New in PlayStation Home: Diamond Beach Mansion

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New in PlayStation Home: Diamond Beach Mansion

PlayStation Home Update 9-4-2013

Diamond Beach Mansion – Infinity Pool

Take the party to the exterior of the Diamond Beach Mansion to your very own seaside infinity pool, only in PlayStation Home! The Diamond Beach Mansion: Infinity Pool comes with all the necessities for the pool party of the century. Included is: your own poolside cabana, an outdoor entertainment center, majestic waterfall, diving platform and much more. Pool parties have never had such flair. Purchasing other portions of the Diamond Beach Mansion entitles you to a discounted price on the Infinity Pool and purchasing in the first ten days of release entitles you to an exclusive item bundle!

Ultra Fast Back to School Dash

Summer may be over, and school is back in session, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have any fun! Check out the new “Ultra Fast Back to School Dash” racing game in PlayStation Home courtesy of Clearasil. Classes have been dismissed for the day, and you’re aiming to be the first one out of school. Maneuver down the hallway on your skateboard, avoiding obstacles while picking up products for a boost of speed. High scores will be posted to a leaderboard, and you’ll be graded on your performance: earn an “A” and you’ll win a set of roller skates for your Home avatar. Be sure to check back in two weeks for a second challenge in a different environment…and a chance to win virtual rocket skates for your avatar.

PlayStation Home Update 9-4-2013

David Guetta World

Get the party started with Music Unlimited in PlayStation Home as we bring you the most in-demand producer in the world – the unstoppable, chart-topping DJ, David Guetta.

In association with VidZone, we’re offering funky rewards, unique emotes and exclusive Guetta footage, making our virtual rave in the infamous Pacha venue the place to be in PlayStation Home. You can even be the club DJ and mix famous Guetta hits with our interactive decks. The party is going on now, don’t miss out!

Blizzard’s Diablo III Shirts

Celebrate the arrival of Blizzard’s Diablo III to the console world by choosing from three striking t-shirts. Check out the Standard Diablo III shirt, The Eye of Diablo shirt, and the Diablo III Whimsyshire shirt. I mean really, who doesn’t love Whimsyshire!?

Granzella’s Bon Festival Dance 2013

Beginning September 4th until September 25th, the Bon Festival 2013 will be held in the Great Edo Lounge.With such things like fireworks shooting up into the night sky, the Bon dance, and shooting gallery, the lounge is sure to be filled with an atmosphere of fun! In addition, at this year’s Bon Festival dance, the grounds will be livened up by Granzella’s dance song! Also, the Bon Festival Dance locomotion item is available for free for a limited time at the store. With this, you’ll be able to participate in the Bon dance circle around the base of the tower.

PlayStation Home Update 9-4-2013

nDreams’ The Nightclub

This week sees the release of a range of items from nDreams that will allow you to be in charge of the best place to hang out in Home, The NightClub. This is the perfect venue for a fantastic night out. Dance to pumping music tracks on the dance floor, sip on drinks in the lounge area, or activate the foam cannon for an extra crazy night.

Coming Out Of x7 This Week

These great items are no longer exclusive to the x7 VIP store: nDreams’ Retro Animations, MegaStar Podium and Masquerade Ball Club House, Lockwood’s Rollerskates LMOs, Juggernaut’s Culinary Adventure Pack, HD Guns, LOOT RadioIO, VEEMEE’s Catered Dining, Undead Animals and Morphsuit updates.

VEEMEE 3D Printer Udpate

PlayStation Home Update 9-4-2013

Lockwood’s Big Eyed Owl Hats

Be sure to head to your Lockwood Gift Machine and look for August’s Big Eyed Owl Hats!

Game Mechanics’ Ultimate Racing Bundle

Another deal from Game Mechanics this week. Twenty four items in one bundle. This includes the stock cars, the Start/Finish Gate, the big Tire Wall Clock and the Race Car Desk. In addition they have updated three of their items – the Steering wheel Clock went from 3 slots to 2, the Tire Wall Clock went from 3 slots to 1, and the Start/Finish gate now keeps time accurate to the 1/100th of a second. The updates are free to anyone who already owns the items. It seems Game Mechanics has included more low slot, high cool factor magic in this week release.

O-TWO Peakvox Kirin Kabuto

O-TWO are back with new Peakvox items. Swing by and pick up the Kirin Kabuto head item, for men and women.

X7 VIP Update

Those with access to x7’s VIP store can pick up nDreams’ newest Box Beats, Lockwood’s massive Drop Science line, VEEMEE’s Cyborg LMO set, or choose from their Billabong, Footwear and Morphsuit updates. Lockwood also offers VIP members early access to September Dresses.

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  • Seeing Japan and other Asian countries aren’t receiving new updates and content to PS Home, who knows what the fate of PS Home is going to be so I’ll pass.

  • Do people seriously still use Playstation Home?

  • I think it’s safe to say NA is still going strong, considering the amount of content we’re getting.

