Watch the Beyond: Two Souls Extended TV Spot

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Watch the Beyond: Two Souls Extended TV Spot
Watch the Beyond: Two Souls Extended TV Spot

Hey, PlayStation Fans! Today we’re pleased to share the 60-second, extended version of our “Guilt” TV spot. In this spot, we set out with a couple of different goals. We wanted to give viewers a snapshot of Jodie’s story through a series of flashbacks, by highlighting some of the stunning situations she’s going to be thrust into by her mysterious connection with the entity, Aiden. Ultimately, we want you to get a sense for the incredible scope and diversity of Jodie’s journey, while understanding the touching and emotional experience that Beyond: Two Souls is going to provide.

Even more so than most games, it’s difficult to truly convey what Beyond: Two Souls’ story really is in a 60-second video, because of the fact that it spans such a huge section of Jodie’s life. The story itself is also told non-chronologically, so really, to fully understand the Beyond’s story, you’re going to have to play it for yourself.

BEYOND_SCREEN_09Beyond: Two Souls for PS3 - Willem Dafoe

We still have a couple more trailers to share with you between now and launch. October 8th is right around the corner! The demo will be available on October 1st, and remember that a pre-order at GameStop will get you a bonus upgrade to the Special Edition.

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  • Looks better

  • A playstation game commercial that uses actual gameplay to sell the game? Instead of a crappy live action tv skit?

    Keep it up sony!

  • Nice!…. I’m so looking forward to this game, it’s been awhile since I’ve bought a new game. It should be dollars well spent :-)

  • I love Sony!

  • Are there any spoilers in this? I feel like I already seen more of the game than I want to with all of the information coming out. But I do want to see how Sony is marketing this game…so conflicted.

  • Seems pretty damn spoiler-y to me. :|

    Had no idea some things were going to occur… but now I know the game goes there, because of this.

    Rather disappointed in that.

  • went to go add it to my amazon cart, but then saw that i already bought/preordered it in August 2012. apparently the price dropped to $52 for some reason and i saw it and nabbed it…then totally forgot. ha

  • So hyped for this game. Preordered.


    what video did you see? I saw her ride a horse …thats the only part that looked like gameplay. Everything else looked like skits. You can tell the horse part was gameplay because of how stiff the movements were.

  • No digital version right?

  • This will be epic for sure so many games, I hope these games will transfer to the cloud system though. More importantly how is it going to work hmmmm.

  • @ 2 khknight – Why would they use crappy live action?…since Beyond graphics are already like real people…most people cant even differ from real people.

    Anyway amazing tv spot….the graphics are really unbelievable,PS3 typical….the quality on Beyond is top notch…I cant wait to play and see the different locations we will be going with Jodie and also how Beyond stands up against Heavy Rain epicness.My money is yours.

  • Shame this is the last Big game coming from Sony exclusive to PS3…I bet they’ll focus on PS4 now.(sigh)

  • Please Day 1 Digital! Sony make it happen! Thank you.

  • @Welmosca

    Last Big exclusive? Not yet, there’s GT6 on December.

  • Shut up and take my money.

  • I avoid spoilers by never watching these videos or reading any article on a game site for highly anticipated games.

    However, just got the email about the pre-order special edition with steel case, etc. Yay, the news I was hoping for!


  • I ordered mine at Gamestop a few days ago I ordered the Special Edition. This will be the first time I actually will play a David Cage expirence let alone playing or working with Ellen Page & Willem Defoe. I’ve seen both Actors Films from Platoon to Juno. What an amazing cast.

  • looks cool. is this heavy rain-type gameplay?

  • @ 15 MarinoBrea – Oops ma bad…I really forgot GT6….but GT6 will come to PS4 as well…isn’t that right?…so its not a full fledged game developed for PS3 only.

  • @ 19 VOLANTIJM – So you haven’t played Heavy Rain yet?….you’re missing out.

  • Please have a day 1 digital release.

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