Watch_Dogs: Player Freedom and Multiplayer Functionality

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Watch_Dogs: Player Freedom and Multiplayer Functionality

In the latest Watch_Dogs video below, we get a first look at some of the experiences you’ll encounter when free-roaming through Chicago. While the main storyline is packed with great missions and intriguing characters, there are plenty of unique scenarios you’ll encounter while simply exploring the world. Let’s have a look at some of them.

Watch_Dogs: Player Freedom and Multiplayer Functionality

At the beginning of the video, Animation Director Colin Graham says that what we see is not a mission, but rather a part of the living city experience that’s only offered in Watch_Dogs.

All the activities you see above are, as he says, totally systemic, and can happen at any time and in any place. As the player, you have total freedom to engage with them or not, and you can do so in any way you want.

But remember, your actions will be recorded throughout the campaign, and they’ll have consequences. And as Colin mentions, the AI is totally unpredictable, so a single variable can trigger a foot chase, a violent altercation, a car chase, etc. The possibilities are almost endless, so choose carefully when faced with a sticky situation, or you could end up regretting the results.

We also got a glimpse of one of the many multiplayer functions that Watch_Dogs will offer: the possibility to invade or get invaded by other players. So if you ever want to take a break from wandering in Chicago, you can always drop into another hacker’s game and see what they’re up to. Who knows, maybe you’ll be able to extract some valuable information. But be discreet in your actions; you could also end up a target.


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  • This game looks absolutely beautiful. Can’t wait to play it. Clearly this game has had a lot of work put into it and it really shows.

  • That looks incredible, I knew I pre-ordered this game for a reason. I can’t wait to play, keep up the good guys! November 15th can’t come soon enough…

  • That’s a neat idea, being able to invade another players world. I wish more games would take advantage of that style of multiplayer like Demon’s Souls/Dark Souls. I hardly ever play games online but those games made it a fun thing to try & having people invade really was exciting. I hope the way it’s implemented in Watch Dogs is fleshed out and not just a slapped on feature with no thought given to it.

  • Definitely on the day 1 hit list!

  • This was the only game I pre-ordered alongside my PS4. This video makes me think I made the right decision.

  • that was amazing. luv that idea and gameplay.

  • This game play is from PS3 or PS4 ?

    Anyone noticed some ugly shadows ?

    Anyway…i love ubisoft games. Downloading Rayman Legends right now (=

  • Hoou that was amazing lots of interesting and neat gameplay there….so hacking a ctOS control center is just like synchronizing a view point on Assassin’s…..nice very nice……also parking the car before going into the gun store ha that was cool…I thought I was the only one who park the car lol….anyway Aiden’s running is a bit weird…..also how about adding an animation when Aiden opens a door…its really annoying to see Aiden opening a door with his chest in a game like Watch Dogs.

    Well thanks for the great gameplay video…Watch Dogs is a must buy.

  • sold.. just pre-ordered day 1 digital

  • I would like to know with the different looking character will you be able to customize Aiden with different clothing and such to look different than every other Aiden?

  • caught a few things that need touching up.

    -being the Only “White-guy” in that neighborhood, especially in a trench coat & cap would draw Peoples reactions which were missing.

    -gun fire in the “Rural” area would draw People spectating attention towards that facility.

    -should of been able to Hack the TV in the gun shop

    -wardrobe of random civilian characters needs improving so the Main character doesn’t overly stick out like a sore thumb.

    mostly game looks interesting and intriguing theme wise.

    I wish I had that Auto Parallel Parking ability :p

  • I love it! can’t wait to play! think this trailer was super!

  • It looks good. :) I do see things popping up on the screen in the distance. Like a random stop sign would pop into the screen when you got close enough. It would be nice if they fixed that before launch. :)

  • Looks fantastic to me. Really looking forward to this game! The only question…is it enough to pull me away from Grand Theft Auto Online?

  • Love how the gameplay experience goes so seamlessly from stealth, to gunfighting, to shooting, to acrobatics, to hacking…it’s like one of those workouts that exerts your entire body.

    Some of the mechanics, like hacking a device or breaking into a car, may be simple in and of themselves…but the people who are good at this game are the ones who can combine the right timing and thought and choices to accomplish what they seek to do.

