Diablo III Outfits in PlayStation Home

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Diablo III Outfits in PlayStation Home

Home Updates to Version 1.82

This is a small maintenance release to provide support for future features and to address some rare crash issues reported by users

Diablo III Barbarian and Witch Doctor Items

Show your Diablo III pride with these authentic character costumes: Barbarian or Witch Doctor! Check back soon for even more costumes straight from Diablo III!

PlayStation Home Update 9-11-2013

VEEMEE Acorn Park Update

We’ve been busy with our virtual nail guns in Acorn Meadow Park this week. Take a walk over to the far side of the lake and you’ll find the all new Acorns Meadows Skate Park; a plywood and concrete playground temple to the gods of the adrenaline rush. Access to the skate park is granted by purchasing any one of six skateboard locomotion items, each board sporting a unique graphic and trick move.

nDreams Aurora Update

The mysterious floating archipelago Aurora is ready for its next transformation and with it are two brand new rewards to be one. The level cap will be raised from 120 to 130 with two brand new rewards to be collected! As well as that there is a revamped community area with the OrbRunner scoreboards there for all to see! You will also notice a new island that houses the Gateway, the best way to keep up to date with amazing new nDreams products.

PlayStation Home Update 9-11-2013

VEEMEE Element Line

VEEMEE are proud to announce the launch of the skateboard lifestyle brand Element in PlayStation ®Home. Over the next few months VEEMEE and Element will be releasing a wide selection of clothing from their Fall 2013 collection across the Plan B, Eden and Menswear ranges. But it’s not just clothing. We will also be releasing a range of official Element Skateboard locomotion items each with their own trick performed on the push of a button; the boards available on launch day are the Team Official Blue Deck with Double Kickflip and the Team Massive Yellow Deck with Impossible. As an added extra these boards will also grant you access to the all new Acorn Meadows Skate Park.

VEEMEE Cyborg LMOs, Billabong Update, Footwear Update and Morphsuits Update

PlayStation Home Hold ‘em

Check out the updated PlayStation Home Hold ‘em game in either Sportswalk or the PlayStation Home Hold ‘em space. The update includes fixes to the game as well as some new added mechanics and rewards. Just be careful when you go all in!

  • Six brand new VI Rewards. (see Rewards menu in game)
  • You can now purchase Flair and Card Protectors for yourself or the whole table. Access this menu with L1.
  • New camera mode which lets you look around freely. Toggle through these modes with R3.
  • Fixed exploit.
  • Leaderboards and chip counts have been reset.

nDreams BoxBeats Update

There are two new BoxBeats music systems being released this week and they are perfect for those who love to relax. One has a collection of beautiful classical music tracks while the other includes relaxing sounds taken from the world around us.

PlayStation Home Update 9-11-2013

Granzella Wolf-style and Cat-style Sets

Sexy cat costumes and wild wolf outfits have arrived! Introducing Granzella’s new Cat-style Set and Wolf-style Set. Cat costumes, with a racy garter belt and emphasizing top, and wolf costumes, with a fierce, primal design, are here! The women’s Cat-style Set includes a tube top, frilly mini skirt, hand warmers, high heels, and cat ears. Available in black, white, red, and leopard print. The men’s Wolf-style Set comes with a top, bottom, hand warmers, boots and wolf ears. Available in black, white, red, blue, and brown. With the seductive charm of the Cat-style Set or the devil-may-care attitude of the Wolf-style Set, all eyes will be on you, wherever you go!

Lockwood Drop Science

Prepare for Lockwood to drop some science. Drop Science brings the hottest hip hop trends together with some old skool ghetto fabulous in this latest clothing range. Sleek urban threads decked out with hard edged rings and gold plated bracelets. Break out some Drop Science poses for some suitably relaxed stances to go with your chilled out ‘fit. And bring it all together in the Drop Science Subway; a perfect urban hang out with some sweet rewards on offer.

Lockwood Bodycon Dresses

Last season’s range of Bodycon dresses were so popular, Lockwood have bought out a whole new selection, this time with even more styles to choose from. The Gaia partners an asymmetric neckline with a single sleeve for a unique modern look. The Selene incorporates accent colors to make the most of the open neckline. The Hera is a classic slash neck, long-sleeved, off the shoulder number, while The Aphrodite is a daringly strappy halter neck. Finally, The Athena has a distinctive outline created by a horizontal strap detail. Whatever your style, you’re sure to find something to help embrace your inner goddess, so you’d better arrange some fashion swaps with your gifting friends.

