Legend of Raven for PS Vita Detailed

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Legend of Raven for PS Vita Detailed

Legend of Raven on PS Vita

Fighting and PS Vita fans, rejoice! If you follow great PS Vita games, you probably know that Legend of Raven, the high-speed, 2D fighter, is coming later this year. And if you don’t know about Legend of Raven, where have you been?

Legend of Raven features an awesome, hard-rocking guitar soundtrack, beautifully drawn characters and backgrounds, and gameplay to rival some of the best 2D fighters available today. Headed to PSN, Legend of Raven will give you guys and girls the opportunity to go head-to-head locally (via Ad Hoc) with your friends.

A super-unique color commentary system emulates that old arcade experience. I’m sure some of you remember going to arcades or watching tournaments, seeing AND hearing the action. It’s just like that, except without the shoulder-to-shoulder crowds. Literally, the in-game commentary will pop-up from time to time when you’re clobbering an opponent with a vicious combo or finishing them off with a super move.

For those among us who want to learn a bit more about how the controls work, Legend of Raven features a four-button attack system and two varieties of punches and kicks, as well as a locking system not unlike the parry system in Street Fighter III. By pressing the L or R button on your Vita, you can parry an attack, stunning your opponent for a short period of time (I’m talking frames), then strike immediately to hurt them with a painful counter!

Legend of Raven on PS VitaLegend of Raven on PS Vita

There are three types of button locking: mid air, high, and low. Use the appropriate BL to parry an opponent’s attack. Press forward while pushing BL for a greater return. You can also BL while blocking an opponent’s combo. However, beware of the timing since it will take you out of guard and result in you being hit. It’s an incredibly deep system that works whether you’re a circular motion character or a charge-type character.

Special attacks can also be improved/upgraded by pressing two punch or kick buttons when performing the input. Assuming you have special meter available, your character will glow and the special attack will become powered-up, delivering more hits, damage, or assuming heightened priority. Of course, we also have super moves in the game for each character.

Legend of Raven on PS Vita

Here’s where it gets real interesting: we’re going to give a talented member of the Sony gaming community the unique opportunity to be featured as an in-game, color commentator in Legend of Raven for PS Vita. If you think you have what it takes, we’ve prepared some stock footage from Legend of Raven for you to record your awesome color commentary over. We want you to be part of Legend of Raven.

Here’s what you have to do to audition:

  1. Be awesome!
  2. Record your mind-blowing color commentary over the provided gameplay footage, which you can watch here or download here.
  3. Upload your video to YouTube and make sure it’s unlisted.
  4. Email us a link to your YouTube video with the color commentary to: auditions@nicalis.com

Nicalis will be accepting audition videos up until September 20th, 2013. If someone is up to the challenge and makes the cut, they’ll be chosen on September 25, 2013 and notified by email. You can find more information here.

I’m really excited to get Legend of Raven in your hands on PS Vita. I grew up playing fighting games in arcades and have never stopped playing them. Shoot off your questions in the comments section, I’ll try to answer as many as I can. Thanks for reading, and hope you like what you see with Legend of Raven.

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  • Awesome!! ^^

  • It’s a really cool shot to get into the game, but when you put up the announcement the last day submissions will be taken i doubt many will get the chance to make one. For next time, a bit more time would be great

  • Could’ve sworn Legend of Raven (Yatagarasu) got held up/pushed back for Vita development.

  • Just letting you know I am buying your game! Thanks for making this, it looks like Street Fighter 3, but an original game on Vita. Too bad I have no way of getting you those announcements at the moment. Would have loved to be a part of this…good luck to those entering the competition and can’t wait to play this

  • cant wait for the game :D hoping it comes soon to the west….and good luck to people entering…i dont have a good enough mic for this >.<

  • So i pretend I’m that Japanese guy in the corner?


  • Another psp figthing game for vitA.

  • It is too bad that this was posted on the last day of submissions, but still this game looks fantastic.
    REALLY digging the art style.

  • @ninokuni, this isn’t a PSP game, foo.

    Looks cool.. weird aspect ratio.. but whatevs.. the only thing that bugs me is that games these days either have ad-hoc OR wifi capability.. why does nothing have BOTH? I wanna be able to play against some of my buddies in real life in LBP, PS All stars, Killzone Merc, and such… as well as my friends online.

  • Sooooo you post this on Sept 20 and the deadline of the contest is Sept 20…..awesome.

    • Chase, see my first reply at the top. We’re extending the deadline so that everyone who wants to audition can.

  • A SNK game?

  • 4:3 game on Vita’s 16:9 screen.
    Please, tell me you guys won’t do this.

    • Hugo, default will be the 4:3 with the borders/character marquees. Vita fans seem to want it. However, hardcore players seem to prefer the 4:3. We’re going to implement both in the finished game.

  • not interested

  • +joaryche on September 20th, 2013

    you are, if you hadn’t you wouldn’t of posted.

  • No online multiplayer, only local (ad hoc)?

  • Kinda cool that Vita is getting a fighting game, kinda bummed that it’s not going to be on PS3. Vita still needs more original games thought before I get one, will keep playing this (Yatagarasu) on PC.

  • seems a great game i will buy this game very happy,one question the game will have story mode?

  • When is it coming out in the U.S.?

  • The only thing about this is that if this game is not setup like Marvel vs Capcom3 with touch controls then this is a problem. Because fighting games on the PS Vitas should have this option as well, fighting games get very intense & i don;t know if the PS Vita can handle all of that jostling around all the time.

  • Awesome! Can’t wait!
    My Vita already has lots of awesome fighters and one more is always welcome!
    Just on my memcard I have: Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom, Street Fighter x Tekken, Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R, Dead or Alive 5 Plus, Street Fighter Alpha 3 MAX, Darkstalkers Chronicles: The Chaos Towers and Power Stone Collection.
    I just wish the Vita had some more PS1 games compatible. I long to have Bloody Roar 1 and 2 on it. And when we’ll have Tekken 3 on PSN?

  • Hello!

    I’ve responded to some of your questions above. Keep them coming!

  • Will there be a pre-order bonus? I’d love to post a story about this on NSFW Gamer and get some more attention your way, but usually we like something more substantial than just a title announcement.

  • Hello Tyrone.
    This is croze posting from my U.S account.
    I live in Australia (EU Region). Any chance this comes over. If its not possible i would like a ps3/ps4 version so at the very least i can buy it and play it :) I am really keen on this title.

  • Hello Tyrone, I also would like to know if you can say anything about an european release. And honestly, I also would like to know if you can turn off the commentator in the options. Thanks for bringing this game to PS Vita.

    • Jarod,

      There’s an option in the menu to not only turn off the commentators, but also change the volume for them.

  • Consider this bought….”hard-rocking guitar soundtrack” this is the only thing worrying….but as a fighting game lover….I so want this game,it looks so good.I follow every Vita game and I never heard about Legend of Raven before…are you guys sure you’re doing your thing right?….anyway incredible artwork….thats eye-candy.Just tell me you have more than 8 characters….well whats the price tag?…can’t wait.

  • Yea, I really appreciate you passing over my question. Allow me to return the favor and pass on your game.

  • greatest!

  • My apologies. Would you say it’s early enough in development for a Vita skin, like Muramasa:Rebirth and Persona 4 Arena did? If not, I don’t know how you’re handling costumes, but maybe a few unique ones for the earliest buyers? Again, my apologies, didn’t consider timezone difference. If there’s enough time and money, why not make a Collector’s Edition with a case and art print? Vita could always use a little case love!

  • no ps3 release?

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