Atomic Ninjas Release Date and Price Revealed, New Trailer Debuted

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Atomic Ninjas Release Date and Price Revealed, New Trailer Debuted

Hey everybody, this is Jakub from Grip Games. Our newest game, Atomic Ninjas, is almost ready, and I return to the PlayStation.Blog today to finally announce the release date and price! Atomic Ninjas will be launched for PS3 on October 8th for $9.99! It will launch on PS Vita one week later, and it’ll be cross buy.

With that said, let me introduce you to the craziest and most hilarious feature of the whole game. It’s something we’ve been looking forward to show you for a very long time: the Noob Rage.

Sometimes, the biggest loser in the whole match who’s getting massacred by all the other players, is given a very unfair chance for sweet revenge. He’ll become a raging, screaming, unstoppable hulk for a few seconds — an absolute ruler of the game who dominates the arena. When you see that one of the other players has turned into the Noob, you only have one strategy to use: run for your life! Hilarity ensues.

Atomic Ninjas storm PS3, PS Vita later this yearAtomic Ninjas storm PS3, PS Vita later this year

As if Atomic Ninjas wasn’t a crazy enough game, the Noob Rage is pure chaos. The player who gets this advantage can use it to increase their score, or he can use it to wreak havoc and deliver some good, old-fashioned payback. The Noob is faster than all the other ninjas, cannot be harmed, and the player instantly punches anything he touches.

The Noob effect remains for a few seconds, or until he manages to score some points (like killing someone in Deathmatch, or delivering a flag in CTF). At that point, he’ll finally calm down and the game will continue as normal.

That’s it for Noob Rage! Please note that there’s no day-one DLC in our game — all seven arenas, six weapons, eight ninjas, and seven superpowers are right there, waiting for you to pick them up and take them online. We are exceptionally proud of Atomic Ninjas, and we’re really looking forward to playing it with you in just a few weeks.

To find out more about Atomic Ninjas, and to see more trailers, you can visit our official web site, or join us on Facebook and Twitter. See you soon!

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  • I’ve seen that many games appears to be simple, but when I start to play I’ve been vicious, and I can’t stop to play!!! I liked machinarium, treasures of montezuma blitz, dokuro… all of them are simple, but very cool. Send more!

  • I can see Noob Rage like Sudden Death on some SSB maps, where non-raged players try their best to hide in the center walled areas away from ledges, just bouncing around.

    Looks like this game will be hilariously hectic. Curious move to not just hold back the PS3 version a week though. Are you just trying to have a smoother launch experience, worried that launching both may put stress on your game servers you may not be prepared for?

    Any PS+ week one discount?

    • The release date for the PS3 version was set, but there was a problem with the Vita and we didn’t want to change things, so we decided we will have different release dates. At least there will be something to look forward to each week ;-)

  • This looks a lot like Rochard but that’s OK I loved that game. Will buy on Vita.

  • Oh I didn’t read the text. It is an 2D arena game. Interesting.

  • I shall be buying a copy for myself and my sister for our Vitas. Then when she beats me I can swear and berate her like a good older brother should. Cant wait!

  • Is this just a commentary video? or that voices are in the game itself? Hope not because it’s really annoying.

  • If we buy this game in the first week for PS3, before the Vita version is available, will we still receive the Vita version as a cross buy perk?

    • Yes, you will be able to download the Vita version for free as soon as it is released, if you have already purchased the PS3 version.

  • Cool the game looks cool and cross-buy is always welcome….just like “cassarcc” said…there are a lot of games which are simple but there is so much fun playing them that when we see….we’re playing them for hours and hours and we get addicted very fast…this happened with me on Jetpack Joyride and a lot of other games.

    Are there any plans for a demo?

    • The game will be trial & unlock, so you will be able to play a few matches before you will need to purchase the full version.

  • @ hazelcabug

    You always have something nice to say, don’t you… :|

    @ Jakub

    Don’t sweat hazelcabug. He’s one of our usual trolls around here. He criticizes EVERYTHING just for the hell of it.

    The game looks like it will be a lot of fun.

  • This seems like this could be very fun & chaotic too, might check this out at some point possibly.

  • Anything Cross-buy deserves a look.

    Love the idea of Noob Rage.

    Between this and Lone Survivor, it may make up my Plus purchases for the month.

    Will there be a Plus discount? And if so, both weeks?

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