PS Mobile Update: 2D Shooter Shikkoku Arrives

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PS Mobile Update: 2D Shooter Shikkoku Arrives

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Every Tuesday, there are new games, apps and updates added to PlayStation Mobile. Shikkoku, Dr. Wiggly, Balancegame, and Vacc-Balls-Chin launched this week. There’s also an update to Forevolution. Magic Planet Snack Deluxe and Calculator have price drops this week as well.

New Releases

PS Mobile Update, 9-18-2013, 03PS Mobile Update, 9-18-2013, 04

Shikkoku by AQUADIA Co., Ltd. ($5.99)

Shikkoku is a 2D horizontal shooter. Power up your ship and take out multiple waves of enemies.

PS Mobile Update, 9-18-2013, 07PS Mobile Update, 9-18-2013, 08

Dr. Wiggly by David Martinez ($2.29)

Using the D-pad, help Dr. Wiggly to get rid of the bad pills in the batch.

PS Mobile Update, 9-18-2013, 02PS Mobile Update, 9-18-2013, 01

Balancegame by Toshinori Tamashihro ($0.79)

This game tests your hand-eye coordination. Move both platforms up and down to keep the ball in play.

PS Mobile Update, 9-18-2013, 05PS Mobile Update, 9-18-2013, 06

Vacc-Balls-Chin by BoobyTrap., Ltd (Full game $2.29, DLC $0.99-49.99)

In this cute mascot puzzle game, players aim for the highest score by launching, lining up, and growing the colorful Vacc-Balls that contain young vaccines. The more you collect, the higher your score and level.


  • Forevolution by Pygmy Studio Co., Ltd ($5.49) – You can listen to a very unique tune in Forevoultion, by tapping the “F” in Forevoultion on the title screen. This tune was created by the popular Japanese 8-bit composer, Professor Sakamato.”

Price Changes

  • Magic Planet Snack Deluxe by Wolfgame (Old price $3.29, New price $2.79)
  • Calculator by Toshinori Tamashihro (Old price $0.79, New price $0.49)

PS Vita owners can download these games from the PlayStation Mobile section of PlayStation Store; Owners of PlayStation-certified devices such as the Sony Xperia Z smartphone, Wikipad or Sony Xperia Z tablet, can obtain them through the PlayStation Mobile Store for the same price.

Click here for a full list of the certified devices or here for installation instructions.

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