Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness Release Date Unveiled, New Features Details

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Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness Release Date Unveiled, New Features Details

Hey, doods! Once again, it’s David from NIS America with news on the latest in our fan-favorite, strategy-RPG series, Disgaea. Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness is set to launch for PS3 on October 8th in North America. Also, for the first 30 days from the launch of Disgaea D2, a costume DLC pack for Laharl, Etna, and Flonne will be available as a free download on PlayStation Store! Isn’t that something? Now, without further ado, let’s get into all the juicy new details of Disgaea D2.

Disgaea D2 is a brand-new entry in the Disgaea series that takes place immediately after the first one, with Laharl being Overlord of the Netherworld. Unfortunately, no one else has gotten the memo, so he sets out on a quest with Etna and Flonne to let the denizens of the Netherworld know who’s boss.

Along the way, he meets a few rebel demons that found out he’s Overlord and aren’t too happy about it, along with other colorful characters — including a girl claiming to be his sister! And if trying to get some respect wasn’t a dangerous enough endeavor, Laharl discovers that bigger problems have begun blooming in the Netherworld, and Celestia might be to blame… What’s a fully-fledged Overlord to do?

Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness on PS3

Disgaea D2 comes with the classic trio of Laharl, Etna, and Flonne, but we’ve added a boatload of new features! Characters are now in beautiful high-definition sprites! All that HD action is going to be great when you’re pummeling away at your enemies and dealing billions of points of damage with over-the-top, anything-but-tame skills.

We’ve also replaced the Magichange system with the Mounting system in this game. Now during battle, you can “mount” a humanoid character onto a monster character to combine them and open up special new skills and attacks. Unlike the Magichange system, once you’ve finished up your business, you can simply dismount the characters and have your monster fight alongside you in battle like normal!

We’ve also added a master and pupil system. Essentially, you’ll pick a character to be the master and another to be the pupil. By doing this, the pupil gains new skills from the master, as well as higher weapon proficiencies. Of course, with every master-pupil dynamic, the master eventually learns from the student, and in this case that means the master gains some stat boosts! So much knowledge and so much power!

Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness on PS3Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness on PS3

We’ve got all these things, plus old favorites like the Item World and the Dark Assembly, where you can create characters and bribe your way to having the best of the best! Character creation in the Dark Assembly has also been improved so that now you can choose between three personalities for each character, which determines that character’s Evility, as well as their dialogue both in and out of battle.

There are also two new generic classes you can bolster your battle roster with — the Male Angel and the Sea Angel. Sounds like there’s a lot of help coming from Celestia! Combining all of this customization and going through the Item World to max out your weapon’s levels will let you get crazy-go-nuts on your enemies, and let ‘em know that the real Overlord’s standing up! Still not enough? How about a little Cheat Shop action? At the Cheat Shop, you can change how much experience and gold you get, and even break the level limit (?!) so there’s tons more SRPG madness to be had!

I hope all of these new features have got you eager to tumble down into the Netherworld and experience hundreds of hours of customizable gameplay! Do millions of points of damage! Level up your characters and weapons hundreds of times! Change Laharl into a girl! Wait, what?

Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness on PS3

There’s just so much you can do, and even if you think you’ve maxed everything out, there’s still more! Beyond the initial launch costume pack DLC, we also have Raspberyl character DLC and a bunch of other fun stuff coming down the road! The party just don’t stop!

Thanks for your support and taking the time to read this! Prinny out, dood!

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  • Awesome!!!!

  • October 8th can’t come soon enough, dood!

  • I wish I had a mind for strategy, because I love these games, but I’m just so BAD at them.

  • I cant wait for this – but you guys should do a blog post about Guided Fate Paradox too ;D

  • First class ticket on the hype train

  • doods!!!! this is awesome, I still playing psvita version, I cant wait for this and Guided fate paradox!

  • @ #5 : ALL ABOARD!!!!

  • Also, dat statue @1:05 lolol

  • Preordered it the day it was announced! Can’t wait! love ya NISA, always look forward to the games you guys bring over. Thank you!!

  • This looks so good. Any word on the Vita version of Disgaea 4 heading over to the West?

    • Morning Gorvi,

      We don’t have any news on that yet, but we’ll definitely let people know about changes in the future, dood!

  • PS Vita version plssss

  • Day 1 Digital?

  • I still didn’t finish Disgaea 4 post game, Doubt i will see myself buying this anytime soon, However, I will check “The Guided Fate Paradox” and “Witch and Hundred Knights”

    No plans on Mugen Souls Z getting localized?

  • The Disgaea series ruined all other strategy RPGs for me. If I can’t throw one of my characters clear across the room, they aren’t doing it right.

  • Will there be any plans to bring Trinity Universe as a digital download? Hard to find stock of that game anywhere.
    While I’ll be skipping this one unfortunately I am looking forward to the Guided Fate Paradox (Limited Edition already order) and the Witch and Hundred Knights when it is up on the NISA Store. Keep up the good work NISA bringing this titles to the West. \(^.^)/

  • Can’t wait! Pre-ordered the Limited Edition from the NISA Store.

