PS Mobile Update: Defend Your Base With WW2: Hills of Glory

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PS Mobile Update: Defend Your Base With WW2: Hills of Glory

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Every Tuesday, there are new games, apps, and updates added to PlayStation Mobile. WW2: Hills of Glory by AMA launched this week. There are also updates to 0War, Hyper Reminder, and Mononoke Slashdown. We also have a few price drops this week on two games.

New Releases

PS Mobile Update 9-11-2013, 02PS Mobile Update 9-11-2013, 01

WW2: Hills of Glory by Advanced Mobile Applications Limited ($1.99)

Note from the developer:

We are bringing something totally different to you this week; an action-oriented tower defense game called World War 2: Hills of Glory. We have included a little treat for our PlayStation Mobile fans… an exclusive character: Hattori Heinze, the creator of tomato sauce, and also a bloodthirsty ninja in his spare time. We have also added other exclusive content for PlayStation Mobile users. More characters, weapons, and special powers to help you in some of those wild and crazy battles!

Have fun defending your bunker with over 24 unique weapons (including a nuke!) that we have included in the game. There are over 20 battles to engage in and many interesting characters to unlock and use to help defend your base. Remember……“Your duty is to not die for your country, but that your enemy dies for his.”


  • 0War by teasoft (Free to demo, $2.99 for full game)
  • Hyper Reminder by retas ($2.79)
  • Mononoke Slashdown by F K Digital Pty Ltd ($4.49)
    • Added a Survival mode

Price Changes

  • Picbox by Stinky Badger Games (Free to demo, Old full game price $2.29, New full game price $0.99)
  • Dynamic Visual Acuity Test (Old Price $0.99, New Price $0.79)

PS Vita owners can download these games from the PlayStation Mobile section of PlayStation Store; Owners of PlayStation-certified devices such as the Sony Xperia Z smartphone, Wikipad or Sony Xperia Z tablet, can obtain them through the PlayStation Mobile Store for the same price.

Click here for a full list of the certified devices or here for installation instructions.

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  • @Paul
    I don’t suppose PS Vita TV will enable second us PSM developers the ability to use a second controller? Or for that matter PS Vita TV supporting PSM apps?

  • I’m guessing PS Mobile is never coming to the HTC One X?

  • Picbox didn’t just get a price cut, it also received quite a hefty free update. So it’s now $0.99 for 112 puzzles!

    Picbox 1.1 Patch Notes

    – Reduced price to unlock full version to $0.99!
    – Added ‘Puzzle Pack 1’, 28 new 15×15 puzzles (Free with full version).
    – Added two new awards to unlock.
    – Added an option to the pause screen that allows you to switch the ‘Highlight’ and ‘Remove’ buttons.
    – Puzzles now auto complete if all correct blocks are highlighted.
    – When using physical controls, the current row and column are highlighted.
    – When using the D-Pad, the cursor now wraps at the screen edge (provided a button isn’t held down).
    – Redesigned title menus.
    – Minor bug fixes.

  • Hey Playstation Mobile team, I can’t believe you let Denysoft publish games that are basically reskinned playstation mobile game samples. I mean, look at this:

  • is Sony ever going to announce trophies for PS Mobile as promised before it launched?

  • off topic but will there be PS4’s available at retail stores instead of having to preorder one?

  • off topic but will there be PS4′s available at retail stores instead of having to preorder one?

  • Michael t. from sony/support answered my question already he said that ther would be some available at launch.

  • That’s funny, I suggested release notes on the last blog, and in this update, it was told what Mononoke added. I wonder if I had any influence on that. Haha! Either way, I love that.

  • I hope they release the trophies for the psm soon. It would be cool to start earning trophies on the psm game I already bought.

  • @Fokma You can download the playstation mobile app for the HTC One X via the web browser on your phone. Put this link on your phone and it will work, i have a HTC one X my self.

  • How about getting the He-Man game on PSMobile?

  • How come there is no mention of all the games released by Denysoft this week? They released 7 terrible looking games this week. They are all $5.99-$6.49 and they all look like different levels of the exact same game.

  • @13 They are the same game. Who ever it is has taken the sample app and just changed the graphics.

  • @14 I believe you’re right. I can’t find any gameplay videos of any of these games except their first game Aik the Barbarian and that game looks the exact same too. What’s sad is these guys are stealing from their customers and at the same time they have bible quotes in their screenshots. I googled their website and it was “closed for maintenance”. Probably from all their customers complaining. Come on Sony use some quality control and remove this junk.

  • Yeah, get rid of the Denysoft stuff, ASAP!

  • Guys, try reporting the games on the store page.

  • Denysoft are a bunch of scammers. All their games are reskins of each other, overpriced, and of sub-par quality. Plus, they quote the Holy Bible for no explained reason than to simply do so. What exactly is their demographic? Really. By a majority vote from any website, we request the removal of any Denysoft title that came after that Barbarian game. If anything, they only need one game in the PSM library, not more expensive clutter flooding it.

  • @goodSuM

    You can only report PSM games that you have already purchased.

  • Hi Paul, any news on bringing PlayStation Mobile to other regions? I’m in Brazil and I want them! ^^

  • @Paul Sullivan I’ve seen you respond to comments every week, so I’m pretty sure you’re reading this. Is there any chance of removing these Denysoft games? This company is so shameful and greedy that i’ll bet even E.A. can’t believe what they are doing. I actually don’t care if you remove the 9!!! games that they’ve released in the last few weeks because anyone that spends $6 after looking at the screenshots kind of deserves what they get. But can you ask them to slow down at least? They are still in the A’s.Aik the Barbarian,Aik Commando, Attack of the Black Widow,Athenian Warrior, Apocalypse Revelations,Animal Crush, Alligator of the Carribean,Alien Mission, and Alien Domination. By the time they get to the Z’s it will be impossible to find the good games on the store.

  • Okay, What about new mobile devices added?? No news on that?

  • when will more good games like wipeout or crash bandicoot come to ps mobile..??

    those are game perfect for it..

  • The header image is very uninviting–you should mix it up with images from the newly released games as you do with the Playstation Store Update post. This same non-image posted for Playstation Mobile is a great disservice, alienating folks who might have found something good in here.

  • Update: those Denysoft games are now all gone from the PS Mobile section of the store. Hell yeah.

  • well may be this question is little bit inconvenient but can anyone tell me how can I use PlayStation Mobile with my cell phone, is there any app or something?

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