

This week on PS.Blog, we detailed the process by which you’ll be able to upgrade select PS3 games to their PS4 versions, we saw an — um — interesting new level in Hohokum, Nick wrote a killer tips guide to help you survive the perils of Spelunky, Ubisoft gave us an extra-close look at what exactly makes Assassin’s Creed IV a next-gen experience on PS4, we got an intimate look at the development of beloved PS2 Classic The Mark of Kri (coming to PSN Tuesday), and more.

What are you playing this weekend?

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  • Is my digital copy of GTA V really inferior to the disc’s ? If so, when can we expect a fix?

  • Street Fighter X Tekken PS VITA at IGC October, just like the Europe Plus PLEASE!!!

  • No, no, no to Street Fighter X Tekken. I’d be happy to never get another fighting game in IGC again.


  • Batman Arkham City would be the perfect fit for October’s game of the month.

  • Batman AC GOTY is like 5 bucks in some stores, if you want it buy it, I want variety, not games 90% of people owned or played

  • Where? The lowest I’ve seen it on PS3 is $10 for the regular edition. At $5 that was probably a rare sale or you’re making stuff up. Besides, most retail games on PS+ have been $10 before. I don’t expect the same quality as Europe, but Batman AC would be a good way to promote Origins and it’s pretty old now.

  • I’m playing: GTA V and Final Fantasy 3. I would love to finish Dragon Fantasy Book 2, but even after the recent patch my game keeps crashing. So annoying.
    I’m watching: Breaking Bad and Oakland Raiders destruction of the Broncos tomorrow night.
    Congrats to Rockstar for eclipsing $1 billion. They deserve every penny. This game is absolutely amazing!

  • love the $9.99 game upgrade program. was originally just going to get Ghosts on ps4, but i’ll get the ps3 digital version instead and just upgrade later to ps4.

  • Also watched breaking bad as well. :)

  • 3 other stories out of Tokyo Game Show on things that might come here:

    * A new Gravity Rush game was teased in a trailer.

    * The PS4 game Deep Down was announced as a free-to-play game.

    * Along with Yuna, there will be an Aerith costume for Lightning in Lightning Returns.

    Playing: Toro’s Friend Network, just leveling up for the others after finishing dungeon level 100. Also Dragon’s Crown occasionally.
    Watching: football

  • It would be cool if we could use the share button to upload to Youtube directly.

  • Hey Justin it would be cool to see some posts about recent announcements like the Gravity Rush 2’s teaser, Jojo’s Bizzarre Adventure All Star Battle’s localization and Lightning Returns Aerith costume, something about Freedom Wars would be cool too, but seeing it didn’t made an appearance at TGS, I guess nothing coming from that soon.

  • @1 : Unjust007

    Don’t worry, I have the digital version for PS3, and my dorm-mate has the physical version for XBox 360. I haven’t noticed any real differences between the two. There has been some reported problems, but I haven’t noticed them yet, and I wouldn’t consider them game-breaking.

  • @smoothboarder540 Why not? Even if it’s a fighter, that’s a game I rather get for free than buying it. It even includes the 12 DLC characters so at least you won’t have to pay Capcom an additional $20 for disc locked content.

  • I’ll love to see Megaman Legends as a PSX game (PSN). I’m pretty sure that it’ll never happen.

  • It would be great if our games we play could be live streamed to youtube from ps vita like on ps3.

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