Destiny: Bungie on Customization, Class Types, and Multiplayer

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Destiny: Bungie on Customization, Class Types, and Multiplayer
Destiny: Bungie on Customization, Class Types, and Multiplayer

During Gamescom, I was very pleased to meet with Bungie’s David “DeeJ” Dague, who was kind enough to answer questions about Destiny — the studio’s keenly anticipated project. We covered a number of topics, including item customization, class types, weapons, and details on how multiplayer will work.

PlayStation.Blog: Bungie is staying in the science-fiction realm with Destiny. How are things different this time?

DeeJ: Destiny takes place in an entirely new world, with lands that are different from anything that we’ve created before. And we actually call it “mythic science-fiction,” where we’re fusing Destiny with science-fiction, fantasy, and mysticism.

I think the players will relate to the heroes of Destiny as knights more than soldiers. Destiny is all about your own personal quest. It’s about an epic adventure to solve the mysteries that are encountered through the story.

Destiny, 09

PSB: The landscapes are post-apocalyptic ones. You mentioned that it would be something people would feel comfortable in…

DeeJ: It is a little ironic to say that post-apocalyptic society is a place you want to visit again and again, but even though there’s been a collapse of the Golden Age, even though you’re a former civilization and that the entire solar system has been smashed, the city that exists is a place where humanity still thrives.

The adventure that takes place in Destiny sends humanity back out into the wild of the solar system to reclaim the lost treasures of the Golden Age. So it’s definitely a story about redemption, about digging into our past to understand what happened, and to secure our future.

Destiny, 06Destiny, 03

PSB: Can you tell us more about the different classes in Destiny?

DeeJ: Destiny is all about making personal decisions. The first choice that any player will make is which class of Guardians they want to embody. You can be a Titan, just about heavy armour and brute strength; you can be a Hunter, which is about stealth tactics, or you can be a Warlock, which is all about using the enormous power of the Travellers.

These all provide different options for how you’ll look, how you’ll fight, and what your combat style is. The armour they will have will tell us which missions they’ve completed, which destination they like to visit most often, and so on.

I think the strongest teams will be the ones where each player chooses a distinct role, uses different powers and different abilities. They all have different ways of backing each other up.

Destiny, 04

PSB: How about the weapons?

DeeJ: There are more weapons in this game than in any other game we’ve made before. Those weapons are available to all of the players, but they’ll have to go out and find them. They’ll have to go out and defeat enemies to complete their missions, to acquire those weapons, and include them in their inventory. You can have three weapons equipped at any time in Destiny.

The more you use those weapons, the more they become dangerous over time. Different weapons will upgrade and be customized in different ways. Two people may look like they have the same weapons in their hands but they will behave in total different ways, based on the preferences of the player. It’s all about choices. The first step you take in the game is the most important one.

PSB: How long do you see Destiny’s life-cycle lasting?

DeeJ: Given the different ways of playing Destiny, and given the fact that the game is completely dynamic and will be different every time you experience it with other people, the amount of time that we’ll be relevant to the gamers who decide to play it is something that we think will be a very long life-cycle. The idea is to create a world that you can visit over and over again.

Destiny, 07Destiny, 02

Destiny, 01

PSB: During the demo at gamescom, it seemed like you could start playing solo and then suddenly be in a scene where other players are all fighting together. Can you tell us more about the multiplayer?

DeeJ: I feel that this is the aspect of Destiny that differentiates it from anything else that Bungie has ever created. This has been an idea that we’ve had for a very long time. This game has been built from the ground up to be social and cooperative at the same time as you go through that universe and pursue the story.

If you’re on your own, you may see a public event and decide that you want to jump in and participate in it, or you can bypass all of the actions over here and continue your own path. You’re going to see other players participating in their own portions of the game and you can decide to participate or just go your own way.

We’re giving players the complete control of their experience with Destiny. They make decisions as to what they are participating in, they choose their path. But everything that they’ll do will have them in this living social world where they’ll cross paths with other heroes.

Destiny, 08

PSB: How have you found developing for PS4?

DeeJ: We’re using brand new tools that have been built from the ground up so that we can optimize this experience on any device that we deliver it to. So we’re making a game that’s going to be great for any of the consoles that we deliver it to, but we’re certainly excited about the next-gen opportunities that the PS4 delivers, and just from a community standpoint, I’m thrilled that Bungie can deliver a great experience to the PlayStation nation and welcome an entire new group of gamers into our community.

PSB: Do you have a message for the PlayStation community?

DeeJ: Your community will deliver the most important ingredient in Destiny, as they will create a character in this game, and they will play a role in this game. And as with any Bungie game, once it gets in the hands of the community, we completely lose control. They take it, they make it their own, and they do things in that game that we could have never imagined. And I’ll be watching. I can’t wait to see PlayStation gamers get a hold of that new controller, and see how they share their experiences and tell their own stories. That’s what it’s all about for us!

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  • I cant wait to play this game , it looks amazing!

  • Awesome! Looks like Borderlands and Halo had a baby!

  • 1) Will there be a beta that we can apply for?

    2) Will some of the locations or planets feature bodies of water in which we can engage in either naval or underwater combat?