PlayStation Home Update 9-11-2013

Lockwood Gift Machine Releases: Dolly’s Diner Revisited, Fool Throttle Fortune Teller, and Burlesque

An early Cucumber release back in June 2011, the Dolly’s Diner furniture was an unexpected smash hit for Lockwood. Today, Dolly’s receives a sleek blue makeover and emerges in the Gift Machine. Each piece utilizes the matching color scheme, and the seating combines leather and chrome for that realistic retro vibe.

If you have a free spirited friend with a penchant for hedge magic, Fool Throttle’s latest gift range is tailor made. Help her look the part – there’s an enigmatic hood and beautiful ribbons for ankles and wrists. Or if your would-be mystic is male, send him some hypnotic dances – those moves are sure to draw a crowd. And no fortune teller can ply their trade without a crystal ball to peer into. This unique gift comes with tarot cards too, so they’ve got two chances to foretell your future correctly!

If you and your friends love to be the center of attention, then Lockwood’s latest range of Burlesque goodies are sure to appeal. Silk fashion corsets in a range of colors, plus delicate lace chokers are available in the store and the Gift Machine. Value packs are available in store so you don’t have to choose between baby pink or leopard skin – you can rock whichever corset suits your mood. There’s also some show stopping dance moves which are a Gift Machine Exclusive. And guys needn’t stay by the sidelines – the dance moves are available to them too.

Lockwood Gold Clothing Giveaway

Thanks to literally tens of thousands of dedicated PlayStation Home fans, Lockwood’s Facebook page has broken the 20,000 Likes barrier! As a token of their appreciation, Lockwood have created some exclusive golden clothing items you can claim FOR FREE via their Facebook page. Enjoy!

PlayStation Home Update 9-11-2013

Codeglue and Dani’s Magic Sparkle Dresses

Add a touch of magic with this new collection of dresses by Codeglue and Home user Dani! These sparkling dresses come in a short and a long version and will be available in 6 colors. You can complement the outfits with elegant high heel shoes and/or stylish bracelets. This collection comes as separate items as well as a selection of great-value bundles. Designed for Home’s women by a Home woman!

PlayStation Home Update 9-11-2013


Are you ready to take your PlayStation Home music listening experience to the next level? Now you can with LOOT’s Premium RadioIO Rental Pass! Enjoy commercial-free streams with higher audio quality and get 21 additional channels. Choose between two day, thirty day, or 365 day subscriptions – each with their own special set of unlockable rewards – and become the most popular host or hostess in all of Home!

PlayStation Home Update 9-11-2013

LOOT Diamond, Gold, and Platinum EOD TVs

Ever felt that your LOOT EOD TV could benefit from having a bit more… bling? Well, today is your lucky day! Now in the LOOT Store is the popular EOD TV in multiple sizes, as well as matching wall mounts in stands, in Diamond, Gold, and Platinum. Available individually or in bundles, these are a must-have as they’ll be sure to take any space from drab to fab in seconds!

PlayStation Home Update 9-11-2013

Digital Leisure: The Casino Poker Tournament

There are only a few days left to register for the Paradise Springs Poker Tournament this weekend! To register, all you have to do is head to the Poker Room in The Casino and purchase a bracelet at the registration desk. Once you’ve got your bracelet be sure to come back on September 14th when the tournament starts. You can read up on how the tournament works, and when it starts in your region, by checking out the tournament rules right next to registration desk. You don’t want to miss your chance to rake in up to 250,000 in casino chips and to claim all the glory!

X7 VIP Update

Head to x7 for your weekly VIP fix. This week check out the Desire Dress (free!), Lockwwod’s September Poses, Stilettos and Motorbike Seats, nDreams’ latest Animation Pack, VEEMEE’s Centaur Batch and PSTalent’s NOOB AWAY!

PlayStation Home Update 9-11-2013

Magnus Missing?

There’s no Virtual Item Showcase this week, but don’t fret. Magnus is taking a long needed break from his unique style of marketing. He’ll be back next week with more VIS love!

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