Beyond: Two Souls Demo Coming October 1st

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Beyond: Two Souls Demo Coming October 1st

Today we can confirm that the Beyond: Two Souls demo will be available on Tuesday, October 1st on PlayStation Store. There will be opportunities for a few of you to get in on September 24th — we’ll be announcing those soon.

This demo will include two scenes from the game, giving insight into the extraordinary story that awaits you next month. This will be the first chance for most to go hands-on and experience the improvements Quantic Dream has made to Heavy Rain’s control scheme.

The Beyond: Two Souls demo will feature the following two scenes from the final game:

  • Jodie & Aiden: Join a very young Jodie as she takes part in an experiment at the Department of Paranormal Activities. As officials put her abilities to the test, you take charge of a mysterious, invisible entity.
  • Hunted: Skip forward a number of years and help Jodie escape the clutches of government agents as the mysterious entity unleashes its truly astonishing powers.

Beyond: Two Souls Demo Coming October 1st

We’ve also got the third of our four part ‘Making Of’ series, which details the huge undertaking that was the year-long performance capture shoot for Beyond: Two Souls. Hear from writer/director David Cage and lead actors Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe on the intricacies of the set design, and how performance capture for a video game is so different than a traditional movie shoot.

Chime in below with your questions, and I’ll reply to them as soon as I can!

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  • This game looks amazing!!!!

  • Hell yes! Thank you! I LOVED Heavy Rain.

  • Don’t need a demo, already getting the game.

  • This may be my very last game on the Ps3 … :(

  • Should I stay tuned to this blog for details on the September 24th early demo date?

  • Cannot friggin’ wait!

  • I don’t need a demo either, as I have had this game preordered for several months. I seriously can’t wait for October 8th! I loved Indigo Prophecy, and love Heavy Rain. Quantic Dream’s game just keep getting better, and Beyond Two Souls is looking epic.

  • Will it be Day 1 Digital?

  • Heavy Rain was an incredible game and I will definitely pick this up when it is released. My wife enjoys games but she gets frustrated with ones with overly complex controls, the compelling story of heavy rain and the intuitive QTE system meant she was able to play through the entire game- and she LOVED it. I hope BEYOND is similar in this regard.

    • Another bonus for those of you with wives/gfs/other who can’t handle DualShock controls, the Beyond Touch feature we announced at GamesCom will allow them to play with a simplified version of the interface via phone or tablet. Won’t be available in the demo unfortunately though.

  • I as well would like to know if it will be day 1 digital, and if there might be a pre order for it soon. Thanks!

  • Finally! i really loved Heavy Rain am having high hopes for Beyond 2 Souls can’t wait to try it out

  • Awesome!!!!!

  • Indigo Prophecy & Heavy Rain… I don’t need a demo^_^
    See you in October :D

  • Where is the Day 1 Digital?!

  • You’d think there would be a digital so ps4 users can buy it. I want to pre order it now! :)

  • In the next 2 months, I’m soo gonna spend more on games, than I usually do in a year! So many great games coming out, and a next gen console (PS4), with next gen games too!

  • can’t ******* wait.

    where’s is cheapest to order?

    • We prefer not to push you towards one retailer or another. For the most part pricing should be the same across the board. We do though have a pre-order offer which allows you to get the Special Edition for the same price at GameStop. Where you order though is totally up to you.

  • Day 1 Digital?

  • Im curious as to whether PS Move support will be added for Beyond. Perhaps in a later DLC?
    I played through Heavy Rain twice, the second time with the Move controller, and I have to say it was like a completely different and reinvigorated experience.
    I sincerely hope Sony shows more support for the peripheral in the future because it is truly an exellent piece of tech. Its just gathering alot of dust…

    • At the moment, there’s no plans for Move support. We love the Move as a peripheral and a lot of people loved it in Heavy Rain, but timing became a factor during production and thus Move support was one of the non-critical features that couldn’t be implemented.

  • I’m very pleased to see that there will be a demo for this game!

    1) Will there be a PS4 version?

    2) Will PS Plus members receive a discount if they purchase the downloadable version from the USA PS Store?

  • I want to play this game but I want a conformation before I put money down.
    I just want a clear answer.
    Is there going to be a physical copy of this game for the PS4?

    • Sorry, lot of questions on this, we know you guys are curious. What I can tell you is that if there is a PS4 version of Beyond, it won’t be available for some time. The team just finished the PS3 version and still have work to do on the pre-order DLC.

  • 1.BF4 go to 2. log in with your origin Account or sing up if you don’t aiready have an Origin Account 3. follow the instructions to enter your code 4.Bonus in-game content will be available after BF4 launches (G34W-544H-GEQA-D5RY) Happy hunting

  • No demo needed or wanted. Not watching any of your videos. I don’t want any spoilers. Day 1 buy/play for me.