    3) What are the different types of vehicles that we’ll be able to pilot or drive?

  • If I choose to play quests on my own, do I still have to deal with other players (PvP)?

    • If you’re the strong, silent type who prefers to work alone, you can avoid public spaces and stick to the path of your own adventure. We will, however, do our best to lure you into congress with other Guardians to earn even sweeter rewards.

  • going to be EPICLY EPIC

  • I’m so excited!
    Not too happy about seeing that word Activision and Call of Duty having their hands on it. Hopefully it will feel like what it looks like, and not a CoD.

  • i am interested to see how well we can integrate a title like this into an already established and structured online community. I know the game is still several months away, but I would love to see what kind of clan/guild tools will be available to assist with cooperative multiplayer experiences.

    For instance, will their be limitations to how many players can travel together, participate in events together, complete story based PvE missions or battle other players in PvP sessions? Replayability is the key to longevity. Is the world of Destiny so vast that little additional content will be required or should we prepare to see scheduled DLC for months/years to come?

    This game seems to be fashioned after an MMO-style of distribution where a sequel should not be expected.

  • Hunter class all day, everyday baby!

  • The game looks pretty good, it’s a shame it’s being published by Activision, the worst company of all time.

  • I’m going to be a Warlock! Oh YEAH!

    • While I highly recommend the Nova Bomb (and I mean very highly) every Guardian has ways to wield the power of the traveler. They’re all pretty powerful.

  • Oh if only this were a launch title. This is at the top of my list of next gen games I must own and play. I’ll be there when it does launch!

  • Dedicated servers?

  • Destiny > BF4

  • It looks so good to me. I like the concept of “Mythic Science-Fiction”, I think adding that little piece of fantasy to this game will add so many levels to it. It’s all very exciting.

  • Thanks for stopping by! I know my clan ( RebelAllianceClan (dot) com ) is really looking forward to joining the fight on PS4. We will have some guys sticking with PS3 for a while, so it would be great if PS3 and PS4 versions can play together.

  • bah……… he side stepped the “Multiplayer” question only to emphasize the Co-Op aspect.

    • I blame jet lag and the local hospitality. Destiny will have a great competitive multiplayer aspect. I was a huge Halo fan before I joined Bungie, and the Destiny multiplayer compels me to lose a lot of lunch hours to sweet, sweet carnage.

  • epic game

  • Please please please tell me this is split screen

  • @ Slimmer_: Co-op IS Multiplayer. There are two types of MP; competitive and cooperative. From what I’ve heard elsewhere, there will be “PVP zones” just like there will be “public event zones”. I’m personally not interested in the PVP side. Co-op all the way. Hunter class, reporting in.

    I’m seriously excited for this game. I’ve never bought a Bungie game before, though I did play Halo 1 and 2 when I had a 360 many years ago. But I’m so excited for this, I’ve already started buying Bungie merch. I’ll eventually grab the Hunter wall scroll closer to launch. Fly my colors proud!

    And the weapon and item customization options sound awesome. Summer 2014, here we come.

  • This is the game I’ve been looking forward to. A few of my friends are hopping on the bandwagon with the Destiny/PS 4 Bundle that will be coming out. Hopefully they we can somehow play with our PS3 friends from the PS4.

  • This is my most anticipated ps4 game by far, I’ll be SURE to get my ps4 before this game drops. Think I’m going to go with the Titan class :)

  • Can you guys pull some strings and get this game and a PS4 for me early? lolol

  • Looks great and looking forward to playing it. Would you be able to shed some light if there is a split screen option? I would love to share the adventure with my uni house mates rather than all ending up playing solo.

  • I’m sooo ready … This is what games suppose to make you feel. I hope it everything I believe it can be.. No pressure …

  • For me, it all started with Halo. It’s what brought me into the gaming world. Now with Destiny coming out I can’t help but feel that Bungie has once again brought me into another world. A world that is always going to be changing and have just as much excitement around the next corner as it did the last. Looks like it’s once more into the breach, and I can’t be more excited. See you all star side.

  • i am already calling Destiny my 2014 game of the year. i grew up playing halo 1 on PC, and later halos on 360. Halo reach is probably my most played multiplayer on any console. And Destiny’s shwoing on the PS4 is half the reason I am choosing it over the Xbox One. Last generation, the 360 was superior, but I really think PS4 has it this generation, and Bungie helped. the moment i read that Bungie got to tell Sony how they want the system, and especially the controller, designed, I was sold. Fro the start, Bungie has known what they were doing, and here we see them getting the chance to share that knowledge for the Benefit of all.

  • I have already linked my PSN account to :)

    • Right on. We’re working on some new ways that you’ll be able to be able to build a following and truly become legend in this brave new world. will be at the center of that experience. Good on you for getting in on the ground floor.

  • I have never played a Mythic Science Fiction style game before. I never owned or played any of the Halo games but, the first time I seen the video of this game during the PS4 conference I was immediately hooked. The game may be months from being launched but, I was so convinced I pre-ordered the game when I pre-ordered the PS4. I look forward to this gaming experience and maybe joining a gaming clan of some kind!

