Lone Survivor: The Director’s Cut on PS3 and PS Vita Release Date Announced

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Lone Survivor: The Director’s Cut on PS3 and PS Vita Release Date Announced

Lone Survivor: The Director's Cut on PS3 and PS Vita

Hey everyone, Rob here, representing the fine men and women of Curve studios in London. I’m very happy to announce that Lone Survivor will be out this coming Tuesday, the 24th of September.

Lone Survivor was originally released for the PC last year by indie developer Jasper Byrne. After eight months of work with Jasper on the PS3 and PS Vita versions, we’re very happy to say that we’ve created the definitive version of this game.

Lone Survivor: The Director's Cut on PS3 and PS VitaLone Survivor: The Director's Cut on PS3 and PS Vita

Jasper describes the game as a “Psychological Survival Adventure.” It has all the hallmarks of classic survival horror games — high on atmosphere and low on available sources of ammunition. Players can choose to use stealth or firepower to deal with the monsters in Lone Survivor. Depending on player choices, the game can play out very differently, with many optional scenes and different endings.

For the PlayStation version, we started with simple upgrades, like adding touch support on Vita and improving the lighting system… and things spiralled from there! We’ve added over twenty new items, new endings, and new game locations. All of them have been designed by Jasper, and all of them are made to expand on the original game seamlessly.

Lone Survivor: The Director's Cut on PS3 and PS Vita

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If you’ve never played Lone Survivor, you can be sure you’re getting the absolute best version of the game. And if you did play the original, you’ll find the Director’s Cut edition to be a very different experience.

Lone Survivor will be a Cross Buy and Cross Save title, and PlayStation Plus subscribers can look forward to a launch discount when the game makes its PlayStation debut this Tuesday.

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  • Definitely going to do another play through on vita :D

  • sounds like a VITA purchase to me

  • What is the price on this gem?
    Got to have my wallet ready :)

  • Thanks for this great announcement. VITA it is.

    What will be the release price?

  • I’ve been looking forward to this one for a while, I can’t wait. You guys at Curve are doing great work getting these games over to the Vita. What do you guys have coming next?

    • We’ve got an exploration adventure game called Proteus coming out next month. We’ve not announced anything after that, but we’re hoping to do 6 new releases next year!

  • Thank you for the Vita support!
    But….is this too scary for somebody who gets scared easily? Classic survival horror sounds like too much for me.

    • The horror element is a lot of more psychological than many horror games on the PlayStation. I’d suggest taking a look at some of the excellent YouTube Let’s Plays of the game to get an idea :)

  • I checked out some gameplay on youtube, and it looks great. I can’t wait to play this on my vita before bed. I guess I’m the opposite of lisatsunami. I love being scared. How many hours of gameplay can we expect? I hope at least 8. If so, I’ll definitely buy it day 1.

  • this game seems great and even better on ps vita i will buy for sure on vita

  • Ok forget my last question. I checked out some reviews for the original version, and saw it was only about 4 hours long. I’m fine with that though, because of the multiple endings and I read that the director’s cut had a new game plus. Is this true? I’ll be buying it regardless. This game looks incredible. Thanks for bringing it to vita! I would have never heard of it otherwise.

    • It takes between 4-5 hours to beat, but you would be only seeing half of the game on one play-through. There are multiple endings, but importantly there’s two entirely different paths through the game, so it’s not just about playing an identical story up until the last few minutes like some multiple endings!

      New Game+ is a really big deal for the Director’s Cut edition and where a large portion of our new items and dialogue, so if you do grab the game I’d definitely reccomend checking it out.

  • Damn I was hoping this would be announced weeks, months in advance. Now it’s in a few days. I’m already pinching pennies for PS4. Would have been nice to have been able to put this in my budget a lot sooner.

    • Sorry man! We’ve had a release date of October for a while, but no specific date. We try to announce that as soon as we can be absolutely sure the release date won’t change to avoid disappointment. Regardless, hope you end up enjoying that PS4 :)

  • Very excited for this and a plus discount too cool

  • Its just great to see the PS Vita getting so many top-notch games coming to there platform. This will be a game that is a must buy for sure Doods!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • What. Is this? Atmospheric horror? I’m down.

    If it’s $10 and the standard PS+ discount takes it down to $8, I can scrounge up enough quarters to go get a $10 PS Card.

  • “Hey everyone, Rob here, representing the fine men and women of Curve studios in London.”

    @ Rob- but… but, who will represent the pets!? Come on, Rob! ^o^

    Thank you Curve & Jasper! First time player, heard many [scary] positive things about Lone Survivor!

