Grand Theft Auto V Now Available on PS3

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Grand Theft Auto V Now Available on PS3
Grand Theft Auto V on PS3

Today we are proud to announce that Grand Theft Auto V is now available worldwide on PS3.

Developed by series creators Rockstar North, Grand Theft Auto V pushes the series forward in exciting new ways. For the first time, players can jump in and out of the lives of three simultaneously playable lead characters, experiencing all sides of an interwoven story. Set in a satirical reimagining of modern Southern California, Grand Theft Auto V offers players the freedom to explore the dense urban metropolis of Los Santos and the wide open countryside of Blaine County; plan and execute a series of epic heists; meet a vast array of strangers and freaks; or participate in a host of activities, from golf to arms trafficking, base jumping to yoga and much more.

Grand Theft Auto V also includes access to Grand Theft Auto Online, the revolutionary new open world online game launching October 1st that comes free with every copy.

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  • Just picked this up, can’t wait to get into GTA Online!

  • GTA V is amazing!! Can’t wait to try GTA online!! Truely game changing!!

  • Picked up my copy at a midnight launch, it’s amazing so far!

  • After work (unfortunately), but THEN, I’ll be all over it.

  • STOP WITH THE GTAV!!! IT’S EVERYWHERE… and I have to wait until I get home from work to play.

    I am glad R* have got a handle on the Cell processor finally. GTAV looks and runs best on PS3, unlike GTAIV and RDR.

  • please answer, why is gta v priced at 75.49 dollars at the mexican ps store, is this a mistake?

  • Questions:
    Regarding GTA Online, is it on the disc itself or is it a redeemable code/online pass? I know I’m not the only one who may buy the game used.
    Will GTA Online be sold separately in the future?

  • I saw that you allow GTA5 to be downloaded early before the store update. Please do that for all games going forward. Thank you.

  • Congrats on yet another fantastic release, Rockstar! Definitely a GOTY contender right here, if not game of the generation! Would be amazing if GTA Online would allow for the entire story mode to be played with 2 friends.

  • Yes the game is amazing, but what I don’t like was that a lot of game journalist gave the game 9.75 when it should have a ten. But when Cod comes out watch it get a ten & probably game of the year. What ever panel has the job of deciding game of the year has a difficult task ahead of them. There are so many triple A titles it’s going to be difficult task indeed. cod better not get game of the year because if it does then I know that the whole process is tainted & they were paid to lie for Cod to be game of the year.

  • So is the pulse headset mode up?

  • @ swiftysnake Yes. I already downloaded the custom sound mode and the atomic blimp, just waiting for the 8466 mb to install to the hard drive. So excited!

  • when is ifruit coming to android and/or ps vita

  • @rabidninjamonky cool thanks . I had to play with surround sound in the middle of the night cuz my headset wasnt charged and I couldnt find a usb cable. Im like 4 missions in and its an amazing game. Let me know how it sounds if you can. I wobt be able to play till later

  • Are you doing Rockstar ads?

  • respond please
    + djsaiyan on September 17th, 2013 at 11:11 am said:
    It’s getting progressively harder to look at the list of games that EU Plus is getting and NOT think, “I want that. Why can’t we have that? It’s the same service, why can’t we get in on that too?”
    Now, as far as I know Plus is managed in each region by that region’s branch of Sony Computer Entertainment. So SCEA handles it here, SCEE in Europe, and so on.
    So, what are they doing that SCEA isn’t? How are they able to get so many more retail titles than here? Is it the exchange rate, allowing for bigger payouts to major publishers? Smaller number of subscribers? BIGGER number of subscribers?
    I don’t want to complain like a a private in the Entitlement Brigade. I just want to understand the how and the why of it. There’s a huge discrepancy between their service and ours. I understand that there are a number of good reasons for it. I really just want to know what they are, and if there’s anything that can be done to fix it.
    Just trying to get my head around why their service is so much better than our (still quite awesome) service.

  • The game is being displayed at $75.49 USD in the mexican PSN, it’s outrageous and I hope it’s a mistake.

  • Awesome job Rockstar! Sadly I won’t be buying this today, but you can be sure I’ll be picking it up sometime in the future. Oh yeah, also can we PLEASE get a GTA for vita? The world pretty much needs one.

    P.S. how is this post rated anything less than a 5.0?