    You don’t just have to memorize button combos. Anyone can memorize button combos. In Watch Dogs, you generally have to be resourceful and smart.

    I absolutely love that.

  • This will be the only game that could challenge gta v even a little :P cant wait to play it on ps4!

  • Wow. Just…. wow.

  • 2 questions…

    1. Is this running on PS3 or PS4?

    2. Can we disable the multiplayer? I honestly don’t want someone messing with me in my game, I want to enjoy it by myself.

  • Game Looks amazing. unfortunately it’s one of very few titles that have me really excited for next gen.

  • this game is going to be awesome! Ubi rules!

  • Chicago! Chicago! can’t wait to explore Chicago! :D

  • I got my eye on this one:) buy the way I was shopping on and they are selling there PS+ Cards for $5off (3 month) to $10 off (12month) but you can get a whole year for $40 pretty sweet I got $20 rewardzone credit too! PS+ baby :)

  • Pre-ordered and paid off! This video just makes me want the game even more. Looks absolutely amazing. Can’t wait!

  • @ D-Squad3: 2) I’m pretty sure this isn’t always-online, so you could just play while not connected to PSN. Though I’m guessing you also have to login to UPlay’s servers for the online component to work, so if you sign out of that, it might be possible to be on PSN without being “hackable”. But yeah, some clarity on this issue would be appreciated. I think it’s a cool feature, but could definitely get annoying if you’re constantly getting invaded while you’re trying to play through the story.

  • Neat concepts, but seems like a lot of work when you just want to NOT be doing missions….

    Reminds me of all the random Infamous side stuff that gets obnoxious after the first ten times it happens. No, I no longer care if you’re getting mugged in an alley. I’ve solved that same problem 250 other times already!

  • This game makes Grand Theft Auto look like childs play!

  • This is going to be my first third party game on PS4.

  • I love when they give these trailers and I can’t wait till November Ps4 here we come I wish the Ps4 has a bundle of Watch Dogs and Infamous Second son :))))))))))!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Some Answers:

    1. You are Able to play offline, online with and without other Players. If you don’t want to be disrupted by other Players while playing the Game, you can switch off the “Online-Hackability”.
    But don’t be afraid, it isn’t possible to Hack you while you are following the Main-Story. And other Players are not only able to hack you… they can help you, too. And they can play Police and Chase you, if your fully online, you never know if you are followed by AI-Police oder Playerguided Police (also playable over mobile devices).

    2. Game is coming for PS3 and PS4, X360 and X-One.

    3. Ubisoft knows about some detail- and texture-pop-up, they promised to fix it… there is still a bit time.

    4. You can also infiltrate CtOS-Servers quietly, without beeing seen and without killing anyone…

    5. Even the Sidemissions are flexible: If you follow the Guy, who tried to choke the woman, and you shoot at the Wheels of the car before he gets in, maybe he is coming right at you for a fight, he ducks behind the car and shoots at you or he is trying to get away by foot.

    HOW DO I KNOW? I visited GamesCom, saw some presentations and played it myself on the “Press-Day”.

    Excuse my awful english… I’m german. ;)

  • @freshahhnigga: Infamous is coming in 2014… I don’t think, they have a PS4-Bundle right at the Start in November. ;)

  • I can’t wait for this game, I think that people who are comparing this to GTA don’t know anything about each game. They are completely different, the only thing they have in common is that they are open world games. GTA 5 is going to keep me really busy until I get Watchdogs for PS4 !

  • This looks soooo good! I can’t wait for it to come out. I pre-ordered this along with Killzone and my PS4.

  • Now this is that originality tht i speak of often in the multiplayer area, and this is for sure 1 that i will get~!!!!!!!!!

  • This looks incredible. Two questions, though.

    Will it have cross-platform support? For instance, can I hack someone else’s game if they’re playing on PS3 or PC?

    Also, I’d like to stick to hacking my friends for the discussions the next day at work or school. Will we be able to choose a target from our friends list?

  • @8 + Welmosca

    I too found his inability to open the door fluidly a bit weird. It was the only thing that stood out as awkward in this otherwise beautiful gameplay.

