PS Mobile Update: 2D Shooter Shikkoku Arrives

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PS Mobile Update: 2D Shooter Shikkoku Arrives

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Every Tuesday, there are new games, apps and updates added to PlayStation Mobile. Shikkoku, Dr. Wiggly, Balancegame, and Vacc-Balls-Chin launched this week. There’s also an update to Forevolution. Magic Planet Snack Deluxe and Calculator have price drops this week as well.

New Releases

PS Mobile Update, 9-18-2013, 03PS Mobile Update, 9-18-2013, 04

Shikkoku by AQUADIA Co., Ltd. ($5.99)

Shikkoku is a 2D horizontal shooter. Power up your ship and take out multiple waves of enemies.

PS Mobile Update, 9-18-2013, 07PS Mobile Update, 9-18-2013, 08

Dr. Wiggly by David Martinez ($2.29)

Using the D-pad, help Dr. Wiggly to get rid of the bad pills in the batch.

PS Mobile Update, 9-18-2013, 02PS Mobile Update, 9-18-2013, 01

Balancegame by Toshinori Tamashihro ($0.79)

This game tests your hand-eye coordination. Move both platforms up and down to keep the ball in play.

PS Mobile Update, 9-18-2013, 05PS Mobile Update, 9-18-2013, 06

Vacc-Balls-Chin by BoobyTrap., Ltd (Full game $2.29, DLC $0.99-49.99)

In this cute mascot puzzle game, players aim for the highest score by launching, lining up, and growing the colorful Vacc-Balls that contain young vaccines. The more you collect, the higher your score and level.


  • Forevolution by Pygmy Studio Co., Ltd ($5.49) – You can listen to a very unique tune in Forevoultion, by tapping the “F” in Forevoultion on the title screen. This tune was created by the popular Japanese 8-bit composer, Professor Sakamato.”

Price Changes

  • Magic Planet Snack Deluxe by Wolfgame (Old price $3.29, New price $2.79)
  • Calculator by Toshinori Tamashihro (Old price $0.79, New price $0.49)

PS Vita owners can download these games from the PlayStation Mobile section of PlayStation Store; Owners of PlayStation-certified devices such as the Sony Xperia Z smartphone, Wikipad or Sony Xperia Z tablet, can obtain them through the PlayStation Mobile Store for the same price.

Click here for a full list of the certified devices or here for installation instructions.

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1 Author Reply

  • Cool, Dr. Mario.

  • add trophies to mobile games please!

  • trophy support as promised please!

    If you’re not adding it any time soon, at least acknowledge that they are coming and give some idea of when. I’ll be more likely to check out PS Mobile games on my Vita when you do that – as Im sure others will. Developers will make more money as a result. This is a win-win for everyone once you actually do it

  • PlayStation Mobile for Brazil!

  • How getting Chillingo to port the He-Man game over?

  • mando44646 makes a good point. If, for example, you have absolutely decided that you are adding trophies to PSM at some point, even if it won’t go into effect for a year, I think I would prefer to know that as opposed to waiting and seeing.

  • I would totally buy PSM games IF they had trophies.

    • I think this is, by far, the most common request for PSM. I just wanted to post a reply here stating that we do hear the call for trophies. I don’t have anything additional to share about it, but I did want to ensure you that, as a PlayStation CM, I will continue to bang this drum internally.

  • Trophies are ok, but I think getting higher quality games for PSM is way more important. I’d like to see Infinity blade series, The Bard’s Tale, Final Fantasy V(especially since we can’t play the PS1 version on vita), Bastion and the GTA remakes. Thanks for getting rid of the Dynasoft games though.

  • It’s good to see the PS Mobile games continuing to come out but never really got into these. My backlog since i was a PS Plus member since day 1 is ridiculous!!!!!!!!!!

  • Don’t suppose you guys can up the memory cap on PSM titles. 96 megs is very slim. Certainly making me very creative with my code to get it working, but robbing me of time to be creative with my game.

  • It’s hilarious how people who pretty much just want to buy trophies call themselves gamers.

  • It’s sad, but even I factor them in to where and when I play* something. Even if I know it’ll be a good game, there’s just so many good games I need to get to, so if there’s the possibility of indicators, I’d just as well wait so I can experience it and tally from it in one swoop. But, hey, so long as this happens by the time Vita TV comes out. Ah, I’ll end up going through VVVVVV for the, what, fourth time?

    rabidninjamonky has the right track, though. Especially feelin’ FFV. I do have an iPod Touch, but Game Center’s “socially” underpowered, as is my device now. Then there’s the pre-Universal split between iPod and iPad versions (which Chaos Rings was around for), and it all feels so fractured. Get PSM up to a standard (namely in catalog and functionality), and it could contend, I’d say. Almost like a midway between iDevice and Android play experiences, but also with buttons!

    …Maybe. I just want to have iOS’s best in a PlayStation “ecosystem”.

    *well, its position in my backlog queue

  • @8: I’d rather those things be natively released on PS Vita myself.

    I still wish Chaos Rings had been ported to PS Vita natively. Then it could have trophies, near functionality (even if it’s just rating it… which I know I’m in the minority in doing, at least around me I am), and my progress could be pushed to the liveareas.

  • hey does anyone know if the playstation mobile have the playstation plus feature on it for like if you want to upload your save data to download to an xperia device?

  • It seems pretty hard to discover good content on PSM. Most titles just have a few screenshots at best, no video or anything else to really figure out what it is about. If I have to switch to another device to find out more, there’s a good chance I’ll get side-tracked and forget about the title completely. I do wish I could view, try and buy all in the same place.

    One improvement I would suggest is an optional video preview in addition to screenshots, or perhaps an optional time-limited trial for everything (like XBLI), perhaps configurable up to a few minutes. At least then I’m getting as much as I can on the same system without leaving the storefront.

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