  • I’m 100% fan of GTA, having finished every game out there from PS2, PS3 and PSP, and with V with won’t be different!

    Rockstar, you’re one of my favorite developers! Thank you very much!

  • I know this might not be the place but ICO is under the Free Games setion for $19.99 you guys forgot to set it for Free.

  • They are scaming mexicans charging them 15 dls more for the same game.

  • Im playing it rigth now and its full of bugs.

  • @tusunami


    Because opinions can be wrong. What makes me giggle is the rant about COD not being worthy of GOTY when you haven’t played it.

  • going to get it now

  • Still gotta wait for Amazon to ship. Man, i remember when Amazon used to be awesome.

  • @16 They pay more, and it is a smaller market. Also, there is nothing stopping anyone from making a UK PSN account and getting PS Plus there. You can buy yearly subscriptions of in US dollars and have them ship it to you very cheaply. Other than vita titles, you can play PS Plus games on any account, once they are are on your PS3.

  • @25 Amazon is awesome! I got mine 2 1/2 hours ago. This game is amazing. To me it feels like the next gen happened today! I am truly blown away Rockstar. What is up with the IFruit app though? It won’t download for me.

  • @ Swiftysnake Yeah it sounds great, but I wish it was louder. I might have to buy an amp. Still sounds way better than without the headphones. Not sure why, but without my headphones I have to turn up my tv extremely loud to hear.

  • FWIW, this came out nearly an hour after Sony said it would be out. Pretty annoying. It shouldn’t be that hard to do it right.

  • Oh yeah, and iFruit on iOS is terrible. It keeps not connecting and forgetting my login and so on.

  • Downloading! \o/

  • Plz make a GTA for PS Vita rockstar! Plz!!!! It will sell Vitas like crazy and make you a ton of money.

  • It’s Time For Some Thuggin’ And Buggin’, Playa!

  • pudgenet on September 17th, 2013 at 3:12 pm said: “FWIW, this came out nearly an hour after Sony said it would be out. Pretty annoying. It shouldn’t be that hard to do it right.”

    Oh my God! It’s the end of the world!

  • I can’t sign into psn to download game. Is anyone else getting message saying the connection to Sony entertainment network timed out? I am an Sony can’t help me

  • It’s really annoying that I can’t sign in an Sony says it nothing to do with gta5 but I hooked it up thro the Ethernet an still it don’t work. I wonder why I’m the only person on here that can’t sign in

  • Grand Theft Auto V Erorre

  • Wonder how long it’ll take to get boring after beating the story,at least I hope for a lot of side-missions,decent ones….whatever looking forward to play with Franklin but I’m only getting this game when very cheap or the “All DLCs included” edition.

    @ 10 tusunami – Ha 10?…to GTA?…only perfect games would receive 10….GTA is far away from that….giving more than 8.0 to a GTA game is beyond ridiculous….thus why all those reviews are biased.

  • fvuk you sony my digital copy of GTA 5 on PS3 gave me this 80029564 install error 3 time man i demand refund or something!!!!!

  • 38+ Welmosca

    2/10 would not troll again

  • lol i do agree the franchise is overrated as hell.

    shame alot of people are too biased to see the truth.

    and lol GTAIV a 10 also? gotta love that bias!

    would rather have Yakuza 5 and Ishin than any GTA since Vice City.

    maybe implement an actual living breathing world instead of a lifeless sandbox game next time?

  • I bought Grand Theft Auto V on the Playstation@Store, will I still be able to receive the online version of Grand Theft Auto Online when I bought this from the Playstation@Store or will I have to buy it seperately. I mean when the game updates I think it would let me have the online version of Grand Theft Auto V and allow me to get into the online servers. Rockstar should allow us to have online servers when you also buy Grand Theft Auto V on the Playstation@Store.

    If getting it free is the case, hook me up with a crew. :)

    I’m totally looking forward to the jobs, new character slot, heisting, racing, and tradition game modes. The most fun part about it is that it is more fun to play with your Friends and escape reality into somewhere you feel more comfortable and feel like kicking ass. ^^

    But please keep me updated.. If you can please help me.. Message me through the Playstation@Network or on here. I’m mostly on Playstation@Network 99.9% of the time.. I’m not really on here.

    Again.. Looking for a crew. I’ve already beat the game and nearly 100% and ready to take on the online version. :)

  • So I try to update gtA5 and it freeze my system every time anyone else with this problem

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