    Also, wasn’t the master/pupil dynamic in Disgaea 3 already?

  • This would have been perfect for Vita.

  • For a rare time i say TOO SOON :P
    Too many games i want to play right now and sadly there’s no time left to play this game.
    I might still buy it, but i won’t be able to play it before next year most likely :(

  • Any chance of seeing Disgaea 3 and 4 along with the rest of NISA older PS3 games being put up as digital downloads? How about NISA’s PS2 games as PS2 classics, would love to be able to download Mana Khemia, Atelier Iris, and Sakura Wars.

    • Hey Vaco6121,

      At this time, we don’t have any news on offering older titles as digital downloads, but once we do, we shall stand upon mountains and let the world know!


  • just one month away,woot!

  • A quirky but uniqe game i have one of these Disgaea games on my PS Vita haven’t played it too much though.Hopefully i’ll get back to it soon.

  • Kinda hope this has less DLC than 4. Seeing and knowing there will be more than 20 pieces of DLC really kills my hype to actually buy the game while it’s new and increases my chances of just waiting for the bargain bin.

  • By the Lord Ruler… those American voice actors….

  • Too much dlc in the last ones…but make it for Vita and I’ll forgive you!

  • Yeah i cant wait for this one. You guys just need to announce the EU date. Hopefully some details about 4 on vita come out soon :)

    • Hello croze__,

      The EU release date for Disgaea D2 will be on September 27. It’s coming soon, dood!


  • HERE WE GOOOOOO! As a Disgaea fan I can’t wait to play this game! Although I can always buy a Japanese version, the DLC is just a problem I can never address. Thank you NIS America! BTW, when do you guys plan to bring Disagea 4 Return to Vita in the U.S.?

  • Can’t wait! Hope we get a confirmation soonish of Disgaea 4 on PS Vita being localized.

    @22: But… Disgaea has insane amounts of content without the DLC. Just do what I do, skip the DLC and use the money you would have spent on it, to double dip on the future handheld version. :P

  • Hi, David, I so appreciate your company allowing Absence of Detention as a free Plus game several months back that I will buy this new retail game. I, too, am drowning in my backlog but we all need to support the companies that consistently bring us JRPGs.

  • So stoked doods, I pre-ordered the special edition as soon as you guys put it up, Disgaea is probably my favorite franchise. Awesome about the costume DLC, but is there any word on if we will get the Fuka and Desco DLC that was free in japan?

  • I was going to stop buying Disgaea games at 4 but then Disgaea 3 came to Vita free and it was better and easier to play than the PS3 version. Definitely buying this game but just for story. I can only do grinding games on the Vita.

  • day one purchase for me

    I NEED THIS! Keep up the good work NISA!!!! :)

  • I’m really excited for this one, I’ll get it on day one for sure. October 8th seems so far away right now lol.

  • Too many good games dood I feel like I am going to blow up if I get thrown to any more NISA games. One question when are the new squad sticker poll going to be over? I have Prinny and Asagi squad stickers and I can’t wait for the next one.! As always dood keep up the good work. We Prinnies got to stick together!

  • Why wont Raspberyl be included in the game from the start?

  • Alright! Now it’s finally time for a discount on all Disgaea games. I’ve been waiting for that to buy Disgaea 1 and 2 for PSP!

  • I’ll get it if its $20. i don’t like this series enough to spend more than that. Also nice to see you offer some free dlc, considering how notorious Nisa usually is with overcharging for dlc content.

  • I started with Digaea Afternoon of Darkness, and I really like the series. I think I will pick up this game down the line, and I’m looking forward to on the Vita, on my Shiny White PS Vita.

  • I messed up my post. i’m looking forward to 4 on my Vita.

  • I have bean waiting this game for so long the return of Lahar xD

    All the Disgaea Games are awesome but nothing like the first Lahart was the best main character that this series has, Etna was really cool to the made an awesome team xD.

    Cant wait to played

  • BTW I will love to be able to play this game on mi vita to and have cross save

  • Unveiled? You announced it back when preorderes started. Have my $105 LE in waiting! Hope they arrive early like Disgaea 4 did, got my D4 5 days before launch.

  • Great news. I buy everything you guys release pretty much by default (I’ve yet to be disappointed). On a side note, I’m glad you guys have re-released a lot of older titles on PSN but there are still some missing. PS2 Classics of the Atelier Iris games and especially Makai Kingdom would be GREATLY appreciated.

    In fact, just release everything you guys ever had on PS2 and I’ll be happy.

  • Disgaeayayayayayayayaya alrighty then !


  • amazing stuff as always NIS America!!

  • Since the Disgaea series has been finding its way to Vita, I’m going to hold off. Games like this are, to me, much better suited to handhelds, where you can go for marathon gaming sessions at home, and then take it with you to grind out levels when you need to go out.

  • Cant wait for this!! have my collectors edition preordered from NIS direct

  • Love Disgaea games own all of them since 2, but I have never actually finished any of them…….Really need to try and fix that

  • These doods know how to make my wallet burn!!! Can’t wait for it in EU!

  • Will we really have to pre-order the Prima guide book to get the Raspberyl character, or will it be released on the PS Store at a later date?

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