Assassin’s Creed IV on PS4: A Truly Next-Gen Experience

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Assassin’s Creed IV on PS4: A Truly Next-Gen Experience

A lot of people have asked us what kinds of technical advancements can be expected from Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag on PS4, so we asked Associate Producer Sylvain Trottier to give us a couple of examples… He went a little nuts, and delivered an entire video detailing a ton of improvements.

CAUTION: Things are about to get a little techy, so put on your coder hats!

Assassin’s Creed IV on PS4: A Truly Next-Gen Experience

Some of the highlights include our use of real Beaufort scale waves for a realistic ocean and the new sea engine, which follows real world physics. Complex shaders work to give the ocean that translucent appearance.

Each raindrop is an individually lit object, puddles accurately mirror the world around them and volumetric fog accepts and reflects light from different sources. Dynamic Navmeshes (three dimensional objects you can run around on) ensure that you can jump from one ship to another without encountering weird collision issues, and can seamlessly interact between two ships involved in a boarding action.

We can use the power of next-gen processors to generate thousands of three dimensional plants that realistically react to the weather around them, as well as their interaction with Edward (perfect for judging his location during stealth gameplay).

Based on the few examples of the great improvements we’ve shared with you today, you can expect that we are dedicated to bringing a more immersive experience than ever to Black Flag.

Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag will be available as a launch title for PS4.

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  • As someone that would LOVE to play AC4 day 1 on ps3 but really want it on ps4 come mid November. I know they will offer the upgrade pricing for buying both version, but what about game stats. Will my game progress (trophies too I would imagine) transfer to the PS4 version of the game? If not, I will just have to tough it out and wait for the PS4 version I imagine.

  • Question extension, would season passes transfer or apply to PS4 version if bought on PS3 as well?


  • That’s a good point #1, anyway I prefer to play every game avaliable on PS4 without leaving PS3 apart from awesome games, but graphically, PS4 will have a more rich and fun experienece.
    PS3 It’s awesome anyway, I love Playstation :)

  • @ FeddeCampo Same, but I’m just too impatient to play AC4. The expanded Naval stuff has me extremely excited so I am hoping for the best. Plus it doesn’t really make sense for a next gen upgrade offer unless your game progress comes with it.

  • I’m looking forward to the underwater exploration and naval combat!!!

    1) Will we be able to pre-order the PS4 digital downloadable version from the PS Store?

    2) If yes, will we still get some type of pre-order DLC?

    3) How large is the file size for the digital downloadable PS4 version?

  • Absolutely stunning! This is what the next-gen is all about! :D
    Can’t wait for all the amazing open world games on the PS4!

  • Thank you. I like watching videos like this and see the technology behind it.

  • Is this 60fps? I’m just curious cause I seen a rumour saying both ACIV and Watchdogs will be running 1080p @ 60fps

  • Your sea looks like joke compared to KZ3 sea….”A truly next-gen experience” wow that was really exaggerated AC4 on PS4 looks just like past AC games on PS3…so I’ll most likely be getting on PS3…now dont get me wrong the plants reacting to the weather is impressive…anyway the game looks amazing…and I’m really looking forward to it as an AC playa….I’m eager to see if AC4 can top Revelations….I love pirates and I cant wait to explore AC4 monstrous world.AC4 is a must buy.

    I love these videos…keep them coming.

  • Never thought I’d say this but, that’s some sweet ass foliage.

  • Im just going to buy the PS4.

  • With next gen games being easier to create, does this mean the games are less likely to have bugs and glitched trophies? I noticed your games gets more and more bugs and glitched trophies each year.

  • This is gonna be my first AC game and it is shaping to be the best, EXCITED!

  • These are next gen only features correct?

    Some of this seems like it could have been done with the PS3 if lower resolutions were applied to your G-Buffer with a proper filter. Wouldn’t look as good mind you, but doable.

  • I’m ready to pick this game up on the 15th of November, along with my PS4.

