August 2013’s PSN Top Sellers

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August 2013’s PSN Top Sellers

It’s that time again! Let’s gaze into our PSN crystal ball, and see which games ruled PSN in August.

Scrooge McDuck pogoed to the top of PS3 players’ download queues in WayForward’s HD remaster of Capcom’s classic DuckTales. We saw strong debuts from Payday 2, Madden NFL 25, and Saints Row IV as well.

Dragon’s Crown took over PS Vita last month, but Rayman Origins almost took it out (leading into this month’s release of its sequel, Rayman Legends). Spelunky and The Walking Dead both launched last month and earned their spots in the top 10, as well.

Read on for the full list, and head over to the EU PlayStation.Blog to see their charts. What do you think will top September’s lists?


Top 5 PlayStation Mobile Games

  2. Sola Radio
  3. Ten By Eight
  4. Beats Trellis
  5. Cytus Lambda

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  • I wish I could play Star Wars Battlefront on the Vita…

  • Not really surprised with any of the lists but it is kinda ridiculous seeing Black Ops 2 dlc packs dominating the dlc list every month. there are so many better dlc add-ons for games than those map packs in my opinion. Anyway, I would be willing to be that GTA 5 will be number 1 for September.

  • Not surprised to still see Journey in the top 3. Seeing TOKYO JUNGLE on their I might just pick it up now.

  • Why are ps mobile games not featured on ? Seems counter productive. Lots of people want to check out and *gasps* download their psm games while away from their vita.

  • Rockstar ran most of the classics sales with the GTA 5 preorders

  • Sony is happy so many Vita owners bought the RAYMAN ORIGINS last month…. so they decided to put in IGC this month lol.. What a JERK

  • What was #14 last month…

  • LOL also in PSP, Top 5 Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories last August, now it’s in September IGC. Hahaha nice job sony… Keep up this nasty mind game.

  • Glad to see a Persona game finally at the top sellers

  • i read the article on the new PS VITA TV. Revolutionary idea SCEA.. It’s a good idea to make those titles accessible to people who don’t want to neccesarily stare at a small screen. Frankly, it hurts my eyes. I’ll pre-order the thing as soon as I know when it’s going to b available. IDEA…. Trophy patches for select PSP games. I KNOW that your not responsible for creating the trophies. That is the software companies job. You may want to pass that notion along, simply because trophies have increased in popularity, and people are more inclined to purchase a game IF there’s trophies available to obtain. Thanx 4 reading!

  • This was unexpected. Ducktales is pretty much awesomesauce at this point. Thanks, Wayforward. You glorious 2D kings.

  • @ASC2175

    Ducktales Remastered was made by WayForward?
    Interesting, I liked “Mighty Switch Force!”

  • So, how about that Crash Bandicoot and Spyro: The Dragon for PS Vita? :p

    Anyways, I’ve been having a blast playing Spelunky on my PS Vita and PS3! I’m really glad to see it up there on the list. Maybe I’ll get Ducktales: Remastered too.. then I could re-live a little bit of my childhood!

    Looking forward to the future of PlayStation! I can’t wait to see what other great indie game titles are released in the near-future (especially for PlayStation 4)! ^_^

  • Glad to see Dragon’s Crown, Tales of Xillia, Persona and Ducktales in the list. They were are great games.

  • luv to see tokyo jungle on the top 10 list. one of the best psn games i ever hade. also nice to see rockstar games still on the list.

  • Ducktales in 1st ha I saw that one coming…I still need to buy though…Dragon’s Crown 1st on Vita saw that one coming too…..San Andreas again in 1st I’m quite surprised….thought everyone had bought that already…and are we ever going to see DLCs other than CoDs in 1st?….how can people waste $15.00 on CoD DLCs?…..OMG for that price you can buy PSN games that will give a lot more fun and replayability than CoD DLCs.

    One does not need to think that much to know that super overrated GTA 5 will be the 1st on september.Instead of Puppeteer that really deserves.At least Mercenary will be the 1st on Vita…one that deserves.

  • Makes me happy to see Dragon’s Crown above Saint’s Row :)

  • Dragon’s Crown is so wonderfully fantastic, and perfect for on-the-go with Vita. Glad to see it selling well.

  • how can be dragon’s crown on list if it’s not even released?

  • saints row IV at number 6? hmm should’ve been 4

  • These games are all awesome this is just alot to try and play but i’m happy game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @ 19 medenko1975 – Are you kidding me?….where have you been?…inside of a cave?…come on man its been weeks since Dragon’s Crown was released.

  • Way to go Ducktales!

  • Nice to see Duck Tales do so well, I wonder how Castle of Illusion is doing(doubt it will be Sept’s #1 with GTAV to contend with).

  • Max Payne 3 free for plus members next month

  • DuckTales Remastered is absolutely fantastic, and I’m glad to see that it sold so well!

  • they should make a version of the new battlefront for vita

  • Nice to see that Skullgirls is in the top 20. May get it soon.

    @PHEEliNUX: Yes! “Might Switch Force” is an awesome 2D game.

  • Ducktales the game and the show is one of my all times favs.

    Disney kept it away for far too long it is time to bring new ducktales games and a show back.

    and the rest of the disney afternoon shows why doesnt disney use them? No darkwing duck mock batman arkham city game? no new chip and dale game? tale spin really?

    I will be buying the other remakes of the old disney afternoon games like ducktales and rescue rangers darkwingduck but disney couls be doing more with it and they do not. No new shows movies, or games of the disney afternoon shows =/

    No gummi bears game ever? come on disney.

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