    Looking forward to… Tuesday. Tuesday. TUESDAY! (=

  • You have my wallet!

  • Definitely picking this one up!

  • Another Day 1 Indie for me! This game looks great and because I’ve never played the PC version, something tells me I’m in for a treat. Can’t wait!! Thanx for supporting the Vita. : )

  • Perfect to play on the Vita. Alone. In the dark. With headphones. Very excited for this one, Rob.

    • Yes, that’s the exact best way to play it. There’s some tips on setting up a good environment at the start of the game, but playing it with headphones is very atmospheric, glad you’re looking forward to it!

  • I have been waiting for this for the longest time. Was afraid it might be delayed till October. This is excellent news and is definitely a day one purchase for me. Can foresee myself playing it more on the Vita than the PS3. This and Spelunky is the reason I loves my Vita much more than other portable devices!

  • Will Lone Survivor: The Director’s Cut be released in Brazilian PS Store?
    I wanna buy it.

  • Great News, i really hope that it’ll be released also for EU next week because i’m waiting for it so long.

  • Looking forward to this, played a little bit on PC but decided to stop and wait when I heard it was coming to Vita.

  • Totally double dipping on this. Love the PC version!

  • Comes out on my birthday. Might pick it up despite already owning it on PC.

  • Great news for my PS Vita!

  • Does it have a plat? :>

  • if its in the range of $5-$8 wont make me think twice to buy it!

  • AT LAST! hurray for you, sirs!

  • Mmmm i hope that the Vita discount will be at $9.00 because i only have that on my account. Surely a buy.

  • You have me interested.

    Keep the price reasonable, and it might get added, regardless of forseeing the huge price cut, next year.

  • Please replace psp titles with indie games on Vita IGC…..

  • Got to love Cross-buy titles.

    Stealth Inc. was nicely made, so thinking I just may have to buy this one.

  • So this is atmospheric horror? Just so I have something to wrap my head around, could someone describe to me how this compares and contrasts with something like, say, Corpse Party or Resident Evil?

  • WOW!! I cant wait to play this, I´m so excited! + director’s cut and discount thats AWESOME!! =)

  • Does this game have a platinum trophy? Buying day 1 either way…but would like to know

  • I’m concerned that the pixilated graphics being shrunk down on the Vita screen will make it even tougher to see what is going on in the game. The game looks great and I’m excited to play it, but I’m not sure how it will translate on the Vita.

  • My Love Affair with Indie Games continues! Day 1 download!

  • I never heard of this game, but I’ve never heard of any Indie titles, many of which turned out to be great games. This one looks no different. If the price is right ($10 or less, possibly after a Plus discount), then I will have to give it a try. If the price isn’t right, then I’ll wait for the inevitable sale.

  • I have the original on pc….. can’t wait to play the Directors cut on the vita’s OLED screen!!

  • To everyone asking about the price, the original pc version is still $10, so it’s a pretty sure thing that it will be $14.99 for the directors cut and $11.99 with plus discount.

  • I wouldn’t think of the Directors Cut as a different game. More as a natural expansion to an existing one. That would make sense if there were two versions. I just hope it’s $10. The extra $2 may put it out of the $10 PS Card price range for me. Holy crud there’s a lot of PS+ members on the PSBlog.

  • They did put a lot of extra work into the vita version, like touch support, better lighting, etc, plus there is a platinum trophy. I’m not sure there has been a game under $15 with a platinum. But the fact that they haven’t announced a price yet might be a good thing. I think $10 would be smart though. I’m buying it regardless, because I think it looks great, but I think $10 would attract a lot of people that are on the fence and the impulse buyers. We should find out on the PS plus update this morning.

  • i don’t really care much about the price but it looks to be a really good Vita title and I support alot indie games. I’m not sure whats so special between the regular version and the directors cut but I hopefully will have fun playing this game.

  • Buying this the moment it hits the store. If you are too cheap to cough up the ~$12 to support a great dev/game/system, perhaps you should find a new hobby.

  • I’m not too cheap to cough up money. I’m too poor to. Don’t start with that. I love my Vita as much if not more than the next guy. That holier than thou crap pisses me off. Goddamn, now I’m in a bad mood. Oh, and someone is a smart aleck who can’t read timestamps. Because the price was still announced until 8am September 23rd.

    THANKFULLY, the developers have set a price I can afford $11.69. I’ll be downloading this after I get my $10 PS card and it hits the store.

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