Tearaway: Building Your Own Papercraft World

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Tearaway: Building Your Own Papercraft World

Tearaway is a game set in a papery world, which means that if you wanted to, you could craft the entire game from paper in the real world – and that’s exactly what we hope people will do!

To help you along your way, we’ve filled the game will collectible papercraft plans, which you can unlock as you journey through the world. As you play, you’ll come across creatures, plants or objects that appear to be drained of their colour. Taking a picture of them with your character’s in-game camera restores their colour, and unlocks their plan.

Each plan has various different skins – blank ones, or colorful ones, so you can either make something that looks like it does in the game, or customise them to look completely different and unique to you.

The plans will be accessed on our community website, where you’ll find everything you’ve unlocked so far, and from here you’ll be able to print them out, make them, and fill your house with papercraft!

The journey doesn’t end there though. Once you’ve made your papercraft model, you can upload a picture of your creation to the website to share it with the world, and you can browse everyone else’s models to get inspired.

Get your scissors and glue ready for Tearaway’s release on November 22nd! In the meantime, feel free to get practicing on the plans we’ve released so far, and check out some of the incredible community creations already being made, over at Tearaway’s official site.

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  • Playstation plus anytime soon?

  • demo sorry lol

  • little pig planet

  • I wish you would give us the Paper Engine to work with, even if it was just for PC. I saw it at GDC and it was awesome!

    Tearaway is still a must-buy either way!!!

  • Great idea Mm…I wouldn’t expect less from you guys since you’re the most creative devs out there…for real making papercraft plans as collectibles is one fantastic idea…I wont rest until I collect them all.Tearaway is a jewel in the games world…you have ma money day 1,cant wait to play Tearaway.I’ll always support you guys at Mm.

    PS:I’ll try to make a papercraft…loved that squirrel.

  • cute! Can’t wait to pick this game up, it really looks great!

  • PS-what case is that Vita in?? Looks awesome

  • Awesome to hear this announced! Had the pleasure of showing of the demo with Spaff at PAX Prime and had a blast! Also, the first time I played the game and walked away excited to play it when it comes out.

  • People often say there are no good games on PS Vita. To them I would say

    Soul Sacrifice
    Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation
    Resistance: Burning Skies
    ModNation Racers: Road Trip
    Uncharted: Golden Abyss
    Gravity Rush
    LittleBigPlanet PSVITA
    and soon

    No good games my arse.

  • MM why so D#%^ close to the ps4 launch!? I will be broke by that time…. sigh… i will see what i can do… i have it pre ordered and all but the PS4 and KZ: Shadowfall will be filling my whole time! >:(

  • I Seriously Can’t WAIT For November 22nd. I Wish I Could Speed Up Time. Hate That It Was Pushed Back From October, But I Know That Just Means We Have More To Enjoy/Wait For Than Before. Expect a Day One Purchase From Me!!

  • Does anybody out there know if this will be available via PSN?
    Want it. Need it.

  • @joshRo1985

    Dude… ALL vita game are available in digital form… in other words yes…

  • Just look at all the great content that’s coming out for the PS Vita now. And to think those that are still not sure about getting a PS Vita & the same people who says there are no games on the portable LOL.

  • @tusunami….

    I love the vita and its games but… to be honest theres nothing left after the release of Killzone and tearaway…thats why ppl say there are no games for vita…

    Borderlands 2 its coming and its great and all but in 2014… and its a port not a only on vita game… have u seen the list of game pre orders at gamestop? yeap empty. Sony needs to do something and start trowing games at the stores and not only digital… when ppl walk to a gamestop or walmart or whatever… they see a system and an empty wall of games… meaning parents and potential buyers who dont follow the industry as us will likely not buy anything not knowing that the vita its focusing too much in digital.

    Also theres a major lack of Games with big names to call the attention of new buyers. those called heavy hitters. The PSP had monster Hunter… Sony was dumb enough to let that go or lose it and dumb enough to let weak devs create a CoD for the vita… sigh…

  • @15….Did you not see the presentation during E3 ? There are a solid batch of Vita games on the horizon. From Indie games to Mobile re-releases and PS4/Vita cross platform games…. Have no fear, the Vita is here….As always, Keep on Gaming.

  • I agree with no. 2, open source paper engine would be pretty awesome. Or at least a Tearaway level creator.

  • @9 finally another psvita user that thinks ModNation Racers Road Trip is one of the best games on the system, man if only sony would add an online patch that would make Road Trip beyond awesome!!!!!! and yes all those games are great and i would add
    Sonic&All Stars Racing Transformed
    Sly Cooper Thieves in Time
    Killzone Mercenary
    Escape Plan

  • Preordered!

    My first preorder!

  • Hey guys can you help me rally for Solid Snake in the GameFAQs character battle final? Just go to gamefaqs, the website, and vote for him, they are trying to make some random character win but Snake is really edging it! :)
    And please try to rally as many people as you can and give PS3 this great victory!

  • Also vote with as many devices as you can, only takes 2 secs!

  • All the vita games that #9 YorlecmNwahs mentioned are truly awesome on the vita. But if theres one game you should play on the vita it should be Hotline Miami. That game is my new favorite game of all time. And that Soundtrack! Amazing.

  • Tearaway is a so amazing game from Mm.I can’t waiting for get it.

  • @9 not to mention:

    Stealth, Inc
    Pixeljunk Monsters Ultimate HD

    And the best game on the Vita:

    Persona 4 Golden

    (there are more but it’s too early for me to come up with them)

  • Looking forward to the release of Tearaway in November. Papercrafting is cool skill to have!

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