Lemmings Touch Announced for PS Vita

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Lemmings Touch Announced for PS Vita

Hi to all you Playstation.Blog readers! My name’s Jamie; I’m one of the co-owners of d3t Ltd., and I’m very excited to announce Lemmings Touch on the PS Vita.

It’s fantastic to finally be able to talk about Lemmings Touch. d3t has been working on the Lemmings franchise since the Playstation Mobile version, which we were extremely happy with. We always wanted to see what we could do with the Lemmings franchise on a device as capable as PS Vita, so we took on board all of the feedback we received from the Playstation Mobile version and, as you will see when you get hands-on with Lemmings Touch, you guys have helped d3t make it an extraordinarily refined and enjoyable experience.

We’re a 2 year-old team made up of a group of immensely experienced programmers. Over the past two years, we’ve been applying our skills to a wide range of cool stuff. One of the things we love doing is working on new platforms and technologies, and one example was bringing Lemmings to the Playstation Mobile platform. As well as developing games, we also assist other studios with their technology development to help move the industry forward at breakneck speed. We’ve seen and worked on some uber-cool things, but unfortunately if I told you about them, I’d have to…well, you get the picture.

Lemmings Touch on PS Vita

Everyone loves Lemmings, and as the name “Lemmings Touch” suggests, the “touch” aspect is something that we’ve implemented throughout the game, from the menus to the 100 incredible levels with a beautiful touch and swipe interface that’s very intuitive and easy to use.

The mechanic is simple: you select a Lemming and then assign them a role. That IS simple, right? Yep, that’s the idea. But (and it’s a big but), as in all Lemmings games, it’s the levels that can prove difficult!

We’ve spent endless days working on a new presentation of the in-game HUD to make sure you have the perfect interface for Lemmings command and control. A pop-up radial menu frees up screen space so you can spend more time drooling over the magnificent landscapes that have been created to make the most out of that luscious PS Vita screen.

There are also new ways to play, as we have a range of new objects you can interact with. These new objects include cannons and trampolines that you need to aim by touching and manipulating them on-screen, platforms you can slide to transport Lemmings, objects you can lift up and down to create new paths, and buttons that Lemmings have to press to bring other areas of the levels into play. All of these are, again, directly controlled by your fingertips.

Lemmings Touch on PS VitaLemmings Touch on PS Vita

As well as the revamp to the control scheme, we’ve also created some brand new, shiny environments specifically for the new touch objects. Candy Land, for example, is a wonderful world full of sugary treats. You might see some Lemmings stuffing their faces in these levels, but they’re only doing it to save their fellow friends — honestly it’s not just greed! And then space levels see the Lemmings encountering UFO’s and rockets. In space, no one can hear the Lemmings scream!

There’s also a twist: not all Lemmings are quite what they seem. Stay tuned for future announcements and we will reveal more!

That’s all for now. We’ll share more about this fantastic experience, and I’m sure you guys will love it… a Lemmings game has never played and looked as good as this. Never, ever, ever before.

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  • This is the game everyone compares to Pikmin… are you kidding me… Whatever. Game looks cool, might get it for my Vita :)

  • I’m glad to see a new Lemmings game but I feel like the art direction is awful. It looks like it was cobbled together with clip art.
    The PSP Lemmings has been the best one in recent memory.

  • I have the PS Mobile version of Lemmings, and love it, so I’ll definitely pick this one up. I think I’ve been a fan of this series since I played it on the Super Nintendo and PlayStation back in the early 90’s, when I was in high school. Such charming, fun games.

  • I have many fond memories of Lemmings, so this is probably going to be a buy for me.

  • Love Lemmings, insta-buy!! Make a new Lemmings for PS4. And remake all the old Psygnosis games you have the rights to! Shadow of the Beast is a good start! Yay Amiga games!

    Lemmings is what first convinced me to get a PSP…. and a PS3 later on.

  • @3: You’re right, it does look like clip art. Needs improvement.

  • off topic but will there be PS4′s available at retail stores instead of having to preorder one?

  • Yikes, I love me some Lemmings, but this is one ugly looking art-style!

  • Haven’t played a Lemmings game in ages….I’ll be keeping my eye on this!

  • Michael t. from sony/support answered my question already he said that ther would be some available at launch.

  • To the nerds complaining about the art style. The games you make are so much better and cooler looking. I certainly hope they don’t show BOX ART!!! Then you guys might really throw a fit. Thanks for the awesome feedback.

  • This looks like a perfect fit for vita. Loved lemmings since the SNES. Looking forward to this!

  • Love me some Lemmings! @ Mr. Campbell: Any idea on a general release window for this?

  • I’m excited, a game perfectly suited for the Vita. Definitely getting this when this comes out!

  • I’ve loved Lemmings since I was a kid, love seeing this coming to the Vita!

  • this game looks pretty fun

  • Many nowadays may not know of Lemmings but to me this is HUGE!
    since the original lemmings and lemmings tribes this franchise is a classic i grew up on.
    hoping the price wont be too much maybe a release date?
    can’t wait, didn’t get lemmings mobile since i owned it for psp minus touch controls.
    but this is definitely going to be in my library

  • Love lemmings! but i agree they looked better in the past.

  • I have very fond memories of playing the original lemmings on an old computer. I can’t remember if it was Win95 or DOS, but I still recall humming to the music and blissfully clicking away as a little kid. These days it’s hard for me not to want a new Lemmings game. The PS3 version was the first PSN game I bought, the PSM version was the first Vita version I got, and now there’s an optimized version for Vita! Awesome! I’d like to know what price range we’re looking at for this title.

  • Step disgeae 3 already discounted plus psn ps vita?

  • I am on Vita right now and stages look GREAT. The people above probably looking at them on PC.

    This looks epic and can not wait, I am huge fan of lemmings. Will be a insta must buy for me.
    Throw in a playstation plus discount day 1 that is good so everyone buys it and sees it.

  • New Lemmings?! HELL YEAH! :D It’s been so long, I can’t wait! :D

  • Best news of the week, cant wait !!!

  • I had this game on my PSP awhile ago, but now there is a updated complete version coming to PS Vita. I must say i;m excited for this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @BrianMcGuinness
    Lol, what’s up your butt? Just because people dislike the way a game looks, they’re automatically nerds and shouldn’t be allowed to speak unless they also produce videogames? Ridiculous.

  • Given the announcement for Vita TV, please consider how this will work without touch.

  • Speaking of the Vita TV, if/when Sony make DualShock 4 support available for that device, perhaps it might be possible to make the touch feature of this game compatible with the DS4’s touch pad?

  • I’m with brianmcguinness. Isn’t it obvious that these are immensely experienced programmers that are moving the industry forward at breakneck speeds ;)

  • I like a good Lemmings game, but does the “touch” feature mean this one won’t be playable on the Vita TV?

  • Nice definitely get it. Hope its release before Nov 15. I had fun playing the psn version, hope its under $10.

  • Saw Lemmings! INSTANT BUY!!!

  • Now we’re talking!

  • I already watched the trailer, and the game looks fun, beautiful, and over all epic. Sony should have announced this instead of Big Fest at GamesCom.

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