VidZone Update: Latin Zone Brings the Heat

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VidZone Update: Latin Zone Brings the Heat

We hope everyone’s been enjoying the new Zones that have been added over the past few weeks! Well believe it or not, we have ANOTHER new Zone for you: The Latin Zone. The Latin Zone comes to VidZone bringing you plenty of the best classic and modern Latin music including: Marc Anthony, Shakira, Pitbull, and the newest songs from Ricky Martin and Prince Royce. Add a little spice in your life by checking out this zone!

VidZone Update 9-12-2013, 03

Latin Zone

  • Prince Royce – Must See Video
  • Premios Juventud 2013
  • Ricky Martin – Greatest Hits
  • Latin Pop TV

VidZone Update 9-12-2013, 01

Artist Of The Week: Avril Lavigne

Avril Lavigne is preparing to release her fifth album later this year, and has decided to go all Tank Girl on us in her new video for ‘Rock N Roll’. Cue comic book speech bubbles, diner brawls and a very familiar guitar solo. Check it out as well all her previous hits: ‘When You’re Gone’, ‘Complicated’, ‘Girlfriend’ and more.

Zone Highlights

In each post, we show you the hottest Zones on the service and highlight the ‘Must See’ videos. See what’s hot this week below:

VidZone Update 9-12-2013, 02

RnB Zone

  • Chris Brown – Centre Stage
  • R. Kelly – Artist Spotlight
  • John Legend – Must See Video

Other Additions

Check out our great selection this week…

  • John Legend – Made To Love (RnB)
  • Kellie Pickler – Somewhere Somewhere Tonight (Country)
  • San Cisco – Fred Astaire (Alternative)
  • Fifth Harmony – Me & My Girls (Pop)
  • Prince Royce – Darte Un Beso (Latin)
  • Labrinth – Beneath Your Beautiful (Chill)
  • Foxes – Youth (Seamus Haji remix) (Dance)

VidZone brings you a world of music videos tailored completely for you. Download it now for free from PlayStation Store under the Apps category. As always, please keep in touch on Twitter and Facebook, as well as on our site. Got any requests for VidZone? Let us know!

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  • VidZone got much better with the Latin Zone.
    Thank you!

  • Would be nice if you’d bring it to Canada…

  • I’m feeling this App but way too many ads for my patience at times. I understand they pay the bills but good gosh. Maybe chill a little with those and it can only gain more popularity, imo.

    Makes me just want to exit out. Just my 2 centavos. ;-)

  • -_-
    WTF sony…
    Hav a section of latin music and the app cant be used from latin-america

  • Would be nice if you’d bring it to Mexico too!

  • Don’t worry, ya aint missing anything. #3 said it best..”way too many ads.” You get an Ad before the app and then like 3 ads after the first song, sometimes repeating the same ad continuously.

    HEY SONY! You own VidZone, why not integrate it with MU Ad-Free a la XBOX MUSIC! Not that I’ll ever switch from there, at least not while I get my free songs. But the other MU guys would probably appreciate it and if MS ever takes my songs, I may look to you to be my next Music Service.

    C’mon you own a recording studio, yet your Music Unlimited is a sorry excuse of a service in comparison to the competition. Get’r Done!

  • Great to see more content coming to Vidzone, keep updating it. Misic is universal.

  • Bring this to Canada!!

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