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  • Assassins Creed 3 multiplayer access code only (K3M8-P2NA-K9E4) I don’t need it

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  • @Sony/psn Fallout3 for the PSN plz

  • Im just trying to help. Sony is hard WoW is just a codes WoW

  • Oh thanks for the demo…Beyond is already a must buy but a demo is always welcome…like I always say every game should have a demo before launch and avatars post launch…anyway…Beyond looks incredible and beautiful as well…as always PS3 typical the graphics are unbelievable….I’m loving the different places we will be going on Beyond….and I’m really curious and eager to see if Beyond will be able to top the epicness that is Heavy Rain…easily one of the best games this gen and ever.Great job Quantic Dream you guys are very good.

  • I hope you guys get to support Beyond with DLC was disappointed that there wasn’t additional Heavy Rain DLC after the first one was so good.

  • Also I love these Making Of videos.

    I have a request….the concept art looks so good…please make them available in the game like you guys did with Heavy Rain….as a drawer myself I always like to stare at the concept art.

  • I am amazed at just the preview! I might buy this game I still have my game Heavy Rain. But this game looks way more detailed and innovative I hope you can play your Music by using custom sound tracks! Seriously Sony you need to get with the picture. $60.00 bucks plus tax is not picnic anymore. But I am impressed with just the preview for Beyond 2 Souls! I hope that we get more PS3 demos from E3! Thank!

  • This is one of those games where I’ve been completely avoiding anything related to it, as I want a completely fresh experience when I play through it the first time. The demo is appreciated, but it’s a day 1 buy for me already. I’ve been looking forward to this all year!

  • PLEASE, PLEASE GD/Sony give those of us gamers (and there are far more of us than you might think) who don’t like (F-BOMBS) in video games or elsewhere for that matter, a (check-mark in the main menu), the option to (opt Out) of F-bombs! Did I mention Please! I love your games and I kind you not, I’d buy this game day one, if I knew in advance for a fact, I had that option in the game! Think of it it’s not as if were asking you to take Anything out of your game i.e. if ppl/gamers like that sort of thing, than sobeit and I really do hope we all buy and enjoy tons of this game! Let’s face if Epic-Games aka Gears of War/Bulletstorm Dev’s can do it in their games, I know you guy’s can! It would mean more to us than you could ever know!!!

    Anyway thanks ever so much in advance and happy gaming all!!

    P.S. PLEASE lol!

  • No demo for me, buying it day one! Even though GTA will undoubtedly be amazing, this game is definitely GOTY. Amazing work.

  • I really, really hope Quantic Dream eventually revisits the character of Norman Jayden. When the remaining Heavy Rain DLC was cancelled, I was really put off :/

    Looking forward to Beyond. Would love to versions of Omikron and Fahrenheit on PS4/Vita with see HD graphics/audio.

  • Don’t get me wrong I want try the demo looks amazing the game it’s just Grand Theft Auto Online releases on that day so yeah also I’ll be pretty much because with Grand Theft Auto V after 17th till PS4 launches. Beyond Two Souls needs a PS4 version :)

  • This is the game that people should remember because it’s pure brilliance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • It’s weird to see a Quantic Dreams demo come out. Cool though. Can’t wait to play the game!

  • Don’t need Demo! Just release it Day 1 Digital and it’ll be mine without a doubt .

    Please Day 1 Digital, cmo’n QD do it please! Thank you.

  • Derek, your responses are appreciated. Thank you. Kudos on the good work. This game ( slash interactive movie) looks very impressive – as well as the size of the script.

  • This game is very beautiful, makes uncharted, Hitman, Heavy Rain and many other games look like crap and they were awesome games with perfect graphics

  • I’m very suprised to see no one has one thing in particular yet.


    Anyways, the games looks wicked guys! Keep up the good work! Excited to give it a try!


  • Can’t wait! have this preordered at gamestop soon as I heard about all the bonus stuff you get with it (sorry amazon order)..Looking forward to this masterpiece!

  • @Connor2122: I feel ya. I’m in that same predicament where I wanna try this game out, but at the same time GTA V online will be on & poppin that day. Good thing 4 me, my wife has her own PS3. She loves the movie Juno & loves Ellen Paige (hope I spelled that right). Just told her the news & she went crazy. At least I’ll get 2 watch it, if not play it I guess.

  • I hope this game doesn’t make me go to sleep, like heavy rain did. Heavy rain was total waste of my money.

    I for one am glad that a demo is being released, if there’s to many QTE then I cant see myself buying this game.

    Buy the way Im still waiting for The Last Guardian, no other game really matters. Let’s hope for some news or unveil at tokyo game show, cross fingers.

  • dont see why ppl cant play the beyond demo the same day as gta v online. i know i sure as hell will. this game looks amazing and i caN tell it is.

  • sweet. cant wait to try it out. loved heavy rain.

  • @ 42 Ja-Milz – Makes Uncharted look like crap?….are you on drugs?…this is insane….Heavy Rain look like crap?…damn…also how can you put Hitman in the same lvl of Uncharted,Heavy Rain and Beyond?

  • I can’t wait for BEYOND!

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