  • Everybody looking at what’s just happened to Japan Home is saying the same thing…”why would I support Home if they’re just gonna take it away from me as a (viable, updated platform) eventually?” Unfortunately, that kind of thinking only hastens the demise of Home on EVERY region. No money coming in = No continued PS Home developer support. It’s a strange position to be put in. The US/EU are still producing new items weekly, Japan has unfortunately stopped, and the other Asian regions will be phasing it out over the coming months. That, plus Sony’s apparent REFUSAL to comment on Home’s status for the PS4 one way or another has left all of us users that love Home in a very odd position. I just wish we could have the real story on what Sony intends to do with Home, so everybody could make informed purchases from this point in. Apparently, that’s too much to wish for. And THAT disrespect from Sony is what is making Home gamers upset.

  • @UnclePhil2K

    I think you hit the nail on the head, the lack of any real transparency of whether or not PS Home is going to be transitioned to the PS4 and the news about Japan not receiving any kind of updates leaves only doubts in my mind. North America and Europe seem like it’s going strong for now but they can announce the same thing out of the blue just like they did in Asia.

  • Sigh. The Beta that is PlayStation Home.

  • Does anyone else freezes while logging into home today? this new update is not letting me back in and im getting frustrated!

  • Home in Asia was on life support anyways, Just look at their PS Plus as well, the offerings are terrible. JPN had irem/granzella that was all their home really had. It be nice to get some official word on homes future but why isnt anyone thinking that they could be making 1 Global Home in the future instead of them shutting it down entirely?

  • Well said UnclePhil2K, Sony why can’t you just come out and say what your plans are for PS Home? All the uncertainty and speculation won’t do anyone any good.

  • @starspd11

    lol Japan gets everything first.Hense why the Home there is being left to rot.It’s more than likely PS4 will have a different Home running on a different engine.Hense Sony not saying anything about Home coming to the PS4.To surprise ppl or their just getting rid of it.Which is highly unlikely do to the fact Home is a money maker.

  • Oh Plus Sony isn’t going to tell you “Oh btw Thee items you bought in the old Home will not transfer to the new one.” That will stop all sales on the spot.Tee hee

  • @RemyReznor

    So what your saying is that Sony is staying quite because they don’t want to reveal anything that relates to a new and improved PS Home? I think people would be more excited to know that don’t you think? Even if it’s in it’s early stages I think PS Home users wants some reassurance that it’ll exist in some form or another. It’s possibility they’re creating a new PS Home from scratch to run better than the one we have now but that’s purely speculation and we’ll wait and see.

  • @starspd11

    It’s not that they want to reveal a new Home.Doing so will have ppl asking.”Will my bought stuff transfer?” Which we all know won’t.Hense Sony will see a dramatic drop in purchased Home items.I for one would be Ok with that.But many will not.

  • @RemyReznor

    I’m not saying that PS Home is going away tomorrow but since the ps4 around the corner, who knows how long it going to be supported on the PS3. That’s why I think some people want to know if it’s going to be on the PS4 so they can continue there and get more years out of it. I can see your point, if they create a new PS Home or something equivalent obviously there could be some compatibility issue but that’s why it’s good to be transparent with your customers instead of hiding things and let them know at the last minute. People are free to continue to purchase what they want and I respect that but it would help like somebody stated before to let people know what the future is regarding to PS Home so people like me can make an informed purchase.

  • @starspd11

    I agree with you 100%.But I don’t think Home will be going away anytime soon.We still have at the very least a year left.So I’m not too worried.We all love Home and want to see it continue.If that means me buying new stuff from scratch I’m Ok with that.I’m sure most loyal Home fans will be too.I just wish like you said they’d let us know.

  • @RemyReznor

    I wouldn’t be sad if they pulled the plug on Home either but I have to agree that it’ll be a little while at least before they do that so PS Home users can enjoy it while they can. I would think that with all of these “great’ social features being announced for the PS4, something would have been said about it but I guess when they’re ready, they’re ready.

  • @starpd11

    lol Yes Sony is very picky when they reveal things.I would like to say I enjoyed our convo.Most would’ve argued like a child.I’m glad there are ppl with IQ’s out there.

  • Well as long as you respect my opinion, I’ll respect yours, and I’m too “old” to argue like a child anyways. But I’ll still hold off on spending money on PS Home, I hate wasting money on games like Home Tycoon and apartments that are better than my real life one. If I’m going to spend a lot of money on it, I would like it to be around for a while but I’ll wait and see if they going to be any announcements later on.

  • It seems like the lack of information on PS Home’s future with the PS4 is damning enough.

    It also seems like PS Home could thrive just fine on the PS4, starting as a straight port onto the next generation console, and in a few years issuing a total overhaul of all the existing item models, a new physics engine that would be conducive to playing games in Home (Bootleggers is cool and all, but it feels pretty clunky yeah?).

    So, who knows. Its fate seems pretty up in the air, but if they want it to be viable and keep going, and if a random dude on the internet can come up with a way to do it (if not the capital :D) then surely they’d be able to come up with a better design strategy and business model.

  • I read on another forum that they are discontinuing Home.

  • Could you post a link @Mattsta001?

  • I am so fed up with these game makers putting out all this effort to entertain us (the MONEY spenders) and then suddenly taking it all away from us and all the money we spent on the NUMEROUS items is down the drain!! Why do this to us when we are the reason you guys even exist??????

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