New to PlayStation Home: Inspect Items

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New to PlayStation Home: Inspect Items

Inspect Feature

This week sees the launch of a new Inspect system in Home, allowing players to see what items other players are wearing and where they got them. So, if you spot someone wearing a great outfit or using an awesome portable item you can quickly and easily find out more about them.

To use the feature simply walk up to the player you wish to inspect, select them and choose the Inspect option from the menu. This will bring up a screen showing your avatar and a list of all the items the other player is currently wearing or using. You can see details on the item, whether it is a reward or purchasable and where it can be acquired. If it is an item of clothing then you can also preview how it would look on your avatar and, if it is purchasable, you will be able to directly purchase the item from the Inspect screen.

Free Gift For All!

Everyone who enters PlayStation Home today will receive a free Totino’s T-shirt for your avatar. Have your taste buds died from eating so many bland snacks? Bring them back to life with Totino’s new Bold rolls! Then keep your eyes peeled for more fun from Totino’s.

Lockwood Drop Science Batch 2

Batch 2 of Lockwood’s Drop Science line of outfits has arrived! This week check out the Fo Shizzlin’ cap pack.

Drop Science brings together the hottest hip hop trends and some old skool ghetto fabulous in this latest clothing range available now in the store and Gift Machine. Sleek urban threads decked out with hard edged rings and gold plated bracelets. Drop Science’s signature piece is the cap and every cap comes twisted every which way, so you can switch up your look without losing your identity.

Break out some Drop Science poses for suitably relaxed stances to go with your tricked out ‘fit. Throw in some flava or just chill; it’s all good.

And once you’ve got the look, you need a place to show it off with likeminded souls. Bring it all together in the Drop Science Subway; the perfect urban hang out. There are even some sweet rewards on offer.

Lockwood Relaxed Poses

It’s easy to get caught up in rushing from place to place in PlayStation Home, hurrying to try out everything on offer. Swimming, running, playing games – everything is available somewhere. But sometimes it’s nice to just lie back and take stock of your surroundings, or quietly chat to friends.

With this latest animation pack, Lockwood provides every pose you could need for a relaxing time, from lying around to sitting about. Head to the store, and then head home – the store owner might be a little perturbed if you kick back right there!

Lockwood Mechsuit Pilots

IFG Interplanetary News
Astra Corps Mission Control reported the loss of a further Solar Fusilier Unit this morning. The incident occurred in Sector Sigma Eta 35, a sector previously deemed safe by an elite Abyss Trooper unit. Little information is currently available, but foul play is suspected and Wraith involvement has not yet been ruled out.

In response to the incident, Astra Corps has dispatched a squad of specialized Mechsuit Pilots to investigate further. These highly trained pilots are outfitted in the latest flight suits created by Iron Fusion Laboratories. The suits incorporate materials recovered from captured Wraith units obtained by the Panthabot Taskforce. It is hoped that this technological advancement will help turn the tide in the on-going struggle against the Wraith forces.

Lockwood Gift Machine Release Update

This week it’s a mixed bag from Lockwood, with an assortment of oddities and attractions added to the Gift Machine and store. Giftable goodies include alien eyes in a variety of colors and a couple of pairs of thigh-high leather stilettos. There are also some stiletto boots in the store for those who want to treat themselves as well as their pals.

Motorbikes roar into the store once more, but this time around they’re seats. Put them in your lounge for a real talking point that won’t drip oil all over your carpets. They’re in all your favorite biking colors to match the originals, so you can have one in your apartment and one outside it. There are giftable versions too for those with motoring mad friends!

Clearasil Update

All you “school dashers” get ready! Our “Ultra Fast Back to School Dash” game in PlayStation Home will be updated today with a new nighttime environment. It seems that the school dance didn’t turn out so well, thanks to the appearance of zombies! Skate your way to safety through the darkened hallways, avoiding obstacles and collecting products for a speed boost. As before, high scores will be posted to a leaderboard, and you’ll be graded on your performance. This time, an “A” will earn you a pair of rocket skates for your Home avatar. And for the high achievers (a.k.a. teachers’ pets)? If you earn an “A+” on both levels, a special golden version of the rocket skates will be yours!

Granzella Chinese Costumes

Chinese style suits and miniskirts have arrived!

Granzella introduces the new Mandarin Suit Set, Mini Mandarin Dress Set, and Facial Hair 6-piece Set. Show off your legs with the Mini Mandarin Dress, drape yourself in gold with the Mandarin Suit, and choose the perfect style of facial hair to top it all off with the Facial Hair 6-piece Set! The women’s Mini Mandarin Dress Set features a rose patterned dress, lace gloves, high heel sandals, and a Chignon hairstyle with two high buns. Available in black, blue, and red. The men’s Mandarin Suit Set features a gold embroidered suit jacket, suit pants, gloves, shoes, and a ponytail hairstyle. Available in black, indigo, and crimson.

Home Update, 9-18-2013, 01

Also available for men is the Facial Hair 6-piece Set, featuring handlebar and drooping mustaches and a goatee. A near and a far piece are available in each style to help you find one that best suits your face!

Clothe yourself in splendor with these vivid, new items!

Blizzard’s Diablo III Wizard Outfit

Home Update, 9-18-2013, 04Home Update, 9-18-2013, 03

Juggernaut Supernatural Detective Adventure Pack

Halloween is coming… Get ready to track down the things that go bump in the night with Juggernaut Games’ Supernatural Detective Adventure Pack! With a variety of LMOs, EMTs, clothing and active furniture items, you’ll be completely kitted out for whatever Big Bad is on the loose. Don’t be the hunted – be the hunter!

nDreams’ Animation Packs

Brand new animations from nDreams are hitting Home on the 18th September. As well as some new motion captured dances there are also some new types of animation added to the mix. There are the new sitting and standing poses for you to use when hanging around chatting. The Bo Staff Kata is perfect for those who love to show off their skills in Home.

VEEMEE Centaurs

Galloping straight from the depths of Greek Mythology and right onto your console! VEEMEE are pleased to bring you Centaur locomotions for PlayStation®Home. There are a variety of colours and patterns to choose from; zebra, Quagga, Cream, Brown, Black. What better way to unleash your wild side than with these Centaur locomotion items. Remember, two legs good four legs better.

Home Update, 9-18-2013, 02

VEEMEE 3D Printer Update

Great new additions await you this week in VEEMEE’s 3D Printer. Spread your many little wings with the Hummingbird and Hornet swarm locomotions. Keep track of time with the wall mounted Cuckoo clocks that displays the real time and chimes on the hour! Or write yourself into legends as the Demonic Unicorn and Evil Dragon. These items are exclusive only to the 3D Printer so head over to yours and check what new content it has in store for you this week!

LOOT Forsaken Planet UFOs

Get ready to whirl, buzz, and fly around Home with your avatar in your very own Forsaken Planet UFO! Coming today from your friends at LOOT™ are four new locomotions where you carry around camels, cows, raccoons, and zombies in your tractor beam all while sitting in the driver’s seat. Now available in the LOOT Store, pick them up individually or in a bundle – with an exclusive turret costume – today!

Home Update, 9-18-2013, 05

X7 VIP Update

This week in x7: nDreams’ Laser Turrets, Joe’s Boxing Gym and Cassie’s Studio, Lockwood’s September Mechsuits, Dungarees and Gothic Furniture, Drop Science Update 3, VEEMEE’s Morphsuits, Billabong, Mythical Creatures and 3D Printer Updates.

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