    • This is a new flavor for us as well. Feels good. Our artists and designers are having a blast extending their imaginations into new territory.

  • So I didn’t get around to hear about what the world is like, is it open world? And if not, are there loading screens?

    • Foremost, it’s an action game with a cinematic experience. Destiny tells a story that we’re very excited for you hear. The world where that story takes place is alive with other players, and the matchmaking that will let you cross paths with them is seamless.

  • What about the dedicated servers? Will you have them?

  • Will there be local split screen in Destiny? Like, fully flushed out as in anything you can do alone you can do locally? Some of my best gaming experiences were when I was sitting right next to friends and family.

  • I have a question on how the weapons level up. Is it based on how much you use it (experience) or do you need materials to upgrade?

  • Dear Bungie…

    I have been there since the beginning…
    Please still be everything we love <3

    – 7 / T –
    (I don't even own a ps3)

  • I’ve been a part of the seventh column since the first Marathon. I really hope to see the same depth of story from Destiny as with the Marathon series. The single player, voiced story is great in video games, but so much more can be told from text logs with in depth background information. Whether it is, or isn’t as intricate a universe, I am still excited to rip some skulls outta a few aliens.

  • Ehm….I think that me, myself and I would be ecstatic if we could just pre-order this for our PCs! Yes, I said it PC. With a game this big, with so much potential, why not give it out to the MOST amount of people?

    First time I saw it, FIRST TIME, I simply went to pre-order it online, not even going to check what the rest of the deal was, just straight from youtube to the site. Then “chose platform” – instant disappointment :/

    I know, I know, it’s a personal choice of me not bying this for the PS4. But if it was to come out to PC, we wouldn’t have to chose, EVERYONE could join in. I simply do not understand how that is a bad idea, sorry. I’ve been reading forums etc in searc of a “good” answer to why it hasn’t been announced to PC, and I’ve yet to find something of real worth, call me “fanboy” or different other interesting names I’ve learned browsing through these forums (in regards of PC gamers, yes), but I’m just…..frustrated (obviously, that is a big compliment for you guys).

  • why not PC because with most OFPS Anti-cheat systems are a complete joke on PCs punkbuster? umm.. no! steam ACS even worse. A beta or demo gets launched for stress testing, it’ll get torn apart then come launch day bam server s are flooded with aimbottin’ wallhackers running around with all weapons unlocked, ya I know consoles aren’t impervious due to packetstorming. CFW/Jailbroken/JTAG or whatever but From my experiences it’s nowhere near as bad as the PC shooters, heck EA even stopped PB from issuing hardware bans to cheaters so all a cheater had to do was buy a new copy of the game (certain sites sell just the cdkeys for a fraction of the retail price) activision was no different with their CoD series but that could of just been money grubbing viviendi.

    apologies for being off topic but I just feel most PC shooters are chalked too full of hackers. Aside from that I am really looking forward to playing this game on PS4. I already got it pre-ordered too

  • You say everyone will have access to the same weapons meaning they won’t be class specific? Will every one be able to wield them with the same efficiency or will you gain a bonus say if your a Hunter and snipe and you find “Closing Time” would you be more efficient using it than say a Warlock?

  • This and Watch Dogs are my most highly anticipated next gen games. I will be in the world of Destiny day one. Bungie just need to announce some collector’s editions and I will be all over that pre-order.

  • Within the matchmaking dynamic of the open-world public events, what is maximum amount of players that can be in the same shared world at the same time?

  • Im so confused on these classes and how they will affect gameplay, choices, skills, etc. Im kinda leaning to warlock though i enjoy their look and im guessing their adept use of magic which is really cool.

  • How big will the map be? On a trailer that you guys released I saw a spaceship flying in front of a planet. When you enter other planets will there be any loading screens to load that world(For example: From Mars to Earth.) like going to a different map on borderlands if you are familiar with the game.

  • i’m just glad bungie is back to what bungie does and making multiplats, that they are no longer under the ghastly whips and choke chains of a certin company that has screwed me over and many consumers.

  • im so glad to be steeping into bungies world for the very first time. halo looked a lot of fun to me, but i never thought you guys would ever come to playstation. welcome!

  • I am definitely looking forward to this game. I even have the poster hanging on my wall behind me. I preordered the game for PS4 a while ago.

    On that note. Me and my friends, particularly my Mass Effect Squad, have been really curious about the classes. Do you think we could get class highlight videos by any chance? So we can really see what each one is capable of. I will likely be picking a hunter and I know at least one member of my squad wants to be a Warlock. But an in depth character profile would really be useful to the playerbase.

    Please and thank you,

  • DeeJ i have 4 questions i will list them from 1 to 4 if you can’t answer them i understand. 1.Can i play with my PS4 friends on my PS3 and vice versa. 2.How does the lack of main menus work is it like dust 514 where you make your guardian and do Initial settings setup then you do most of the stuff in game or is it like where the pause menu is the main menu but not a main menu at the same time or a third option i did not list. 3. if you can not play with your ps4 friends with your ps3 version can you transfer your PS3 guardian to PS4. 4. can you start a fireteam with people you meet in game who are not your friends.

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