    I’ve been on the fence with Watch Dogs, but after watching this gameplay, I’m sold! It looks gorgeous and the city looks real. I’m pumped for this… Day One purchase now.

  • this game looks really amazing, im super glad i have it pre-ordered along with my ps4, battlefield 4, and Killzone shadow fall. gonna have a hard decision picking which one to play first..

  • last of us, gta 5, watch dogs. it will be close for the game of the year award and thats not even the beginning of all the great games that is releasing or has released this year. i believe this game might take game of the year awards because of all the work that was put into this game but last of us will put a pretty good fight. i would have to say this is the biggest year for video gamers, between the great titles and the new console i’d say it’s time to celebrate and lets celebrate with watch dogs.

  • This looks very good but it still can’t compete with GTA V no matter how many demos and gameplay videos you show.

  • Can someone do a little round up to explain the online in simple details so it’s very clear. Just in little bullet points like what can other players do to you or what do they get when they hack you. And what happens to us when we get hacked. Does it change anything to the game and so on.

    WhiteWolf-GER comment helps a little in point one but a nice round up on everything that happens, can happen and how it affects us and how we affect others in their game, would be really nice to clear it all up.

    I like the sound of the whole online but it also sounds a little worrying about changing the game round or something like that. Maybe lose something valuable and things. Suppose playing it is the best way to understand but if someone that already fully understands it (mainly the developers) could just list it all out in points it can be a great help rather than write a big story to explain it. Just the main points of it

  • I think I seen every video for this over and over again. Looking forward to playing this game…


    It looks like one of the best games ever, my god it looks amazing. I have been following this game since its announcement at E3 2012 and my excitement it ever growing. COME ON NOVEMBER!

    Also My PS4 arrives on Tuesday, November 19. Just in time for this game. All my PS4 games are going to end up taking the back seat on this one (sorry killzone, driveclub, and ac4)

  • Creepy, awesome, overwhelming. Not going to wait long on this one.

  • I love the fact that you can invade other folks single player, and cause mayhem (alla Demon’s Souls/Dark Souls). I will be using this function..alot!

  • @ 17 ALEXPRO_9 – LOL Watch Dogs is the only one that could challenge GTA V?…you mean open-world game?…because almost every game is better than GTA and even open-world games…every open-world game I know and played is better than GTA besides Mafia.

  • I don’t know what to get first, GTA V, Saints Row 4, or WATCH_DOGS… I need help !! Every game looks awesome !

  • Looks fun. We can help other p,ayers too, nice! Can we enter a friend’s game or we can just be put I a random player one?

    To the people asking if its the PS3 version, I hope so because graphics are not as clear as they should for next-gen. I’m pretty sure the video is current-gen, if not, disapointing, but it’s still a lowers web video here so…

  • @Rediz13x
    I can help you there. Just get all 3. Maybe start with GTA V then watch-dogs then saints row. You have time to play GTA V until watch-dog comes out then play watch-dogs until saints row is very cheap

  • I can’t wait for this game

  • @IrishDude2:
    First of all: I don’t think you can compare GTA V and Watch_Dogs. They are Open-World-Games and thats it.
    I would say it is more likely an Assassins Creed in present time whitout knife and sword, but with Hack-Handy and Riot-stick. ;)

    Others can log into your Game while your NOT playing a Mission, they look like normal civilians on your Screen – while they are Aiden on their screen and see you as a civilian – and can hack you. The only Thing they get and what you lose is money. Maybe successful Hacks will unlock Bonuses or Weapons, but this isn’t confirmed yet.
    Other Players can also hack into your Game with a mobile Device and chase you down as Cops, while your in a pursuit. The order Helicopters and Policecars on some kind of Strategy-Map.
    They also can help you by hacking Policehelicopters and jamming communications if you are followed by the police.
    I don’t know if there is a “real” Multiplayer like GTA-Online. Sorry

    IrishDude2 is right… GTA V is coming in just a few Days – GET IT! Watch_Dogs is coming in November – nearly 2 month for GTA – so if you think about Watch_Dogs – GET IT TOO!
    And maybe Saints Row. ;)

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