August 2013’s PSN Top Sellers

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August 2013’s PSN Top Sellers

It’s that time again! Let’s gaze into our PSN crystal ball, and see which games ruled PSN in August.

Scrooge McDuck pogoed to the top of PS3 players’ download queues in WayForward’s HD remaster of Capcom’s classic DuckTales. We saw strong debuts from Payday 2, Madden NFL 25, and Saints Row IV as well.

Dragon’s Crown took over PS Vita last month, but Rayman Origins almost took it out (leading into this month’s release of its sequel, Rayman Legends). Spelunky and The Walking Dead both launched last month and earned their spots in the top 10, as well.

Read on for the full list, and head over to the EU PlayStation.Blog to see their charts. What do you think will top September’s lists?


Top 5 PlayStation Mobile Games

  2. Sola Radio
  3. Ten By Eight
  4. Beats Trellis
  5. Cytus Lambda

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