  • THAT! Weather System :)

  • Superb video, I always liked those tech-heavy videos for next-gen consoles!

    Bravo Monsieur Trottier, on se débrouille vraiment bien au Québec en jeux vidéos! : )

  • I’m sold. This and Watch Dogs will be in my PS4 launch day bag-o-goodies.

  • ALL I care about is how the PS4 version is better than the Xbox One version aside from the extra 60 minutes. I’m going to be a multi-console owner, and figuring out which version of the game is the best one to get will be harder than ever!

  • I played the third one and man those games are boring. I could not finish it. Great images great animations but its dull and you feel lime will never end.

  • I love AC series. Both online and offline are amazing.

    How about Playstation4 price in BRAZIL ?


  • This game looks amazing but it reminds too much of the hype that I garnered towards Assassin’s Creed 3. Therefore, I will not be buying yet another iteration of a milked franchise. I’m sorry Ubisoft but this game fails to impress me. In all respect COD, Halo, God of War, Assassin’s Creed, and Gears of War need to be laid to rest. No disrespect here Ubisoft. The only AC game that was amazing to me was AC 2 in terms of the gameplay, atmosphere, and environments.

  • skeptical. but sounds/looks good. but ac3 kinda fell flat for me, so…i’ll wait for this to be out a bit before i fork over full price. i want it to be good though i really do.

    the transition from ps3 to ps4 and the handful of games that will be on both is always a tough time id imagine. i justdont understand why ps4 cant play ps3 games. (i know, its like beating a dead horse.) it just bothers me, and is the biggest reason im not buying a ps4 UNTIL i run out of games to play on ps3. i dont need the new hotness when its new. the day i pop it in my playstation its still new to me.

    keep up the good work

  • @ 19 ElektroDragon – You should get games only on PS4 to begin with.

    @ 22 Man-of-Ray5 – Wow man did you really put God of War along with those games?…I agree that GoW needs a loooong rest but GoW is in another lvl.

  • What you should expect from IV? Well. Boat missions. More boat missions. A little bit of run through the jungle. More boat missions. NAVY MEGA PLUS ENHANCED missions. Boat missions again and that’s it.

    The reviewers are going to give 8.5-9.5 and everyone will buy it. The same reviewers who claims that Ducktales remaster is easy.. well it’s not easy at all. If you play on EASY-MODE it may be a little bit easier but try to play on hard.. it’s very punishing. They said “The game is so predictable and not punishing at all”. It is! They played like 3 minutes between Call Of Duty online and Battlefield.

    Hey gamers, what would you want? Call Of Duty each year or Xenosaga,Xenogears, Grandia, Legend Of Mana, Silent Hill, Resident Evil , Rogue Galaxy, Onimusha? Well I guess the majority wants Call Of Duty but since when the majority’s opinion is more valid ?

    It does not surprise me why they will never make another Shemnue. The majority are happy with FPS that “can be played at 1 billion frames per second”.

    The best argument ever: The more frames per second I can play, the better.

    Something’s very wrong..

  • AC3 still has bug`s.

  • @Welmosca Like what you said, I’ll probably get it on the PS3 as well. They’ll only going to be minor differences on the PS4 anyway like slightly better textures and more NPCs in the background. Not worth getting a PS4 yet. I like pirates too so this one of the series actually interests me. I didn’t start playing the AC series until I bought Revelations for cheap which included the first one.

    @brr3gs What are you doing in a US PlayStation blog? Brazil is not located in America, don’t ask these people. They can’t do anything for your sake.

  • Cant sleep thinking about this game 44 more days. that give me more time to pre-order I just hope this one is good and free of bugs and more open sea and maybe a online sea mode

  • And more songs for the ship :)

  • fish out moby dick :)

  • Wow this look awesome, but unfortunatly i’m not interested in AC anymore, but i sure hope to see things like that in more games next gen.

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